Monday, August 31, 2009

Happiness with SpongeBob

spongebob squarepants
SpongeBob Squarepants has a way of making my kids be at their happiest!

These are the prizes I have claimed from Philippine Star Kids Only in celebration of SpongeBob’s 10th Anniversary. It's the year of the Sponge and both my kids won in Philippine Star's Think Happy contest. They received a SpongeBob Think Happy T-shirt and a notebook. The T-shirts are for the kids Mom and Dad, but of course, my kids want to try this out for themselves. They were filled with glee when they were wearing these big T-shirts! Looking at the mirror and seeing themselves makes them laugh out so loud!

spongebob squarepants
Here are their simple winning answers:
"I am at my happiest everytime I got stars at school for it makes my family happy!"
"I am happy everytime my brother and I share and do things together."

What's in it with SpongeBob that makes kids really happy?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Affordable and Stylish Eyeglasses

I consider eyeglasses as a health item and a fashion piece at the same time. I only have one prescription eyeglasses that I bought on sale, which cost me around $60. I always wanted to purchase fashionable eyeglasses at a reasonable price. It is just delightful to be able wear an eyeglass that matches my lifestyle and even the outfit that I am wearing! Still, it is also important to consider How You Can Start Spending Smart all the time.

I have checked out Zenni Optical website and found a wide range of very affordable eyeglasses. It is good that Zenni Optical offers high quality and stylish prescription eyeglasses at prices that everyone can afford. You can already buy a complete single vision $8 Rx eyeglasses. There are a lot of frames, lens material, color and styles to choose from.

Here are my favorite high fashion eyeglasses from the Women's Fashion category:

stylish eyeglasses
Fashion Acetate Full-Rim Frame with Spring Hinge

stylish eyeglasses
Acetate Full-Rim Frame

stylish eyeglasses
Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frame with Spring Hinges

Win a New Laptop Everyday


With the success of Charter's HDTV-A-Day Sweepstakes, Charter is now having a new promotion, a Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes. There is new laptop winner everyday where the winner will get to receive an HP 550 Notebook 15-inch with Windows Vista and a NeoTec Compu Backpack. In addition, they are also giving away a free gift card which values from $25-$100. These are gift cards that you can use for your other purchases in clothing retailers, home and accessories, restaurants and other outlets.

I am sure that everyone would love to win this prize! This contest is really perfect in time for the students’ back-to-school shopping; and is very interesting for students, businessperson and everyone who needs a laptop for mobility.

This promotion has been extended for 2 months! It starts last July 15 and will run until September 15, 2009 so everyone can still join and have the chance to win a new laptop. Hurry visit now to register. Also, check on the complete rules, list of winners and more information about notebook computers.

Charter's online contests have becoming more and more exciting. Last year they gave away laptops, Xbox 360 game systems, and one customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. You can also follow Charter on Facebook and Charter on Twitter for more updates on its online contests.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diaper-Free through Elimination Communication Method

I have not practiced "Elimination Communication" as soon as I gave birth to my babies. I rely on the use of disposable diapers at all times for I find it more convenient. Just like some working and single moms, I find potty training a stressful task that it took me quite sometime to teach the kids to be completely diaper-free. It is only on their toddler years that I have learned how interesting and helpful Elimination Communication is as a child-rearing technique.
"Elimination communication is a practice in which a caregiver uses timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address an infant's need to eliminate waste." - Source: Wikipedia

Through this technique, the parents and caregivers can lessen or completely avoid diaper use. It is important that communication between the adult and the child is established. This is a concept inspired by the traditional practice where mothers rarely use diapers on their babies. This is also powerful way to connect with your baby. Elimination Communication focuses on timing, signals, cueing and intuition.

It is very helpful that parents, most especially soon-to-be-parents learn and consider this technique during their babies early age. This is one of the most natural and wonderful way of responding to your baby’s needs.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Learning Outside the Classroom

I always enjoyed joining field trips when I was still studying. Thus, I always made sure that my kids take part in this kind of activities too. My kids are still preschoolers, and last year they had two field trips! Until now, they can still remember the places we have been to. I believe the advantages of educational field trips as the kids explore and learn through a set of new surroundings.

It was my kids’ field trip yesterday and my husband and I shared this great day with them. Compared to last years field trip where we went to places in the nearby provinces of Laguna and Cavite; this school years' field trip is only around Manila. I was thinking of saying that we are not going because these are places in Manila that we can go to anytime. Then I realized that I do not want my kids to miss this adventure.

True enough, the kids enjoyed the field trip and it has been a fun day of learning. I have seen how they interact with their classmates and share this day with them too. It is also a bonding activity for our family. When most of their classmates are just with their "yaya's", my kids are proud that they are both with their mommy and daddy. It had been my commitment to share and be with them in this kind of school activities and I am making sure that I will not break this.

I would be sharing our field trip pictures in a couple of days.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

4G Wireless Technology

It is very remarkable that with technological evolution, 4G is now making a leap. 4G is a stage of mobile broadband communication that supersedes the third generation. This is because mobile broadband use and the demand for faster and more responsive broadband continuously grow.

Now, you can start to explore 4G with Clear 4G. Through Clear, businesses and consumers can access high-speed Internet wirelessly. With Clear Wireless, downloading from the Internet will not be a problem anymore, for you will not have to spend huge amount of time downloading. With Clear's WiMax Internet technology, you can experience reliable and steady connection that is much faster than most Wi-Fi spots.

It is now time to get full Internet experience at home or on the go. You are lucky if you live in the city where Clear is already available. Sign-up for its service to experience the fastest wireless Internet. They offer packages with flexible options that surely fit your budget.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunny the Duck Chocolate Party at Fun Ranch

Fun Ranch Sunny the Duck Party

It had been another fun day at Fun Ranch! My family attended Sunny the Duck's 2nd birthday party celebration at the Big Red Barn. Thanks to Fun Ranch team for including us in the list of invitees. My kids enjoyed munching chocolates, watching the magic show and seeing the three mascots dance. It is indeed a Saturday morning filled with chocolately fun!

Fun Ranch Sunny the Duck Party

Fun Ranch Sunny the Duck Party

There is a food buffet, a chocolate fountain, and all the game prizes are chocolates. My younger sister enjoyed the games and she even won in the "sing-the-nips-jingle game." Even my kid's "yaya" had her part in the program. Hehehe. It is a party where the kids and the kids at heart are all having a great time. It was sugar-rush for everyone as they munch on chocolate products from the sponsors- Jackn'Jill Magic Coated, Nips, Chooey Choco, Cloud 9, Hello! Wafrets Sticks, Wiggles and Jackn'Jill Pretzels Filled Stix.

Fun Ranch Sunny the Duck Party

Funny how this party had been a great-to-meet-and-see-you-day for me. When the party started and the host got on stage, I knew he looks so familiar. It was like telling myself, "I knew you but I can't exactly remember where I've met you." When he came to get my kid's "yaya" to join him on stage, and he said the words "ate, dito pa tayo nagkita...," I then recalled him as one of my sister's friend. So, he is definitely someone I knew. He is Fun Ranch resident host-magician Jester, my sister's co-officer in high school, and my schoolmate too. He is a great party host and everyone is amazed at the wonderful show he performed.

Fun Ranch Sunny the Duck Party

It is at this party where I have met my husband's niece (who is years older than we are) for the first time. My husband and I did not even know that her family would be there too. It is also the first time where I have met another Multiply mommy-friend.

Fun Ranch is a place that my family truly loves and this is another Fun Ranch event worth remembering.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

DFA Passport Renewal and Application

Mom would be getting a passport for my younger sister and she made use of the DFA Passport Appointment System. Through this system, she also scheduled for our family's passport renewal and the passport application of my kids. This Passport Appointment System is where passport applicants can set appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs just by filing-out an online request form. Mom submitted a request form in the morning and received a confirmation in the afternoon; and we were scheduled two days after filing.

My parents, my two sisters and I arrived at the DFA building at 10:30 a.m. We had our applications and requirements verified, proceed to pay for the passport and fall-in line for the encoding process.
Regular passport processing (14 working days) cost Php 500, while expedited processing (7 working days) cost Php 750. We left DFA 15 minutes before 12 noon. We all finished the application and renewal for about an hour. My husband who was scheduled in the afternoon finished his application in less than an hour; and his transaction even includes the lost-passport verification process.

Our family's experience in passport renewal and application went smoothly, compared to other people who would spend hours and even days in getting a passport. We simply followed the procedures and prepared all the requirements before going to the DFA. I could really say that our family's transaction at this government office did not stress us out.

Here are simple reminders that would somehow help passport applicants:

1. Check and prepare all the requirements, from the accomplished application form and documents before going to the DFA. This will really save you time in going back-and forth to the DFA.
2. Bring original copies of your proof of identities (NSO Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract, etc.) and ID. Also, have your IDs photocopied.
3. Make sure that your application forms and documents are presented well. Meaning, it is neat and not crumpled.
4. If you are using the Online Appointment System, be there at your scheduled time.
5. Don't be bothered by the fixers and shouters along the streets of Libertad.
If you want more convenience, you can opt for the help of a travel agency (with additional cost) or through courier, so you can just have your passport delivered at your home or office.

Important Links:
Passport Requirements
Passport Application Form
Passport Appointment System

Friday, August 21, 2009

Reaching a Hundred Posts

a woman remembers blog followers
It took me eight months to reach my 100 post. I feel great even if I had reached my hundredth post quite too long. I started my A Woman Remembers blog this year and it is through this blog that I start to enjoy being part of the blogosphere. Through this, I began to exchange links, visit and read other blogs, drop a few lines and comments; and appreciate everyone who drops by my blog.

I am dedicating this post to my blog followers who have followed me through Google connect. Now I already have 61 followers! It might just be a small number but I am happy with this and I appreciate each one of you. Still, I am hoping that more bloggers would follow my blog.

To those who wants to exchange links with me, just let me know. Of course, I also appreciate all those who regularly visits my blog and comment on my blog posts; and those who have added me in their blog list.

Thanks everyone! I hope you would all continue to visit my blog.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Remembering Grandpa

south cemetery
south cemetery
It has been two years since we last celebrated a birthday with you. We all know that you have smiles in your face as we spent this day remembering you, your life and your love. This time, we remember you without any tears and sadness. We are all at peace knowing that you are without pain and how you followed the light. God have given each one of us His strength and binds your family even more. Still, we know that in our hearts you are truly missed.

We went to the cemetery so we can light a candle, greet you a Happy Birthday and say our prayers. How good it is to spend time with all those people who loves you - your daughters, your in-laws, your grandkids and your great grandkids; because this is what "mommy lola" wants, for she believes that this will make you happy too. Even "tito" who is working abroad called from the cell phone while we are in the cemetery. I know that even if my other "tito's" and "tita's" who are working abroad are not with us, they each share in greeting and remembering you.

We had an early dinner at SIS Macapagal, Roxas Boulevard for it is now "mommy lola's" favorite place. It is wonderful also to be there and remember all the countless celebrations we spent with you on that restaurant.

Everyone is also are taking care of our dear "mommy lola" (grandma) and visit her as much as we can in the home where I spent the years with you.

Happy birthday "Daddy lolo", I will always love you and you will always be in my heart.

SIS macapagal dampa

Friday, August 14, 2009

Slow Internet Connection Due to Cable Cut


Until now, Internet connection at home is still in a very slow pace. My sister who is using Smart Bro is not having problems with her Internet access at all. Thus, I initially thought that it was only our connection or a downtime in PLDT DSL, but then some people I know are also experiencing this. Some are saying and PLDT informs that the slow internet connection is because of the earthquake that hit Japan last August 11.

I have just read this official report a few hours ago. Updates from ZD Net Asia says that-
"A cut in the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) undersea submarine cable crippled connection speeds for users in the Asia-Pacific region on Wednesday, particularly in Singapore and the Philippines."

According to a report sent by TM Net, a Malaysian telco, this is because of Typhoon Morakat that hit the region over the weekend. This is the reason why Internet traffics are being rerouted to other cable systems.

I am really hoping that this situation will get back to normal as soon as possible. There's a lot that I still need to accomplish.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Farm and My Resturant

restaurant city facebookfarmville facebook

I admit it, I am getting fond of playing Farmville and Restaurant City in Facebook. These are two of the most popular and addictive games on Facebook. I am hooked because it is like playing with friends too!

There is just so many things you can do on Facebook, that I initially felt overwhelmed by the different applications and requests by friends. For more than 3 months, the most I had done is to accept friend request. It was when my little sister urges me to play Farmville, YoVille and Restaurant City that I start to spent my time on playing these simulation games. I was also influenced by my other sister and some friends for they kept saying that Facebook is now much better than Multiply and Friendster. It is then that I have decided to give Facebook my time.

Now, I am fascinated with a farm and a restaurant. Well just maybe through these games I can experience a life totally different from mine.

In reality, this does not speak about what my passion is. I grew up, lived and stayed in the city all my life. I had never experienced living in the province nor stayed in a farm. I had only seen farm lots; I have been to Strawberry farm in Baguio City, but I had never experienced farming, harvesting, milking cows, and other works that people do on the farm.

I love to eat and I enjoy most food, but then I am not good at preparing and cooking a meal. I would fail if people ask me what are the ingredients to a certain dish. The most I can do is buy fruits and food items for my kids at the grocery; though I do not know if this counts. Maybe this is also one reason why magazines, blogs and websites about food interest me.

A time to work and a time to play.

The important thing is I can manage my time well; I keep on reminding myself to stop "facebooking" and get back to work! But it is always good to keep a balance of everything.

... and I know too that these addiction shall pass.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reveal Yourself: Johnson's Body Care Launch

Johnson's Body Care Launch

Do you have something to hide? Reveal yourself!

August 7, 2009. Johnson and Johnson's launched its first body care brand with a complete line of skin care products especially made for women, the Johnson's Body Care, at Whitespace in Makati City.

In partnership with Preview Magazine, a fashion show highlights the beauty of soft, moisturized skin that can be achieved through new Johnson’s Body Care products. The runway showcase collections of brush-tone chiffons to pale nude hues of Manila’s six talented female designers namely: Mel Orlina, Debbie Co, Czarina Villa, Rosanna Ocampo, and Choc and Yvette Religioso. Each design emphasizes the most romantic frocks, inspired by nothing but soft skin.

Johnson's Body Care Launch

Johnson's Body Care Launch

Johnson's Body Care Launch

Witness the beauty of soft skin by Johnson’s Body Care.

After the fashion show, the Johnson’s Body Care Bar was opened and the guests experienced and smell the scents of the Johnson's Body Care lotion. There are three Johnson's Body Care variants - 24 Hour Lasing Moisture, Melt Away Stress and Naturally White. All these variants are specifically formulated for every woman’s unique skin care needs to achieve the soft beautiful skin that every woman desires.

Johnson's Body Care Launch

Johnson's Body Care Launch

The guests were served with cocktails. We also got to took home 3 bottles of Johnson's Body Care and a copy of Preview Magazine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online Winning Moments: Luck Strikes Again

I got lucky enough to win at these website contests. There's even 2 contests where both my husband and I win!

+ From Honda Cars Philippines - My husband and I both won in the Catch that Purplized Honda Jazz Contest, though I still don't know what the prize giveaway is.

contest winner honda cars

+ From Shopcrazy - I've won a gift certificate worth P1,000 each plus a gift pack, all from The Ramp Crossings. This is from the contest, "What's your Favorite The Ramp Crossings Brand?"

My winning answer:
“Being a working mom who wants to look beautiful and presentable most of time, I find that Abrace at The Ramp Crossings is my favorite as it does wonders for me. This is a brand that makes me look sophisticated yet gives great value for my money at the same time. They have clothes that I can wear almost everyday! I love the pants that can be worn in the office and even during semi-formal events and cocktails. The tops make me look chic and stylish too. Through this clothing line, I’ve come to embrace the fashionista in me without looking “trying-hard”!
contest winner shopcrazy

+ From Inquirer Publications Multiply site- I've won 3 movie tickets at Glorietta 4 and a complete set of Hinge Inquirer magazines. This is from their "Rhythm of the Rain" contest.

My winning answer:
I always wanted to see the colors of the rainbow after the rain for it reminds me how wonderful life is. The song, "Rainbow Connection" brings out the inner child in me, keeps my hopes up, helps me believe in my dreams and strengthens my spirit.contest winner bandera inquirer

+ From Lola Techie Bayan DSL Multiply site - My husband and I both won a Laptop Bag from Bayan DSL from the Scavenger Challenge. I am still waiting for the message on how to claim our prizes.

contest winner lola techie multiply
Is it true that when it rains, it pours?
Well, I just hope that my lucky strikes won't ever fade.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Appreciating My Recovery

Back to blogging.
Back to work.
Back to the online world.

I am well, not completely but I have more energy than before. The food doesn't taste bland anymore, the coughs are lessening and my headache is gone. Thank God for the recovery.

Relaxing my mind and releasing all the stresses is really important. It has been one major factor that makes me feel better. Now, I am taking time and not being harsh on myself. I could work for a few hours, and then take a little rest.

I really appreciate my family, friends and everyone who wished me well. Thank you so much.

When my grandma learned that I've been sick for more than 4 days, she even gave me a can of her Ensure and vitamins! She keeps stocks of Ensure and I know she needs it more than I do, but I accepted it because I know that's the best thing to do. She said that I need to drink Ensure to regain my lost nutrition. Thank you “mommy lola.” If my “daddy lolo” (grandpa) is still alive, I know he would keep on reminding me to always take good care of myself. And I would always feel great being one of their favorite "apo" (grandchild).

blog award
Of course, thank you to Grampy Russ of Grampy and You for this Humane award. He gave this award to me last week and I am really honored. Thank you also for your get well soon message.

Now, I am sharing this award to 6 bloggers who also took time to wish me well. Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words. It made me feel better too. Please continue the kindness and share this award to everyone else.

Femme Power

Enveloped Ideas
Pop Ups of My Mind
Bitz 'n Pieces of My Life
Dear Xayne
From this Side

Updates: Thank you also to David of Basic Bloganomics for giving me this award.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where Have I Been?

It's been days since my last post. How I wish I had been in a week-long vacation instead.

I thought I was doing fine yet my sickness continues. I spent the rest of the days taking a rest at home, drinking my medications, eating fruits and drinking lots of liquid. I tried using the PC for just a few minutes, when I feel slightly better but I feel so nauseous. The most I had done was checked important emails and sent replies; nothing more nothing less. I could always feel my eyes hurting and my head aching whenever I look at the screen.

The more I wanted to recover, the more I'm getting sicker. Then I allowed myself not to use the computer so I can easily recover. Still, I felt so stressed out. I could still see my work, my emails and a lot of online stuffs whenever I close my eyes. Maybe I am getting too worried of not being able to work and miss out on all those things. Honestly, I am. Then, I learned to forget it all; realizing that it won't do me good. Through this, my mind rested and I felt more relaxed.

I missed the Internet. I missed working. There's countless things that I have missed. It feels like I've been away for too long.

I missed blogging and everything in the blogosphere - from my daily posts, my friends, my visitors, Adgitize ads clicking and EC card dropping. I missed visiting everyone's blog. I am now recovering, but I am still giving myself time to completely recover and regain my energy.

How is everyone doing? I’ll drop by your blogs as soon as I feel better.