Tuesday, November 9, 2010

United Nations School Celebration 2010

united-nations-celebration, aladdin
UN Celebration

My kids' school celebrated the founding anniversary of United Nations with an exhibit and music from different parts of the world. The event highlights the showing of "Aladdin Around the World" showcasing different National Dances.

The stage, the sounds and lighting, and of course the performances are all impressive. 

Around the World With Aladdin

My daughter is part of the Grade 1 students who performed a Hawaiian hula dance.

Hawaiian-hula-dance, Hawaii-national-costume
getting ready for Hawaiian hula dance

Hawaiian-dance, hula-dance, hula-costume
Grade 1 students Hawaiian dance presentation

My youngest sister is part of the Grade 4 students who presented a cultural Thai dance.

getting ready for Thailand cultural dance

Thailand-dance, Thailand-traditional-costume, UN-celebration
Grade 4 students Thailand dance presentation

All grade level students showcased national dances from Scotland, Japan, Spain and the Philippines. The applause after every dance presentation was energetic and inspiring.

grade-school-national-dance-presentation, UN-costumes, Japan-dance, Scotland-dance, Spain-dance-costume, Philippines-national-dance-costume
National dances from Spain, Japan, Scotland and the Philippines

The preschoolers took part in the "Parade of Nation" as they wear their assigned costumes. My son represented the Philippines and he carried the Philippine flag with much pride. 

Philippines-flag-barong-tagalog, Philippine-flag, barong-tagalog, Philippine-national-costume

representing the Philippines

Everyone look so cute in their costumes and they all joined in singing the song, "It's a Small World."

parade-of-nations, UN-day-costumes
Parade of Nations

The UN Celebration ended with the entire school student community carrying flags as they sing the song, "We are the World."

united-nations-celebration, United-nations-costume
"We Are The World"

United Nations (UN) founded in 1945 is an international organization which aims to promote cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and achievement of world peace. 

Every October, various schools and learning institutions across the world celebrates United Nations Day to help students understand and appreciate cultural diversity.

It had been a wonderful and fulfilling school activity. It's my kids' and my youngest sisters first performance at their big school and we're all proud seeing them dance and sing on stage.


Grampy said...

Wow! What a great celebration. Your daughter is so cute doing the Hawaiian hula dance. I love the Thai celebration.

Diva's Thoughts said...

I love those pictures! The kids look amazing.

Sound Proud International said...

the children look great in those national costumes from different parts of the world.

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