Saturday, April 22, 2017

Be a Diva: Put Your Wig On

I've wanted to change my hairstyle, perhaps try a different color or the new hair trend.

But I always avoid the risk of harmful chemicals from damaging my hair. Not to mention the cost of going to the salon for hair treatments.

Well, like everything else - there's a way! This is where Divatress comes in!

Divatress has hundreds of human hair lace front wig. I love that the wigs look so natural. Style choices are also endless - from short, long, wavy, straight, blue, red, Brazilian, ombre, braids, ponytails and a lot more you can think of.

Divatress can give you salon perfect hair in minutes every day. You can update your look and try different hairstyles. Plus, it's the healthiest option you can give your hair.

Here are some wigs that I fancy:

wig hair trend human style celebrity how-to-wear
Brazilian Keratin Remi Lace Wig - Yaki 
hairstyle trend human wig celebrity-style
Remy Human Hair Wig - Fairlady

hair-color hair-treatment ombre salon wig-care
Dream Muse Swiss Lace Wig - Matilda
hairstyle-trend blonde blorenge balayage kylie-jenner
Dream Muse Swiss Lace Wig - Catherine

I can now consider grabbing a wig to conceal my natural hair issues (those gray hairs are starting). And there's no need to worry about bad hair days too. This is something I can do when summer ends.

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Wearing a wig is now a trend - as many celebrities are sporting one (Hint: Check out some of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts).

So if you want to update your look, wearing a wig is the way to do it. You can experiment with different lengths and colors. You can even reinvent your look with a new human hair wig. And no need to worry about the discomfort that other wigs bring or wigs looking unnatural.

Check out the site and share with me which wig would you rock?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, April 21, 2017


happy birthday 13 greetings wishes cupcake cake

I'm now officially a mom to a teen!

To my daughter...

Happiest 13th Birthday!

We're thankful that you turned to be more than what we prayed for. 
You blossomed into an amazing, smart, funny, kind, loving and pretty young woman.
We pray that you will always embrace the beauty that lies within you.
You're blessed with a brilliant mind and a grateful heart. Use them for good. 

You're now in a phase of choices and changes. We trust that you will do the right thing.
May it be fun to give you wonderful memories.
May the challenges be enough to keep you strong 
... and just enough to appreciate the sweetness of life. 

Make the Best of your Teen years!