Monday, February 16, 2009

Nido Fortified You're My #1 Video: Life is Beautiful

I recently joined the Nestle's Nido Fortified You're My #1 Video. A contest which had started last January 2, 2009. It might be too late to join this contest when the others have reached more than 60 thousand votes! It would be a miracle if we still get to be on the Top 10! But who knows, maybe we can also stand a chance! I know that with my family's support, we can manage to get some votes. I guess, friends are willing to help out as well.

Skylah had waited for a month to see our video on the Nido multiply website; while I waited for Brent to turn 3 before I submit the video. It's in the mechanics that kids should be 3 years old at the time of registration. It won't be fair to Brent if I submitted my entry without both my kids on the video. If we didn't win, I know I've still done the right thing!

Check and vote on my entry to the
Nido Fortified You're My # 1 contest.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Different Valentine’s Day Movie

I am not a fan of Valentine’s day celebration, of flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, and everything else associated with this day. For me, it is just an ordinary day. Still, seeing all these and the people who gets so excited for Valentine’s Day simply makes me smile.

My husband and I really weren’t planning anything on this day. It was only around 4 pm when we decided to take advantage of the free movie ticket we’ve won from
Rockwell Power Plant cinema’s Valentine’s treat. We really thought twice before watching a movie since Power Plant is showing classic films of Audrey Hepburn and we don’t know if we’re going to like it or not. Nonetheless, we compromise. We would leave the theater if one of us didn’t appreciate the film.

We choose to watch the 7pm film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Luckily, we did make a great choice! We enjoyed watching Audrey Hepburn’s film. It’s our first time to watch a classic film and we have no idea that it would be that good.

I was thankful for Rockwell’s Valentine’s day treat. We had a free movie and a tumbler of popcorn too! We didn't spend on chocolates, flowers nor expensive food... it was Audrey Hepburn's movie who made our day a totally different one!

Great Friday Night at Rex Smith's Concert

My husband and I got to watch Rex Smith's Let's Make a Memory concert at the PICC Plenary Hall. Here are my ten reasons why it had been a great Friday night:

+ Getting to watch the concert had given me and my hubby our time together; relaxing after a week of office work-stresses, my son's birthday celebration and my kid's school field trip.

+ Hearing Rex Smith as he sings these songs - "Let's Make a Memory", "Simply Jessie", "Forever", "Don't Give Up on Us", "You Take My Breath Away".

+ Rex Smith's performance from his Broadway shows - excerpts from the "Phantom of the Opera" and "Grease".

+ Rex Smith's dynamic voice, funny antics and wonderful personality. He was not as old as we thought he was! In fact, he doesn't even look like he's already on his 50's.

+ Getting to know who the Cercado sisters are. I was amazed hearing their award-winning performance for the song "Paraiso".

+ Hearing the groove of the RX 80's band and the powerful voices of Olivia, the golden-girl of jazz, and Faith Cuneta.

+ Meeting fellow Getzmo mover-friends, snowhite with her daughter and animetric with her hubby. We've been lucky enough to win tickets from Getzmo!

+ Being at PICC once again after the nostalgic memories of graduation day. This was 9 years ago...

+ The last major concert hubby and I got to watch was the Side A-Freestyle concert way back year 2002(?); realizing that we still share and enjoy the same passion.

+ It's a free concert... so far, this is the greatest treat I've received from Getzmo!

We might have missed Sheena Easton's concert because we weren't able to get our tickets, nonetheless, I was thankful I got to watch Rex Smith's concert.


Note: Blog post also posted at Getzmo site.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kids Field Trip 2009

The school of my kids had their second field trip for the school year. Of course, my husband and I spend this day with our kids. We all had fun visiting Coca-Cola plant at Sta. Rosa Laguna, Paradizoo Farm in Tagaytay and Island Cove Leisure Park in Cavite. Here are some of the pictures taken during the trip.

See more of our pictures at my Multiply site.

A Perfect Day at Blue Water Day Spa

The love and support of my family means so much to me. I find every family celebrations and gatherings worthwhile and worth remembering. It is only through these events and moments that we get to see our other relatives and cousins.

November 2008 marks the 80th birthday of my grandmother. Her grandchildren prepared a surprise birthday celebration for her. It was 7 months before her birthday my grandfather passed away; but through our family’s simple effort of being with her especially on her special day, I know she hasn’t felt that alone. My grandmother might be old, but she still works; unmindful of her old age and health condition. She always wanted to make use of her time in the best way possible. We won’t know when her time would time; but of course, we are all praying that she can be with us for a longer time.

Perhaps, another surprise party for my grandmother at the Blue Water Day Spa would be a great gift for her too. Their Ortigas branch, with its Spa Movie Theater, would be a perfect place for this family togetherness. I know my lola would be going to love this! It would definitely relax her and remove all the stresses and worries she have. Like her, most of my aunts and cousins, haven’t experienced going to spas yet. And this would really be an exciting experience for all of us. We would all love their foot, back and shoulders massage while experiencing their Spa Theater.

Maybe we can prepare and show her favorite Tagalog movies and soap opera’s on the theater. Since she is also fond of taking a look at pictures of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and we can show this too! I bet, even my aunt and uncles who are living and working abroad would love to join this party… but if they can’t, we can ask them to send their videos with words they want to say, so that we can feel their presence too. The little kids would surely love watching all these on screen and perhaps they’ll wonder in amazement too; as the adults get their massage!

This would be a special day for a loving lola who would definitely remember how she important she is for all of us... and a perfect day of family togetherness.

Well, I am hoping I can make this happen. Of course, I can’t wait to try Spa Movie theater experience as well. What a great spa concept! Hoping I’ll be one of the lucky 28 bloggers who’ll get to win at this blog contest by Techfilipino. I'll keep my fingers-crossed...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Brent

Brent turned 3 years old. In celebration of his 3rd birthday, we ordered a Ben 10 cake from Red Ribbon and pizza from Pizza Hut, and celebrated the day at Active Fun. He loved Ben 10 characters so much; and this time, he got a Humongasour toy from me and his daddy and an Upchuck toy from his ninang Tela and ninong Ayie. He also got to receive toys from auntie Ekay and mama.

Brent's Ben 10 cake
@ Fun Ranch

Monday, February 9, 2009

Skin Food Treat from Circuit Mag

I had just claimed my Skin Food goody treat from Circuit Mag. I won from their Naughty and Nice promo last December 2008, for their question - "Are you naughty or nice this year? Why do you deserve to receive a gift".

Here's my winning answer:

I know I have been nice this year. I stay away from the complexities of living and from people who wanted to make my life miserable. I learned to forgive them and understand where their bitterness comes from. I choose not to be revengeful, instead, I leave it alone. Hoping and praying that sooner or later, it would all be gone into oblivion.

Yes, I deserve a gift, not just because I've been nice; but simply because I am just like everybody else. I love to give and receive gifts in return too.

This is the first treat I've received from Circuit Mag. I'll keep on joining and hope to receive more treats from them!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jalysa at Philippine Star Kids Only Violet Playground

It's another appearance for my sister, Jalysa, at Philippine Star Kids Only Violet Playground. Her picture already got published last Dec. 20, 2008. This time she got to be one of the winners.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Concerts and Events

It's the love month! There's a lot of Valentine's concert, shows and events to watch out for. Hopefully, I'll get to bag even just one free concert ticket from my favorite contest site - Getzmo.

Getzmo is giving away concert tickets just by joining their promos. Tickets are also available at Ticketnet, but concert tickets are not on our budget; so Im just wishing that I'll be lucky enough to get to watch these concerts. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying.

On February 14 6 p.m., the biggest Valentine's event - the Lovapalooza Red Hot Valentine's, will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Seaside Boulevard. It's a night of rockin' romance with with Bamboo, Rico Blanco and Pupil; as they perform together with The Metro Philharmonic Orchestra.

I've also checked out the events at the Ayala Malls. They have an exciting line-up of musical performances and treats for this month of February.

ClicktheCity also has a list of happenings and events for those who are looking for a great way to spend this month of love.