Friday, March 29, 2013

24-Hour Home Plumbing Services

Summer season is already in full bloom. Since its Holy Week, several people took advantage of the days either to visit their provinces or relax and enjoy in beach resorts. Traffic had been huge as we left the house early this morning. The normal two hour drive to my uncle's province took more than four hours since most people are on their way to swimming pools and beaches.

Everyone is finding ways to beat the summer heat. Drinking cold water, and eating ice cream and "halo-halo" can really help. It's good that our air conditioner and electric fans are still functioning properly. But of course, we still have to limit the use of the air conditioner, or else, our electric bill would soar high. I know my kids also want to take a dip in the pool to beat the summer heat. Even if they could easily swim in the village clubhouse or in my parent's place, I still need to accompany them. It means that I also need to be under the sun. Since the temperature is too hot, I find it more convenient to stay indoors than feel the sun's heat outside.

As summer started, we seldom use our shower heater. Taking a cold shower is more refreshing than taking a warm bath. My kids only get to use it whenever they took a bath early in the morning. Even if water cost is high in our place, taking a bath more than once is still acceptable. So we always have to make sure that our faucet and shower units are all working properly. If ever there are major plumbing repairs that my father or husband could not fix, we have to make sure that the plumbing services we would be calling are professional enough. Water is very important and we have to remind our family members to use it properly. Like those water leaks that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

If you have a local rotorooter in your area, you won't have a hard time searching for good plumbers. You can easily find someone who would fix your faucets, sinks, toilets, showers and tubs, sewers and drains, and a lot more.

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Focus on Enterprise SEO Internet Marketing

There's a newly opened attraction located just hours away from the city. I've already seen photos of the place at their Facebook page and from online friends who had a chance to visit it days after it opened. There are rides, gazebos, picnic grounds and several more, that families and their friends can enjoy. As we passed by this place, we're surprised to see that parking slots are filled and several people lined up in the entrance gate. Even if construction in some parts are still on-going and some areas are not yet opened, people already flocked by to see and experience the fun that this place could bring.

True enough, this proves that online marketing is an effective way of advertising a business. Since most people are in social media, businesses make use of these sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread information about their products and services. Nowadays, not only big companies and well-known brands have their own websites or social media sites, but every local entrepreneurs and small businesses out there. Everyone who makes use of internet marketing effectively can really create buzz to attract potential customers and clients.

This is one reason why small business owners and Internet marketers should always incorporate social media in their marketing and enterprise seo at campaigns. Still, they have to make sure they have followers and that they post interesting content regularly. Through this, they can easily connect to their customers on a personal level and build good relationship with their customers. Not only is it cost-worthy, even you social media followers make good marketers as well. Customers usually take photo of a product and share it on their Facebook pages or Instagram. Some would share interesting info to their network about a good service in their Twitter pages.

I find it convenient to see those businesses online. I usually check if a shop is having a sale of if there are ongoing promos and offers in the supermarket or department stores we frequently visit. It is also interesting to see if the salon and spa, the cafe near the church, the bakery or the pet shop in our village have their own Facebook pages.

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Best Shaving Experience For Men

School is over and I'm glad that it had been a fruitful year for my kids. They were happy and excited as they handed their Recognition Day invitation. I'm proud that both of them are awardees and would be receiving their medals. It means that we have to be there with them, go on stage and receive their medals. It's a very important event that my husband and I should not miss, even if it means taking a day off from work. Their accomplishments and achievements are something that I will always treasure. I'm really glad that I'm raising them to be happy learners and that they started on the right path.

As we prepare for the Recognition Day of our kids, I remind my husband to have a well-shaved face. It even doesn't matter if his hair also needs a cut and it rained on our way to school. Nothing is better than looking clean and presentable especially if you would be around many people. Of course, the important thing is being there with our kids and seeing the smiles on their faces.

My husband's shaving routine is pretty simple. Still, it's good that side from his weekly shaving routine, he make sure that he shaves if there are events and occasions we need to attend to. Being a low-maintenance guy, he only makes use of a good shaving razor. There are times when a plain soap and water works as well. But I know that the importance of using other shaving products that suit his skin. It's good that there are already several shaving products made for men that we can check out in the market. We can easily shop and choose shaving creams, lotions and after shave. Making use of these shaving products would give the men in our lives better shaving experience. I've got the chance to see a wooden shaving bowl with a shaving soap while browsing an online shop. These products are usually used in a traditional wet shaving process. I have no idea yet who among my family members or relatives have tried using a wooden bowl. But it seems that it also makes a good bathroom accessory.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eggs-citing Easter Event at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Kids nowadays anticipate celebrating Easter by going on an Easter egg hunt. Families can go Easter Egg Hunting at the malls, hotels, resorts or at their favorite fun place around Metro Manila and neighboring cities.

If you're looking for a place where your family can have fun, read on and learn how you can celebrate Easter with a magical enchanted garden at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. I'm sure your family would enjoy all the fun activities, prizes and surprises that the Hyatt Hotel prepared for everyone.

MAGICAL EASTER LAND AT Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila[Press Release] Treat the children and the whole family with a passport to a magical adventure. This Easter, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila will not only keep the magic alive – it is a family celebration complete with glorious elements, including food, games and activities meant to fire up the bliss and excitement.

For only PHP 800 net for both children and adults from 11 am to 3 pm, Le Salon is transforming into a magical enchanted garden where everyone can look forward to meeting candy fairies, wizards and dwarves. Not only are these characters a surprising delight, the afternoon buffet snacks are pouncing with sweet and savoury choices personally hand-picked by Executive Chef Josef Miklavc and his team. Fruit Magic’s refreshing fruit shakes are also available featuring their most popular concoctions.

With careful eyes and a steady hand, activities such as face painting and meringue egg decoration will surely satisfy everyone’s penchant for arts and crafts. Plus, the line-up of interactive activities, such as balloon twisting, pin the magic wand, magic hat, eggs in a pot and an exhilarating show by a wizard performing feats of magic and illusion, serve as the ultimate icebreaker and bewitching features of the party.

Of course, it would not be an Easter party without egg hunting, so all children get to “eggs plore” for many eggs in the Mystery Egg Hunt, with carefully tucked away incredible prizes, including an overnight stay in a guestroom with breakfast buffet for two at the Market CafĂ©.

Since no one is meant to leave the party empty handed, prizes and surprises that await include Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels, Polly Pocket, Sqwishland, ShellCore, Faber-Castell Philippines novelties and IFEX notebooks, ABS-CBN publishing’s Working Mom, Spiders, and Cars magazines, plus Worlds of Fun and Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila gift certificates. For goodies and snacks, Oishi, Chips Delight, Smileys, Egg Bites, Trolli Gummi Candies, Yakult, Selecta Moo chocolate and milk drink, Lucky Me Special, Monde Specials, Nestle Professional, Purefoods Fun Nuggets and Tender Juicy Hotdogs, Magnolia Ice Cream, San Miguel Foods Inc- Great Food Solutions, Clara Ole, Smuckers, Treetop and Jack N’ Jill Snacks such as Star Pops, Coca-Cola soft drinks, Quake Bars, Star Fruits, Wiggles, Yammy Chocolate Chewy Candy, Cream-O, Magic Creams Junior and Presto bring their most-loved products as a take-home gift.

To kick the Easter party up a notch, families can combine fun and feast by dining at any of the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila restaurants and taking advantage of the special rate of PHP 400 net!

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila is located at 1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila.

For more information, please call the Food and Beverage Reservations Centre on +63 2 247 8666 or make a booking online by visiting Alternatively, email

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Support Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour unites people all over the world to protect the planet. Join the hundreds of millions of people who will turn off their lights at 8:30 pm on March 23.

Show your support! Make change happen for a better energy future.

As you turn off the lights for an hour, think of the many creative things you can do with your family in the dark. You can spend time stargazing, have a candle lit dinner, listen to music and a lot more.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hail to Pope Francis

Pope Francis (Photo Source:
 We have a new pope!

As Catholics worldwide rejoice upon seeing the white smoke from the chimney above the Sistine Chapel, I also anticipated knowing who our new pope would be.

Our new pope is Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 76-year-old Archbishop of Buenos Aires. He is the first pope to assume the name Francis in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.

He appeared at the window of St Peter's Basilica March 13, 2013. Before blessing the crowd in St Peter's Square, he asked them calmly to pray for him. Like everyone else, I was moved by his humility.From the news, I've learned that he is a humble man leading a simple life.

I believe that God will give him more strength as he spread the gospel, restore the people's faith and face the challenges of leading the Catholic Church.

Viva il Papa!

Help Veterans by Donating Your Car

Most of us have things that we have already outgrown. This could be our clothing, appliances, gadgets or even cars. What do you usually do with these old things that can still be used and are still valuable? Either you sell it, throw it, give it away to the needy or hand it over to other family members. Just like what happened before year 2012 ends. As we prepare for the big move, I had handed over several boxes of clothes, shoes and other things to our house help and threw away some which could not be used anymore. Some of my mom's appliances also went into the junk yard.

Same goes with the old white Nissan box type car that our family had for years, since no one was using it anymore. It was the car that my brother use as he started working, but since he got a company car, the car just spent days at our grandmother's house. Even my cousin used the car for quite some time. This year, the car was sold its cheapest price and had a new owner. Yes, it's still in good condition. If there are organizations that help veterans here in our country, we would have donated it instead. Helping veterans through donating a car is much better.

You can help veterans even without giving out cash or money contributions. Donating vehicles for the benefit of the veterans would help them as they move forward to civilian life. It's good that there are several non-profit organizations in the United States where they can donate their vehicles. I wonder if my uncle had already donated a car for the veterans. Maybe I'll ask him about this since their family is having a vacation here in the country.

If there's a car that you no longer need or use, you can choose to donate it instead. The best benefit it can give you is that you won't go through the hassle of finding a buyer or selling it online. Through this, you'll also avoid the hassle involved in repairing or selling the car anymore. You can look for non-profit organization that helps the veterans in the country like Vets Vehicle. They accept any kind of vehicles, farm equipment and machineries even if it is not running.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Home Phone Communication System

This week, aside from my usual exchange of communications with my husband, I'm exchanging several messages with my kid's classmates and teachers. Since examinations week, most of their messages are related to tuition fee payment, reviewers given by the teachers, and folders and books brought at home. Teachers also sent messages requesting for copies of photos taken during their school activities.

Well, I also have several missed calls from a bank and other unknown numbers. I just have to make sure not to miss those calls if ever they would call me back next week. I usually miss several calls and fail to read messages in an instant. Because of this, my kids would sometimes bring my phone to my work station as soon as they heard those message tones or phone rings.

With the advent of technology, communications had greatly improved. Nowadays, we can easily reach people using our mobile phones or through the Internet. We've seen the importance and benefits that Dialogic Communications bring in the people's lives. It's always beneficial to check out the products and services being offered by True Data Online. There's a specific product and service you can find whether for business or home use. You can also get guarantee that you'll get the best support from them.

Since I am working at home, I have to make sure that my phone and Internet connections are working as smooth as possible. I won't be able to do my online job without these things in place. Those are my bread and butter. It's good that I have an efficient phone system at placed. I can communicate with my work client's via Skype. I can also go online at Skype whenever an employer requests for an interview.

Having a phone system is essential in our lives. I can talk to my credit card company without leaving home. We can call their favorite fast food store if they want to order pizza, burger and fries. One of the best thing that it brings, especially to my mom, is getting to talk with our relatives who are out of the country.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Riding Honda Cars

After five years of paying for the Honda car, my mom had been talking to my dad about purchasing another car this year. Since our family had already had experience riding in a Honda City and Honda Altis for about 10 years, we're wondering what the next car would be. Since there are so many cars and SUVs in the market, it would be great to visit to see the latest car offerings. Even my 7-year old son is setting his eyes on a Honda CRV even if it would take more years before he can get to drive a car.

The best thing I love about the Honda car is the air-conditioner unit and the comfortably roomy space. I know that it is also fuel-efficient and the car lights are great as well. Even my husband enjoys driving the Honda car than the red car. He enjoys driving the Honda car than the red car.

Previously, our family is paying two parking units every month in the condominium unit. Now that we moved in the village, we only retained one parking in the condominium. We made use of the garage parking here at home to save. It's good that the village isn't strict about street parking. Still, as homeowners, we need to make sure that our cars have village stickers so we can gain entry without any questions. People can park their cars at the right side of the street, but of course it should not block the road or the gates of the other houses. Everyday, the red car would be parked in the garage. The Honda car can be parked outside the gate and the grey car which my sister and brother-in-law owned at the side street.

Even with the rising cost of gas prices, driving and owning a car has its benefits. It is a great time saver and we can reach our destination faster than by public transportation. The greatest thing is getting to travel anywhere in the most convenient way possible. Of course, you always have to make sure that you drive safely all the time and obey all traffic rules. 

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Schedule Your Kid's Dentist Appointment

My children's baby teeth had started to fall out by the time they reach Grade 1. In their early age, I have to instil in them the importance of dental care. As they grow, I keep on reminding them to brush their teeth after every meal and before going to bed. They also enjoy using a mouthwash. Right now, I'm checking if there's a difference if they use a mouthwash specifically made for kids or if a normal mouthwash would do.

At school, they are required to have their own toothbrush, toothpaste, a glass and a mouthwash which they keep in their health kit. They brush their teeth after eating their lunch. Though, most of the time, my son forgot to do this habit.

It is recommended that a child first see the dentist by after his or her first tooth comes in or by the time the child reaches age 1. To be sure, you can always consult a pediatric dentist near your area. You can check also check out Orem Dentist to find more information on taking care of your children's teeth.

Both my children's first dental visit had been a great experience. They get to interact with the dentist in a friendly way. The dentist showed them around the clinic. They get to know how a dental chair works and the different dental tools the dentist would be using. They enjoyed rising their mouth in the dental chair water system.

Finding a good dentist that meets your children's oral health need is very important. You have to make sure that your children would get to receive the necessary care and treatment appropriate for their age. It's good to have a pediatric dentist that interacts with their patients during every dental visit. They keep the kids calm and make them comply with all the dental procedures and orders. During a dental visit, the dentist would check the child's teeth, their bite and look for tooth decay and other potential problems in the gums, jaw and oral tissues.

Always make your child practice good oral hygiene. Proper nutrition is also important. Also, keep a schedule of your dental checkups.

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Home Office Furniture Ideas

I love being able a work-at-home mom. I'm always thankful that technology has allowed me to work at home. I can work while the kids are at school and a few hours in the evening. I won't have to spend time commuting or spend money on purchasing work clothes. I can attend to their needs and be with them during school programs and activities, without worrying about filing a leave from work. Of course, I still have to make sure that I fulfill my work responsibilities.

A lot of people also work from home nowadays. I am happy with the benefits that it gives to me and family. My sister and some of my friends work from home as well. Other people and online friends also ask me as to what kind of work they can also do online. They also want to start and try working at home and seek other means to have more sources income.

Since I started working, I already enjoyed looking at home office ideas, home office furnishings and eames furniture online. This makes me realize that having a home office is already becoming a modern day essential and an important aspect of people's lives. Good enough, I have a working space at home. My own workspace is a room outside the master's bedroom. My son calls the room his computer shop which doubles as a study room.

Most of us do not have an entire room to turn into a home office. My workspace is simply a table with built-in for storage and drawer. I have a mobile pedestal cabinet and a study at both sides. I have another file drawer and office supplies organizer for pens, pencils, paper clips, scissors and other materials that my kids need.

Finding a way to put an office into your small space is very challenging. You can turn a little corner in your room, a small part of the nursery room, kitchen, and inside the closet as your work station. If you have a large living room, you can consider adding a foldable screen or installing a room divider to a workable home office. You can also utilize the place under the stairs, the stairway landing space, a hallway or any corner that can be turned into home offices.

No matter how small your space may seem to be, there will be enough work space where you can do your task efficiently.


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Feather Flags and Signs Everywhere

I often notice different signs as we drive to fetch the kids at school. We would often point out the newest salon and the food store that is about to open inside the village. Of course, this is aside from those houses and lots that are for rent or for sale. It's good that there are landmarks, signs and even feather flags that can help us find our way around.

There are also several posters, billboards and other advertising materials everywhere. I find it very helpful as we get to familiarize ourselves with the businesses and other offerings around the area. We would know where to go if we need to get a haircut or a massage, buy food and things we need when our stocks run out, and a lot more. Through those marketing materials, I've also learned about summer clinic programs in basketball and swimming being offered. There are also several preschool centers that gave interest to my sister. My nephew would be attending toddler classes soon. Good that we have learned about which ones to check out.

Even while inside the car, the kids would also notice several signs on the road. We always pass by two condominium projects and one housing project. Recently, there are feather flags setup in one of those condominium projects. These feather flags are banners in the shape of a feather attached to feather banner stands. One of the best advantage it provide is getting individuals’ attention. Motorists and commuters alike never fail to notice those colourful feather flags and large banners. Everyone dreams of having their own home. Using that kind of marketing material really attract potential buyers to check out the homebuilder's offering. How could you not notice those feather flags that sway with the wind?

When marketing a business, having high quality sign with easy to read information is very important. It does make a huge difference. Using feather flags in trade shows, marketing and sporting events, bazaars, stores, automotive dealership front lines, and real estate open houses bring countless benefits. This kind of marketing material is very lightweight and compact that it can also be setup in small areas like booths. It is also great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Graduation Gift Idea: Shaving Kit For Men

It's graduation month. Students graduating from elementary school, high school, college or university and their family anticipate this special occasion. All the hard work and efforts had surely paid off.

Congratulations to my youngest but not-so-little sister who would be graduating from elementary and to my cousin who would be graduating from the university. Next month, they would stand proudly on stage for their graduation ceremony filled with happiness and achievement. They have to look great on stage as they receive their diploma.

If a family member, a relative or a friend is about to graduate, giving a gift will always be appreciated. I'm already thinking of what gift to buy for my sister. It's just good that she's very vocal of all those several things she wants to receive and wishes for. For my cousin, I'm wondering if someone already planned to give him shaving products like an aftershave or shaving brushes as gift. It is something that he can definitely use.

There are times when I have hard time thinking of the best gift to give for the boys and the men in our lives. I know most people also do. Either I go with what people usually buy, ask what the person wants to have or buy unique items in the market. Someone graduating from college or university would surely want to receive the latest gadgets, a car or cash. Of course, ladies have variety of wishes as well.

One useful gift that you can give to a person whose about to graduate from college or university are shaving accessories, products and kits. You can include a safety razor, an electric shaver, shaving creams and aftershave colognes. These shaving products is something that they can already use during their graduation ceremony and graduation party. Through this gift, they'll get to realize how important it is to keep their looks clean, neat and professional as soon as they prepare for their job interview. An electric shaver is perfect for someone who loves gadgets. Include a shaving cream for him to experience a perfect shave. It makes a great graduation gift as they prepare for the corporate world. These are essential products that they need not only to be well groomed but to impress the ladies as well.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Local Rotorooter Solution

Living in a condominium unit has its benefits. For one, security is not a problem since there are guards who would always question those visitors at the main gate. The best thing is the maintenance which is part of the association dues. We can always see maintenance people cleaning the whole place and the hallways, and making sure that the plants are well-maintained. Of course, you can easily call on them to check your lighting or kitchen problems. You can also see them cleaning the drainage system. They are like rotorooter solutions, who can attend to your needs as soon as possible.

When we had a problem with the leaking shower unit, my husband reported the incident to the person-in-charge of the building. After a while, a maintenance checked what the problem is. Then, we were informed that the shower faucet needs to be replaced. It's good that we do not have to search or call plumbers who would fix the problem we once had.

However, living in a house in a village is different. The association dues might be lower than what we're paying, but we have to maintain everything by ourselves. I hope security won't be an issue since I've seen security guards roaming around every phase. Homeowners are also required to purchase stickers for their vehicles. Tricycles and visitors have to pass by the other side and leave their licenses upon entry.

Thus, we have to make sure that we know who to call in times of emergency. We also have to know whom to call on when we have major plumbing or electricity problems. Even if my husband or father can easily fix and repair those minor ones, having a professional check the major problems can really assist us.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Printed Catalog Still Matters

It feels great to have the opportunity to work in one of the largest publishing company in the country. Even in the advent of Internet, it made me appreciate the value of printed materials such as magazines, catalogs and brochures.

Even if I could easily click online digital magazines, I still find it enjoyable to look at printed product catalogs. Imagine, I even have boxes and a bookcase filled with different magazines. I remain to be a subscriber and even buy at the bookstore from time to time. Aside from that receiving catalogs and other printed materials bring wonderful feelings too. I'm impressed with catalogs which are not only packed with great product information, but are also printed in high grade papers and great color quality. True enough, high quality catalog printing is very essential.

There have been times when I get to discover new trends and found new products while flipping through a catalog while I'm inside the salon. Same goes while doing our grocery. I never fail to check if there are offers and discounts provided in those fliers and mini catalogs.

How about you, do you still enjoy flipping through glossy print catalogs like I do?

There are still people I know who enjoy reading printed catalogs, especially those who are in the product networking business. Some are also inclined to purchasing an item they've seen in a magazine or printed catalog.

Seeing those vivid images and getting to touch and feel the glossy pages give a different feeling that an online magazine could not provide. Unlike printed catalogs which are kept for longer period, those email marketing advertisements get junked easily. It has a good chance of having flipped through on more than one sitting and being read by several household members.

Yes, printed catalog still matters. It exceeds online marketing method in terms of product depth, texture and color accuracy.

Even if more and more companies are already making use of digital catalogs and e-magazines, and more websites are offering catalog apps, businesses should still consider printed materials as part of their marketing campaign.

To make those printed catalogs more creative, engaging and effective; they can integrate interactive features such as mobile bar codes, Quick Response (QR) codes and text codes. Businesses should also include their website, Facebook page, Twitter handle and other social media pages in their fliers, catalogs and magazines.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.