Friday, May 7, 2010

How Myra E Helped Me Bloom Inside and Out

As a mom, I need to take good care of myself too. Lack of sleep, stress and harmful environmental elements can dull my skin and make me look old. I always want to stay healthy and feel good about myself, and this is the reason why I keep on using Myra E.

I am grateful for all the benefits that Myra E had provided me. For more than 5 years, I've been supplementing my healthy diet by taking Myra 400-E capsules before going to sleep.

I believe how powerful Vitamin E can be in fighting off free radicals which may cause skin aging. Now at 30, I feel more confident with how I look. Because I have healthy cells inside, my skin reveals a healthy and blooming skin. Myra 400-E is really effective in maintaining the health of my skin. It makes me look younger than my age and I am pleased whenever people compliment my youthful glow.

My simple beauty regimen would never be complete without using Myra E Facial Moisturizer and Myra E Hand & Body Lotion. I love that both these products are hypo-allergenic, mild and easily absorbed by my skin. Using these makes my skin softer and more supple. I am proud of my smooth skin and I can always go out even without even wearing make-up.

Indeed, Myra E had helped me bloom inside and out and I know that these will continuously keep me blooming for more years. 


Women's Central Webmaster said...

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Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find. ....................................................

bambie said...

saw the comment above, congratulations on winning!☺

i use Myra E too. i use their vitawhite face cream.

btw, happy mother's day!

Anonymous said...

You really have a nice skin, it shows.....but I don't take supplements. I am a firm believer of omega fatty acids from salmon...and fresh green and leafy of course, Olay Regenerist, Lancome, and Principal Secret---those are my weapons to combat aging...I'm 42 ...hehehe

Unknown said...

@Women's Central Webmaster, yey I've won! thanks so much :)

@bambie, thanks for the greetings :)

@bing, wow I can't believe you are 42! glad you shared your own tips. I agree, those omega fatty acids is good for the body, and of course veggies! Myra e is natural, so its better than the synthetic ones :)

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