Monday, September 3, 2012

Nutrition Month Costume and Activities

As much as possible, I make sure that my kids won't miss any important school activities. After all, it's part of learning. I want them to enjoy their school activities to the fullest.

cabbage and malunggay

For Nutrition Month, my Grade 1 son asked me to prepare a vegetable headdress. Saying, "I want a big cabbage headdress!"

With limited time, my husband made a crown-shaped cardboard base. I drew and cut leaves and pasted it at the back. We bought a cabbage and sitaw (string beans) which we placed on the cardboard base. I just covered it with cling wrap plastic to maintain the fresh look of the cabbage.

I braided sitaw (string beans) to secure the cabbages and complete the look as well.

Glad that my son loved his cabbage headdress!

my son's cabbage headdress and my niece's fruit hat

Also from their Nutrition Month Activities:

My daughter in their class Go, Grow and Glow food parade.

food parade
My sister and her teammates cooked Chicken with Broccoli for the competition.

Chicken with Broccoli cooking teammates

was not able to taste this

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