Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Chubby World FunPix

My Chubby World is a weekly kid-oriented and informative Philippine program shown every Saturday at 8:15 am on GMA 7.

In every episode, they have a promo where you need to submit a photo that answers the question of the day based on the featured topic.

I tried sending a picture of my son for their episode 8 about kids fashion. It's a picture that answers the question, "Ano ang paborito mong fashion trend?"

Luckily, my son was chosen to be one of the five winners! Here's the winning photo:

If you haven't watched this week's episode, you can still join and send an entry. This week the question is, "Ano ang paborito mong science invention?"

Send photo with caption to mychubbyfunpix@gmanetwork. Also, include the following: Name and age of Kid, Name of guardian, Phone Number, and Address. You can read the complete mechanics here.

Entries are judged by Rebisco representatives and five winning pictures will be chosen. All winners will get a cash prize and a gift pack from Chubby. This is the last week of the promo, so better send an entry until August 3.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joining's Giveaway

Contest alert!

Lucky readers will get a chance to win an Apple iPod Shuffle or T-shirts for the month of August 2011. This giveaway is sponsored by

Here are the prizes:
1st Prize: (1 unit) Apple Ipod Shuffle
2nd Prize: P 1,000 Cash or US$25 amazon Gift Card
Consolation Prize: 5 pieces PinoyRecipe T-Shirts to 5’s readers

Contest is open worldwide and ends on August 31, 2011.

Join the giveaway HERE.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Traditional Party Invitations

Our July month is filled with weekend parties and occasions, and most of these event invitations are being sent online.

Nowadays, we don't really get to receive those conventional card invitations since everything can easily be sent thru email, online video or thru Facebook. The only invitations that I get to hold are the school party invites from my kids' classmates.

A few months from now, one of my cousin would celebrate her 18th birthday. Of course, aside from the e-birthday invitations she's going to send, she would also be creating a card invitation. With her red and black motif, a black card stock, would be appropriate for the occasion.

Sending online invitations are faster and easier. It also reduces paper waste and frees up your budget. Still, not everyone, particularly the oldies, has an email, Facebook account or Internet access.

Even if most invites are being sent online, it is still a good idea to make use of those traditional invitations especially during special occasions - like wedding, 18th birthdays, etc. Personalized party invitations are more formal, make your guests feel more precious and your event more important.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Moment: Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay

It's Ocean Adventure day once again!


This had been our family's second visit to Ocean Adventure. Aside from the Dolphin Friends Show and Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show we've enjoyed years ago, the place had other interesting attractions such as the Walk on The Wild Side Show, and The Adventures of Olongapo Jones.

Dolphin and Friends Show
"This presentation is packed with action, smiles, interesting information, and an important conservation message. "


Great to see the dolphins and the false killer whale as they showcase their intelligence and ability with such amazing stunts - back flipping, waving their fins, flying high up into the air and surfing with their trainers. They leave a very strong message to conserve these animals.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show
"It’s filled with lots of action, and a strong environmental message. In between the laughter and fun, there’s a lot to be learned!"


It's enjoyable to see the South American Sea Lions entertain the people with their tricks at the Nautilus Theater. Being true conservationists, the Sea Lion Marine Patrol practices the three R’s - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The most important thing is the tips they shared on how to help save the environment and the message that they leave to everyone.

Walk on The Wild Side Show
"Move from sea to land and take a Walk on the Wild Side. "

It started with showing how indigenous Aetas cook rice and create utensils out from bamboo and their ability to make fire without matches.


The show features animals from the Wildife in Need Rescue Center like a variety of birds, mammals, bats, and reptiles. They leave an important message to everyone, and that is, To Love Animals.



Adventures of Olongapo Jones
"This high energy show follows Olongapo Jones and his Eco-Rangers, Pawee and Leila, as they track down the Bouncing Basura Boys, a gang of eco-bandits who leave a trail of cut down trees and discarded trash in their wake. "


This is an entertaining show that features the Ocean Adventure mascots and trampoline acrobats. It shares Olongapo Joe's adventure and his quest to save Mother Nature. We had a great time watching this show! It's about environmental education presented in a humorous and enjoyable way.


Ocean Discovery Aquarium
"Bright colors! Strange shapes! Mysterious creatures!"

Although the species inside the air-conditioned aquaries are limited, this gives guests an experience of seeing upclose some deep sea and fresh water creatures, and diverse marine resources.

Ocean Treasures Souvenirs Shop

Our adventure ended as the kids get to buy these huge cuddly killer whales and dolphins, and a turtle.



Ocean Adventure is an open-water marine park plenty of attractions. It's more than an entertainment hub, it's more of an enjoyable and educational adventure for the young and young-at-heart. They are working hand-in-hand with the Wildlife in Need to rescue in injured animals and release them back into the wild.

Spending a day would make you appreciate the importance of wildlife conservation, appreciate environmental awareness and the welfare of animals.

my family

Ocean Adventure
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic
Park Hours: 9am to 6 pm everyday
Admission Prices :
Adult - Php 550
Children 12 years old and below - Php 440
Senior Citizen - Php 440

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Discount Vouchers Instead? No, Thanks!

Sometimes, Facebook promos can be like this.

Since I was online when I saw this message, I joined on the same date and did the simple mechanics. 

Hours after, I received their message saying - "Where are you located so we can give you the address to pick up the vouchers?"  It means I'm entitled to have the Free Barre 3 GC. 

And I replied back, with ".... nearest The Spa branch is the one at Eastwood. Thanks!"

More than three weeks after, they sent me this message:

Frustrating? Not really. 
Disappointed? Not that much.
Unprofessional? Oh well.

So, did I take the Php 200 discount voucher instead? NO. Claiming it is not worth my time and effort.

I just said, "Thanks anyway... just save the discount vouchers, baka maubos pa for your ongoing promo :)"

I have no idea how many Free Barre 3 GC they have (or IF they really have) or how many joined their last month's promo, when until now, they only have 17 Twitter followers. 

Maybe it's just their false promotion for getting more Facebook followers. 

Just this morning, I saw that they have another ongoing promo where you can get Php 200 discount vouchers from Barre 3, The Spa(?). But, as of this writing, I can't see their wall post anymore. They didn't block me, but I guess, their cleaning it up.

Their profile info states that they are from and are currently in these Grad Schools - Ateneo de Manila University (Class of 2012), University of Asia and the Pacific (Class of 2010) and Ateneo de Manila University School of Law (Class of 2014). They're a team that manages corporate events, exhibits and a lot more.

I give high regards for people from these schools, unfortunately, this team did not earn my respect.

Group name withheld. Negative feedback, in a way, is still publicity.
But, if you still want to have a Php 200 discount voucher from them, you can send me a PM on my Facebook page (and just hope that they'll be true to their words) :)

Posting this is just my way of sharing that sometimes things like this can happen and maybe even more.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Joining Pinay WAHMS’ $800 Birthday Giveaway

I'm joining another fabulous birthday contest happening here in the blogosphere!

Three WAHMs are celebrating their birthday this July. Lots of prizes are at stake including cash, domains, web design gift certificates, and a lot more!

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway


Goodluck to everyone who's joining! Contest runs from July 1 to July 31, 2011.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In My Daughter's World

Her passion towards ballet dancing is remarkable.
She attends ballet classes twice a week.
She's excited for their class grand recital this year.
She also enjoys being part of their school's Dance Interest Group.

She's my daughter and we're supportive of her passion.
But more than that, she makes me even prouder.
In her young mind, she never lets anything, even ballet, interfere with the most important treasure she can ever have - her education!

ballet dance during her 7th birthday

Last summer, my 7-year-old daughter was given a slot in the ballet class at Pasig Youth Development Center. It is part of the initiative project of Pasig City Mayor Bobby Eusebio that supports the development and potentials of Pasig City’s youth in different learning areas. Several kids had a chance to take classes in music, arts, dancing, baking, and a lot more.

after class at YDC Pasig Rainforest

My daughter has a great summer month at YDC. She learned more and even anticipated performing for the culmination activity. Unfortunately, she has to give up ballet for a day!

YDC ballet class
Their 'graduation activity' was scheduled on a school day. I told her that if she wanted to dance and attend the culminating program, she needs to be absent at school. She replied in an instant, saying "mommy, di ba mas important pumasok sa school..."

I'm so glad that she choose to be at school instead.
We're proud that she made the right decision.
I'm happy for she knows what her priorities are.
I know that she's starting on the right track.

Thankful too that her SGIS teachers instilled in her mind the value of education. She remembered what we've told her and the words of her teachers as well. School matters most.

Still, I appreciate the skills that my daughter had learned at YDC and the development in her personality. Thank you Mayor Eusebio for the wonderful youth project. And to Lariza of Moms World of Arts and Happiness for the support! It means a lot to me, my family and of course, my daughter.

In her little world, life is more about learning, and everything else will follow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grendha Jelly Rainy Day Collection

The rainy season can sometimes interfere with our plans and our wardrobe. Good thing, Grendha has an exciting jelly collection fit for everyday wear, evening wear and even during rainy days!

Grendha transformed the classic jelly shoe into something trendier and elegant, teeming with charm and concept, bringing quality materials and top technology synonymous to comfort and beauty. 

rainy-season-tips,Ipanema-Philippines,Grendha,Grendha jelly,rain shoes,Grendha-Jelly Friends Fem_red
Grendha Jelly Friends Fem in red (also available in purple and black)

This Grendha Jelly collection comes in a variety of colors and versatile designs - Motion Desire, Romantic, Happy and Seduce. 

The Motion Desire line features a certain air of sensuality that brings out sexiness in you. 

Grendha,Grendha jelly,rain shoes,Grendha-Jelly Desire II Fem _beige
Grendha Jelly Desire II Fem in beige (also available in black)

The sophisticated Romantic line places jellies on a higher level with its decorative stones.

Grendha-Jelly Romantic Fem Exp_blue
Grendha Jelly Romantic Fem Exp in blue (also available in red and gold)

Grendha,Grendha jelly,rain shoes,Grendha-Jelly Romantic Thong Fem_smoke
Grendha Jelly Romantic Thong Fem in smoke (also available in beige and purple)

Grendha Jelly Happy brings out a 1950s look with a flair of modernity.

Grendha-Jelly Happy Fem_purple
Grendha Jelly Happy Fem in purple (also available in black)
Grendha-Jelly Happy II Fem_red
Grendha Jelly Happy II Fem in red (also available in black)

Grendha Jelly Seduce brings a conservative yet contemporary lace-like patterns that exude a fresh twist on this exciting line.

Grendha-Jelly Seduce II Fem_silver
 Grendha Jelly Seduce II Fem in silver (also available in gold and red)

Grendha Jelly values each woman’s individuality and offers a subtle touch of mystery and seduction. This special line is an expression of femininity, youthful flair and a romantic, sexy inspiration that complements the essence of a woman.

We can now walk under the rain in comfort and style!

Grendha Jelly is available in leading department stores and boutiques nationwide and is exclusively distributed by ELRO Corporation. Visit Grendha Philippines on Facebook for more info.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sports Team Clothes For Babies

Shopping for baby clothes can really be enjoyable. Baby stores never ran out of lovely clothes designs perfect for infants and toddlers. These clothes make fantastic gifts during baby showers, baptismal or birthdays.

My month-old godson will be baptized in a few weeks. Aside from all the Christening requirements, my sister and bro-in-law had already booked the services of a caterer and a photographer for the baptismal celebration. They've also ordered a baptismal cake with sports-theme cupcake toppers.

I'm sure my godson will get to receive lots of baby items - from clothes, toys, baby essentials - from everyone. One of our gift options is to give him baby clothes too. I'm sure the new parents would love to receive baby sport clothes since my bro-in-law is a sports enthusiast.

I've seen the Ohio State Baby clothes body suit, infant jersey set, jersey polo and windsuit. The football team's red color would surely make my godson look like a tiny star player!

If you're a huge sports fan, Baby Fans has a great selection of MLB, NFL, NCAA, and NASCAR merchandise for your little ones. Since sports are not only made for boys, they also have cheerleader dresses, sports dresses and caps for the little girls. The fabric is gentle on the baby's skin so there's nothing to worry. Their baseball, football outfit and other sports theme inspired clothing is a cute way of showing to the world your little MVP.

Check out Baby Fans clothing for it can surely get your babies off to a winning start!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Support's Pencil Project

"A pencil is just a small tool, but just like all other tools, it can be powerful." - Facebook Page

Give a child a pencil. Make a difference and give underprivileged kids a brighter future! launches its Pencil Project. It aims to raise 10,000 pencils to support Dynamic Teen Company's "Kariton Klasrum Project." Through this endeavor, underprivileged children will get a decent supply of pencils to help them learn the basics of writing, reading and arithmetic.

Your signature means a lot to a child's education.

Take part and support this Digital Signature Campaign. By signing up in their Facebook page, will donate 1 pencil to DTC for every digital signature collected. One successful digital signature is equivalent to one pencil and one happy child. It only takes a few seconds to sign-up.

Every child deserves an education. In our own little way, we can give a child a pencil and create change in the life of a child.

The HWH Pencil Project Campaign will run from June 1 to July 15, 2011. Visit this link to participate in this digital signature campaign.

About is the world’s first and only online hotel booking site that gives to charity from commission income at no cost to guests. offers over 100,000 cheap hotels, luxury resorts, beach resorts, budget accommodations, and 5 star hotels in more than 80 countries worldwide. 

About Efren Penaflorida and Dynamic Teen Company
Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) is a group of concerned young people with a mission of making a small yet significant difference in other people’s lives, particularly the small children in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. The group was founded in August 1997 by four teenagers from Cavite National High School, one of whom was Efren Penaflorida, 2009 CNN Hero of the Year.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Exploring Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top destination Asian tourists and travelers. Staying at the best hotels in Bangkok allows you to explore the exotic city of Bangkok at your leisure. 

I remember my youngest sister's UN school program where they represented the country of Thailand, explored their culture and performed a traditional Thai dance. 

This makes us want to visit Bangkok since cheap flights are easy to find nowadays. You just have to take advantage of the low cost airfare and travel package. The city's spectacular palaces, dazzling temples, colorful Chinatown and world-famous floating market, makes it a place worth visiting. 

Shopping at Bangkok would really be enjoyable too! It's a shopper's paradise and among the best places on earth to bag a bargain. It's a place to buy Thai silk, jewelry, and Thai antiques. 

If one day we get to visit Bangkok, we're surely gonna try riding the Tuk-tuk, the most common means of transport in the city. 

Of course, one must not miss the Thai cuisine and delicious street food. It would be enjoyable to eat alfresco-style like the locals do, amidst the buzzing street markets. 

Be it exploring the diverse tradition or visiting Bangkok's attractions, this city is a wealth of first class experiences complete with cultural extravaganzas, perfect for travelers and family holidays.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Horrible Pain Monsters vs. Powerful Advil Spotted in Eastwood

Eastwood City is a great place to relax, unwind and have fun. I can't believe when I heard of a commotion that a group of Pain Monsters were caught invading Eastwood Mall's fountain area!

Oh well, it's a flash mob. These pain monsters who call themselves as the 'Legion of Pain' are looking for victims, spreading chaos and body pain to onlookers and mall-goers. They are the worst pain that people usually have - Body Pain, Headache, Toothache and Dysmenorrheal.

A brave soul, Tablet, tried to defend everyone around saying, “Have no fear Tabletman is here!" Despite his effort, he wasn't quick enough to disperse the terrible pain monsters. He was defeated and failed to save the people from pain.

"Not so fast pain monsters," said the voice that came out of nowhere.

A new breed of superheroes came to save the day and they call themselves as the Advil Liqui Force!. They teamed up; and their power and strength comes from the new Advil Liqui Gel. In an instant, the pain monsters got defeated! Hurray!

Advil Liqui Gel helped stopped the monster's pain invasion in Eastwood Mall as quick as possible.

This is Advil’s latest innovation. It works 3 times faster than ordinary pain tablet. This new Advil Liqui-Gel is Ibuprofen inside the softgel capsule. It is now in liquid form making it absorbed by the body more quickly. It provides us with faster relief to allow us to live a manageable life as well.

Here's a copy of the video from a blogger who experienced it firsthand.

This flash mob is quite entertaining. It's a quick way to get anyone's attention and creative way of spreading a message to its target market.

What the pain monsters said might be true - "...kaming mga pains, nag-level up na! Iba na ang buhay ngayon, mas matindi na ang mga sakit ngayon..." 

Pain is indeed inevitable. It can really make a day that bad! It slows down us down and makes us unproductive. Good thing, Advil Liqui-Gel is already available on the market. It’s faster, more effective and more powerful to help battle our headaches, migraine, menstrual cramps, muscular aches and a lot more.

Don’t let pain and aches get in your way!
Share how you manage your pain and if you've tried taking Advil.

McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass

Coke plus McDo value meal equals Love!

We're avid coke drinkers and McDonald's meal is already part of our staple food. We enjoy our burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and spaghetti through McDelivery on a Friday or dining during weekends after my daughter's ballet class.

The Coca-Cola glass series is back at McDonald's. A lot of people are getting excited over this and we're excited to get them too! Hopefully they'll have more stocks until the 15th of July.

You can get this just by adding P 25 for every McDonald's Extra Value Meal. It comes in six vibrant colors - Blue, Charcoal, Purple, Lime, Green, and Pink! What color will you get?

The Coke glasses' new look is really cool! It’s the replica of the iconic Coke can with an emboss detail of the Coke logo.

Did you get your Coke glasses already?

To get these glasses and complete your collection, visit any McDonald's store nationwide or order online through or call McDelivery 8-MCDO (8-6236).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Joining The Journalistic View’s Birthday Giveaway

Divine of The Journalistic View is celebrating her birthday with a blog giveaway!

I wonder what the cool watch is inside this chest. She'll be revealing the watch on the day of her birthday, July 17. It's my mama's birth date too! 

Aside from the watch that she'll be giving away for the July 31 Grand Draw, there are weekly prizes too. To win the major prize, you have to be the top commenter of the month! There are different weekly mechanics and you can even join every week if you want.

Here are the weekly prizes sponsored by her generous friends:

Week 1 (July 10 draw)- P500 worth of SM gift card and P500 worth of Rustan’s gift certificate
Week 2 (July 17 draw)- a bag of goodies and $10 via Paypal
Week 3 (July 24 draw)- a solar charger and $10 via Paypal

Join her giveaway and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Butterfly Collection

Finally, Ipanema GB Butterfly line has arrived in the Philippines, ready to spread its wings. This is the sixth of the Ipanema GB line designed by supermodel and goodwill ambassador for UN Environment Programme, Gisele Bundchen.

Now we can all glide like a butterfly with these Ipanema GB collection!

Ipanema,Ipanema GB Butterfly,Ipanema GB Butterfly Thong Fem-beige_gold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Thong Fem in beige_gold
Ipanema,Ipanema GB Butterfly, GB Butterfly Thong Fem-black_blackgold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Thong Fem-black_blackgold
Ipanema,Ipanema GB Butterfly,GB Butterfly Thong Fem-white_silver
Ipanema GB Butterfly Thong Fem-white_silver
These collection features “delicate lace-like weave of butterflies that compliment the foot and a butterfly embellishment that complete the look.” It features printed featuring printed butterflies on the sole and butterfly cut-outs to form the toe strap for added style and comfort. For a cute finishing touch two golden Butterflies sit on the straps.

Ipanema,Ipanema GB Butterfly,Ipanema GB Butterfly Slide Fem-beige_gold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Slide Fem-beige_gold
Ipanema,Ipanema GB Butterfly,Ipanema GB Butterfly Slide Fem-black_blackgold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Slide Fem-black_blackgold
I love its concept which is based on the idea of the butterflies' metamorphosis - transformation and reinvention. Similar to what Gisele is, who is not only a supermodel, but a mom and a wife! She continuously metamorphoses and embraces change to make things better.

Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-red
Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-red
Wearing an Ipanema GB collection is not just about wearing trendy flip-flops, but supporting an advocacy as well. With each Ipanema Gisele B√ľndchen Collection that you buy, you're doing a part to help save Mother Earth. This year, GB is supporting a charity program, the ISA - a socio-environmental group that help promote awareness about climate change.

Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-white_silver
Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-white_silver
Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-black_gold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-black_gold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-beige_gold
Ipanema GB Butterfly Sandal Fem-beige_gold
Log on to and click on the Butterfly tab to preview these latest collection. I'm sure you'll love it like I do!

Ipanema GB Butterfly is exclusively distributed in the country by ELRO Corporation, and is manufactured by one of the world’s largest shoe manufacturer, Grendene. 

So, which among these Butterfly collection do you fancy?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Watsons Beauty Loot Bag

Too much work can be stressful. After working for a couple of hours, I took a break and played the Watsons Live Beautifully online game promo.

I receive a notification that I won a Watsons Beauty Loot Bag from their June 17 draw. Happy! I never get to play the game every day nor spend that much time. I guess I only spend at least 10 minutes playing the game. 

I got these Watsons products - Spa Essentials massage oil kit, Hair Treats Spa watermelon and Hair Treats hair shine.

So, play the game now and win daily prizes. You'll always get the chance to win three thousand pesos (Php 3,000) worth of Watsons gift certificate in the final draw.

To join:
  • -Register at
  • -Click the Play Beauty Hunt button
  • -To play, move the magnifying glass over the product shelf and find Watsons products. Once you find a product, check the correct product name from the shopping list.
  • -Click submit once you completed the shopping list.
There is no purchase required to play the game and enter the e-raffle. The goal is to simply hunt for six Watsons product in sixty (60) seconds and match it with the shopping list. You'll get an e-raffle once you've completed the dame. For more chances of winning, you can even play a number of times as you want.

This promo runs from June 8, 2011 – August 17, 2011.