Monday, May 28, 2012

Ipanema Urban Jungle Collection

Here are Ipanema's Urban Jungle Collection:

Anatomica Lovely II Fem

A colourful henna design is printed over the famous Ipanema Beach tiles that are embossed onto the super soft purple anatomic Melflex plastic sole.

(in green_white)

Anatomica Romantic II

This flip flop has been decorated in a cute leaf design onto the tile embossed anatomic Melflex plastic sole.

(in white_clear-grey)

Classica Barsil II Ad

The famous Ipanema Beach tiles are embossed onto the super soft Melflex plastic sole that is trimmed with stripes.

(in blue_white)

Classica Trends V Fem (brown_gold)

This has been styled in a contemporary design onto the super soft Melflex plastic sole. The straps feature a patterned  design for a luxury finish.

(in brown_gold)

Ipanema Tropicalia II Fem

Its prints are inspired by the diverse culture of Brazil. The unique combination of thong straps and anklet, sets this design apart from the rest.

Mediterrannee Fem

Its cool colors compliment the Filipina skin.

(in white_pink)

Plat Premium Fem

A swirly design is carved into the super soft Melflex plastic wedge sole. As well as a comfortable toe strap, the leaf design continues up the foot strap where a cute plastic bow sits.

(in black_silver)

Sandal Premium III Fem

Geometrical shapes decorate the ultra soft Melflex plastic sole. A combination of translucent and opaque plastic straps cross over each other for style and comfort.

(in brown_gold-white)

Sem Igual Fem

Various playful and attactive prints comprise the soles of Ipanema Semi-Igual Fem.


So, which one do you like best?

Ipanema Takes Go-Getters to the Urban Jungle

I love Ipanema!

Sad that I wasn't able to attend the event last May 8 when it took style animals to an unforgettable experience out in the wild. Ipanema transformed the Bonifacio High Street into a mystical urban jungle where IPANEMA’s sassy new collection was paraded.

Let me just share the Press Release. I'll also post Ipanema's Urban Jungle Collection after.

The runway event witnessed the gathering of fiercest go-getters of the land. Popular celebrities and top models in the name of Enchong Dee, Phoemela Baranda, Ornussa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, Peter Norrdell, among others, graced the occasion and spiced up the night channeling their inner fashion animals. No other moment seemed more apt as the night was dedicated to unraveling the fabulous “fauna” of new IPANEMA flipflop styles through a numinous, story-telling fashion show featuring jungle creatures that embody the diverse tastes and characters of today’s stylistas.

What exactly unfolded during the roaring runway show? A jamboree of mystical animals which included the playful and graceful dolphin; the sleek and agile “Jacob” of the land: the wolf. Also making his regal presence felt was the king of the jungle, lion with its powerful and intimidating stance. Completing the fashion soiree was the vibrant and sophisticated peacock; the soaring eagle with its potent sexual energy; the meek and mild gazelle that represents those with laid back taste; the sexy and imperial snake; the eye-catching ostrich; the zebra which dons its uniqueness in every possible way; and the funny and quirky caterpillar, which transformed into a glamorous butterfly as its fellow animals strutted their way into the urban jungle, a place where there is boundless freedom to express one’s definitive flair and need for comfort. Indeed, it was a runway spectacle like no other.

The Urban Jungle Fashion Show is IPANEMA’s way of celebrating unique individuals who take on everyday determined to conquer the world and stand out. It’s a toast to go-getters who own their unique style and never compromise on getting what they truly desire.

IPANEMA has truly been a bastion for flipflops not only in Brazil, but around the globe as well. Its long history speaks not only of reliability and high quality performance and service, but of innovation, and continuous improvements in styles and designs as well. These fab sandals pride themselves with the supreme ease and comfort they provide to every foot with soles that are sublimely soft and perfectly padded.

With this exciting event marking a new era in the brand’s history, we are invited to make our fashionable mark at the urban jungle and spoil our sole with IPANEMA.

For more information, visit the IPANEMA Philippines official Facebook fan page (

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cupcakes by Cupcake Lab from MOMtrepreneur

This is an overdue post; still I can't forget the way that cupcakes from Cupcake Lab made me feel!

cupcakes from Cupcake Lab

I am such a dessert person! I won't get tired feasting on cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, chocolates, and everything that is sweet. When I learned that I won 2 dozen Cupcakes from MOMtrepreneur's survey contest, the sugar rush came rushing in a flash. Thanks so much MOMtrepreneur!

Yes, it's 2 dozen cupcakes from Cupcake Lab!

I didn't get to taste or take a picture of these cupcakes as soon as it was delivered. I had the package delivered at my sister's house and she had it refrigerated. We only got to taste these goodies 2 days after.

These are the best cupcakes I've tasted so far.  The cupcakes were truly wonderful, rich and moist; and the frostings are perfect. Even just a bite can keep you satisfied.

It tastes more than the way it looks on this photo. :)

Tiramisu, Red Velvet, Hazelnut topped with Ferrero

The Red Velvet cupcake with sprinkled on top is my husband's favorite. Love it too! The cream frosting is thick and smooth.

We love the strong flavor of the Tiramisu Cupcake. It's a coffee cupcake topped with Mascarpone frosting and dusted with cocoa powder.

And the marbled Hazelnut cupcake is truly an indulgence. The cupcake had chunky bits of hazelnut with Nutella frosting and topped with Ferrero Rocher.

My family really loved these flavorful cupcakes. Even my husband's office mates got a taste and they became curious as to where they could buy these cupcakes. How I wish I could get to have these sweets every month. Highly recommended!

Thanks again for this glorious treat Cupcake Lab!

Cupcake Lab

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Axe Anarchy Raid in the Metro

Every man’s dream fulfilled! Axe is set to host metro’s sexiest cops and robbers game with Anarchy Raid!

Axe pumps up the pleasure of the predator-and-prey pursuit with the Axe Anarchy Raid, the metro’s hottest game of cops-and-robbers that features 100 of the Philippines’ sexiest ladies chasing a hundred ordinary guys for a two million peso cash prize.

This event will be held on June 9 at Eastwood Plaza, Libis.

The Axe Anarchy Raid is open to all men of legal age who are bold enough to be part of the 100 contenders. Playing the role of robbers, the shortlisted men will be handcuffed and assigned a number. The ladies will play the role of cops and will also be assigned certain numbers each. Braving a host of wild obstacles and challenges, the “cops” must hunt down the “robber” with the same number as hers. The first pair to make a successful arrest will clinch the coveted prize in this no-losers game of fun and adrenaline-filled pursuit.

The explosive event is presented by Axe Anarchy, the first fragrance from Axe for both men and women. With its stimulating scent that fires up the senses, Axe Anarchy releases uncontrollable appeal in every hunk and babe and takes attraction to a new level.

Try out the new Axe Anarchy and join the year’s most exciting high-stakes chase. Check out for more details. Watch out for updates on the list of female celebrities who will enlist in the hunt.

- Axe Philippines Press Release

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back Pain Relief with Tempurpedic

Most people experience back pain at different times in their lives. It can be caused by different activities and situations. Computers have been an inevitable part of my life. My work entails working on the computer for longer hours. When working, I make sure to maintain good posture. But there are times when I forgot to stand, stretch and take breaks even for a few minutes.

When it comes to back pain, the common culprit is the computer or desk chair. It's good that my work chair can be adjusted and tilted. It gives support to my lower back too. But, there are times when I get use a chair with lesser back support. If you also experience back pain when working, it might help to purchase a tempurpedic lumbar cushion. It can support your mid and lower back and relieves back pressure that causes pain.

Back pain, aside from eye disorder and neck pain, is a common complaint by people who spent hours at the computer. Since sitting down puts more pressure on our back. To prevent back pain, it is important to adjust your chair's height, make sure that your monitor is at eye level and take time to have breaks for a few minutes.

Aside from that, we also need to have a good rest. Having the right mattress can give back pain relief and help improves sleep. There are bed mattress that provide firm back support that our body needs like the Tempurpedic beds. This mattress type conforms to our bodies, giving us better sleep.

If you're a back pain sufferer or if you're planning to buy pillows and mattresses, consider buying tempurpedic pillows and mattresses to achieve better sleep and make you feel better.

Note: This post is brought to you Tempurpedic. 

Kroketten: Healthy Potato Dutch Snacks with Pinoy Twist

I love potatoes! Like most people, my family enjoys eating and snacking on potatoes whether it’s mashed, fried, in a salad and soup. It's good to know that a crunchy, yummy and healthy potato snack with a Filipino twist is already available in the market. I'll definitely try this soon!

Press Release

Since snacking on potato is one of the most popular sustenance and enjoyment in the country, we introduce a unique variety that is surely yummy, appealing, and extra healthy. It’s also interesting to know that it’s made affordable for all! Introducing Kroketten, Netherland’s favorite snack as the Dutch word means a little, round ball.

“Kroketten is one of the best ways to enjoy potato—crunchy, filled with cheese and meat, while they’re deep fried in a healthy corn oil. We’re now located in twelve branches which amazingly garners an impressive response since we started operations fourth quarter of last year”, says Kroketten president/owner Maribel Bosch.

A former hotelier boasting a vast exposure to the best cuisines of the world, there’s no denying that Maribel is also an expert in the kitchen and has discerning taste buds. Having been based overseas with her husband and kids, she discovered that croquettes deserve to be in the Philippines soon for its simple and delicious taste which she thought will appeal to all levels of people. True enough, her gut feel proved to be true as Kroketten is growing and is now trending in Manila. 

For only P35 per order, Kroketten offers three varieties: Original Kroket, the original oblong shape with ground beef, chicken, and cheese; Kroketballen, by far Filipinos’ most favorite and has three pieces of crunchy potato balls which come with dips; and the miniballen, the bite sized potato balls considered best for sharing. If you plan to tweak your group’s usual snack gathering at your place, Kroketten’s potato balls are worth serving. Since the product can last days if stored properly and has the same great taste when properly reheated, Kroketten is an absolutely healthy snack that will satisfy your guests whether for private gathering or a party!

With Kroketballen’s assorted flavors, it’s no surprise that this type is deemed the most popular. From cheese, chicken, beef, bacon, hotdog, longganisa, pork adobo, mango, and tuyo flakes, all flavors offer an exciting taste with a Filipino twist, especially when paired with the tasty dips. “Our company aims to reach all levels of market A to C, for everyone to enjoy quality, healthy and good food. We never want our products to be intimidating that’s why we came up with a combo meal-- our five pieces mini ballen (P20) and our four pieces mini ballen with the 6.5 oz revitalize 10 or Nutri 10 fresh fruit drink (P35)”, adds Maribel.

Speaking of fresh fruit drink, it’s also amazing to know that these delicious balls are best paired with invigorating fresh fruit juices one can ever imagine! And why not? They’re made of the purest and natural fruit juice minus the white sugar, branded exclusively by Vers En Snel by Kroketten. A Dutch word means fresh and fast, it has two signature thirst quenchers. One is a certified health booster made of mango and guyabano, the Nutri 10 while the other one is made of succulent combo of strawberry and passion fruit called Revita 10. “Since these drinks have no preservative, our health buff habitu├ęs can’t surely get enough of it! If one needs an immediate vitamin boost, we recommend the Nutri 10. But if you’re feeling tired and heavy, our Revita 10 gives an instant uplift. “And because of the ever growing demand for this product, we’re also working on bottling these drinks soon so anyone can take with them this healthy beverage”, exclaims Maribel.

These perfectly composed and polished potato balls are also considered a masterpiece without the guilt. The taste is impressive since it offers a snacking experience that is never boring despite its flavorful taste.

Confident about the potential of the product, the company is also open for franchise for a very affordable total investment of P195, 00 (vat exclusive). To date, it operates in twelve malls with Mall of Asia in Pasay coming up very soon. Ultimately, the brand’s international flavor in design with a unique Filipino appeal will surely make history for being the first healthy Dutch potato snack to expand in the country.

Kroketten is located in twelve branches: Festival Mall Alabang, Albang Town Center, GT Tower Makati, Market! Market!, Starmall Edsa Shaw, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Metro East, SM North Edsa, and SM Lipa Batangas. For inquiries on franchising, please call (632) 822-5711 or 09178596623.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Cheers to motherhood!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts”. --Washington Irving
Nothing is more rewarding and fulfilling than to be a mom. Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms in the world! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Fashion: Bandeau Tops

There are plenty of summer clothing that women can choose from. There are swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis in different styles and designs. One summer must-have piece that women should consider wearing is the bandeau.

This season, bandeaus come in a form-flattering appeal, and in wide array of colors and styles. It can dressed up or down with your favorite summer accessories. Bandeaus are flexible and stretchy, making it a comfortable summer item. The cups provide enough support which are shaped perfectly to create a flattering fit while proving secure comfort. This style enhances your figure in a natural way.

Bandeaus and tube tops are not just modern, but also sexy and appealing. Choose bandeaus with exciting colors and interesting prints. It adds fashionable twist to your summer look.

Here are three ways to wear bandeaus and tube tops:

Ruched Metallic Bandeau
Crochet Tube Top
Techno Animal Bralette

1. Under a sheer top: This is a classy look that doesn't reveal too much skin. The Ruched Metallic Bandeau is a stylish piece that allows you to go strapless in style. Its metallic body works perfectly with sheer tops.

2. With shorts: Wearing mix and match items is a good idea. You can pair the Crochet Tube Top with bright colors and denim shorts.

3. Under a jacket or open shirt: The Techno Animal Bralette is a great layering piece that you can wear to accent your jacket and blazer.

You can also wear bandeaus under fitting tanks and strapless dresses. If you want to go bolder, you can consider wearing it on its own.

There are bandeaus that also look great for curvy women. If you're on the heavier side and you want to cover your mid-section, you can wear one that extend down the midriff. Choose the ones with smaller prints You can also opt to pair it with high-waisted skirt or denim shorts.

Bandeaus and tube tops can also be worn after the warm season. It's a versatile piece that can energize your wardrobe and create drama to your outfit.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bring Home the Playset Fun

Spending time in the playground is a fun physical exercise. In this age of technology and video games, some kids would rather keep themselves busy with the latest gadget or games.

It's great to see kids spending time in outdoor playground. They can spend hours playing in the swing or see-saw, sliding down the tube slides and hanging on monkey bars.

A playset is safe source of enjoyment for kids. It also enhances their physical skills and motor development. They also learn to share and take turns. It will burn their energies positively and stimulates creativity too.

I love this wooden playsets in charlotte. It's an outdoor wooden playset created for many years of use. Kids would surely have fun in the sling swings, horse glider, wave slide, and in the trapeze. They can get more adventurous with the rock climb plank and cargo net. The quality and safety provided is superb.

Childhood memories last a lifetime. If you have a space in your background, take time to consider buying a playset for it would help create that wonderful memory. These playsets are created to revive enhance kid's childhood spirit and imagination. Nothing can match the pleasure of playing outdoors where kids can have the grandest time of their lives.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Barbie Fashion Studio Workshop

When my daughter turned 8, she wished for a Barbie Fashionista doll as a birthday gift. We bought what she wanted and she felt happy receiving this Barbie doll! :)

Barbie Fashionista doll

I kept the receipt which entitled her to one event pass at the Barbie Fashion Studion Workshop I know that she would love to be part of that activity, so we dropped by at Rustan's after her ballet classes.

True enough, she had a great time at Barbie Design and Dress Studio workshop at Rustan's Shangrila. She get to learn about combining colors, different fabric and decorating a Barbie clothing.

Here are some photos from the workshop. Thanks Barbie Philippines for the photos and to Peggy's parents for sharing the photos with my daughter.

Hair makeover and nail art before the workshop started.


Coloring activity.


Designing and styling a Barbie dress

serious fashion designers :)


love this shot taken by Peggy's dad :)
here it is... her Barbie dress!

Certificates and tokens!


with pretty girl Peggy :)

Thanks Barbie Philippines for this fun-filled activity!

Barbie Studio Workshop
Rustan's Shangrila
April 22, 2012

Barbie Philippines always had a lot in store for Barbie doll fans. There's an upcoming Flower Fairy Festival event at SM Megamall Event Center on May 13, 2012 at 4pm. For details, visit them on Facebook if your girls want to join!