Tuesday, September 29, 2015

House of Tees urban streetwear clothing

Looking for cutting-edge and latest T-shirt designs?

Buying T-shirts for men and young people (especially for guys) can be a challenge. Most of them express their feelings and ideas in the way they dress and move. I've checked out pieces of clothing from House of Tees, which can a perfect channel for their unrestrained energy and lifestyle.

House of Tees, streetwear, teen shirt, shirt for men, gift idea for boys

They have t-shirts by Death by Zero for those going out on a weekend and music festivals. Their No Tomorrow t-shirts are great if one has a streak on the wild side. Their Tequila Mockingbird t-shirts are the perfect match for those who are into the hip hop culture.

If you also want to upgrade your tees and tanks, then you really must check out the latest styles at House of Tees. Their trendy pieces and fashionable bargains are something that you can add to your closet and clothing collection (and of course, for the men in your life). There are also urban and festival men's, women's and kids' wear that you can purchase on sale!

They ship orders Australia wide and internationally.

About House of Tees
House of Tees is an online boutique selling Premium Australian street wear labels worldwide including Death By Zero, No Tomorrow Clothing, Tequila Mockingbird & more.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Feel the Christmas spirit with Ensogo deals

The countdown for Christmas season has already begun! Let me check... we have 89 days 'till Christmas! No wonder, shops, bookstores and department stores are already selling Christmas trees, lights and decorations. Some are even having an early holiday decor sale. Of course, some are already buying holiday presents.

Yes, I love celebrating Christmas. I know a lot of people also do.

Nowadays, buying Christmas gifts and decors are made easy by online stores just like at Ensogo Philippines. We can purchase Christmas tree, lanterns, balls, and lights, and have them delivered on our doorways in safe and in good condition.

I don't mind buying Christmas decors online especially if I can get it on a good deal. I've been checking out these LED meteor rain lights. It's like seeing the falling meteors in the night sky from our windows... giving the holidays a sparkling and whimsical feel.

Ensogo, LED light, Christmas decor, Christmas ornaments, sale
dreamy and lovely
Christmas decors and ornaments always set the mood for the holidays. So, have you started home decorating?

It's time to get into the spirit of the holiday season by decorating our homes with lights and decors. And get ready to bring in that holiday cheer!

Make your season brighter and more exciting with great products and affordable ornaments that you can purchase online.

Have yourself an early merry Christmas! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Be Stunningly Beautiful: Ensogo Beauty Services Extra 18% OFF

After a busy day and tiring week spent working and managing our responsibilities, we need to take care of ourselves and get pampered too. Luckily, Ensogo Philippines have excellent beauty services deals so there's no reason not to treat ourselves.

Ensogo, Ensogo code, beauty services, beauty deals

And for today September 23, Ensogo is offering an EXTRA 18% off on Beauty Services. Great deal, right? Just use CODE: stunning18

Need a haircut, treatment or hair makeover? Check out these deals.

Ensogo, hair treatment, hair color, brazilian, beauty salon philippines

Looking for skin care, facial treatments or hair removal services?

Ensogo, hair removal, facial treatment, diamond peel, body massage, salon-treatment

There are also other beauty services we can avail like - body massage, eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extension, slimming treatments, nail and foot packages, and a lot more!

I know indulging in these beauty services is what I need to do too... and doing this should really be guilt-free.

It's time that we treat ourselves with what we deserve and do what makes us feel great.

So go ahead and pamper yourself. Grab today's Beauty Services vouchers and take advantage of the savings you'll get from it.

Ensogo Flash Sale September 23, 2015
PROMO CODE: stunning18
Unlimited use. No minimum spend. This code is valid only on beauty services.

So, be stunningly beautiful everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dimsum cravings quick fix

Seeing these Ensogo Philippines Wan Chai Tea House deals make me want to eat dimsum now!

A Siomai Pack of 60 Pieces for only Php 130 sounds like a good deal.

siomai, binondo restaurant, wan chai tea house, menu, ensogo voucher, food deal, dimsum
Wan Chai Tea House Japanese Siomai

I can just keep these siomai packs in the freezer, then steam or fry it. For my kids, this would be a great after-school snack . We'll just dip these in soy sauce with chili flakes, and prepare overflowing hot tea... merienda-time hunger satisfied!

So there! Since this is value for money siomai fix, I got pork and beef siomai packs!

Well, sometimes you really just have to give into your food cravings, right?

best binondo restaurant, wan chai tea house menu, siomai prices, dimsum
my Ensogo voucher is ready! :)

Siopao and dumplings pack are also available. The Asado siopao, Bola-bola siopao and Shark's fin looks tempting. Maybe I can give them a try too. (Ok, maybe soon... if they are still available).


Wan Chai Tea House has 4 branches and I choose to redeem my vouchers in the branch nearest my husband's workplace. I just hope that my hubby won't have any problem picking these up in their Binondo branch.

Craving for Chinese dimsum? These dimsum packs from Wan Chai Tea House will surely keep you satisfied and give your Chinese food cravings a quick fix.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Understand Your Risk for High Blood Pressure

Anyone could develop hypertension especially if you have unhealthy lifestyle choices or has a family history of high blood pressure.

Are you aware that as a woman age, the chance of acquiring hypertension becomes greater than a man’s?

Women over 65 more prone to hypertension than men

A study in the United States reveals that one in every three adults has high blood pressure. While women are as likely to have this condition as men, they are more prone to acquiring it during their twilight years.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men and women both have the tendency to develop hypertension during their lifetimes. However, women over 65 years old are more prone to acquiring it, particularly those who passed through their menopausal stage.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common condition which triggers the heart to pump blood excessively.  Today, hypertension has become one of the major contributors to the global disease burden, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, since it causes health problems such as cardiovascular disease.

Amado Nazal, medical director of PharexHealthCorp., said that women who passed through their menopausal stage are at an increased risk of having hypertension because of hormonal changes and increase in body mass index that comes with age.

“The most important consideration every woman ages 65 and older needs to make is to recognize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle as the key to preventing hypertension and other health conditions as well,” Nazal said.

For people diagnosed with hypertension, the best practice is to always consult the doctor and comply with the medication schedule even when symptoms are not surfacing.

He added, "Women who are already in their post-menopausal stage need to start taking care of themselves especially when their metabolism slows down. Embarking on a lifestyle journey is not a one-time travel—it is a life’s worth of adventure you can give to yourself. And someday, you’ll thank yourself you did.”

Effective control of hypertension should be a priority among healthcare providers. This is why PharexHealthCorp, the most prescribed generic brand of medicines, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing optimum health among women who belong to this age bracket to keep hypertension at bay before it leads to heart failure.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

10 StartUp Innovators to "Pitch In" at Asia E- Commerce Expo 2015

Want to learn from and network with leaders from the biggest brands in Asia Pacific region? Know about the most awaited Asia E-Commerce Expo 2015!

Asia e-Commerce Expo 2015, business, e-commerce, zalora, lamudi, viber, xend, ensogo
Asia E- Commerce Expo 2015 is happening on November 25, 2015 at SMX Convention Center, Taguig from 8AM to 6PM. More than 20 speakers, 30 exhibitors who will showcase their products and services and over 300 attendees are expected to join the event.

This event aims to empower the start up innovators and traditional organizations to adapt E-Commerce & to learn from the following sessions and discussions about EPrivacy, Elogistics, EPayments, Market Analysis, Digital Marketing, CRM, Strategy, E- Commerce and Going Global.

10 Start Up Innovators who have submitted their profiles to AECoE will be chosen. These Start Up Innovators will be given 5 minutes to present their company profile, products and services for everyone to see. 

#AECoE is not just about learning, empowerment and inspiration but a potential future collaboration thru networking.

Event Speakers:
• Constantin Robertz- Managing Director, Zalora
• Lars Jeppesen- CEO, Tech One Global
• Jacqueline Van Den Ende- Managing Director, Lamudi
• Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber
• Janette Toral- Founder, Digital Club Filipino
• Subir Lohani- Managing Director, Carmudi
• Chinkee Tan- Book Author and Radio Host
• Robert Yupangco- CEO, Yupangco Group of Companies
• Frederic Levy- Founder & CEO, CashCashPinoy
• Camille Montejo- CEO, Tree Top Adventure Inc.
• Bjorn Pardo- CEO, Xend Business Solutions
• Quentin Boucher- Managing Director, Ensogo
• Amor Maclang- Director for Communications, Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications Inc.
• Mannix Pabalan- CEO, Hashtag Digital

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Krispy Kreme box for P1.98

Krispy Kreme, Krispy Kreme Philippines, Citibank promo, Citibank credit card, Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Glazed madness overload! :)
I got three boxes of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts for only P 1.98 each! This is from Citibank credit card's Secret Sale promo.

I'll be claiming two more boxes tomorrow.

This previous Secret Sale promo is for select Citibank cardholders who have spent a minimum single-receipt retail transaction of P2,000 during the spend period (March to June 2015).

And, there's another Krispy Kreme treat for Citi Core Platinum Visa, Gold, Classic and Rewards Principal Cardholders.

If you buy six Original Glazed doughnuts with your Citi Rewards Points, you'll get six additional doughnuts for FREE. Sweet enough right? Promo period is from June 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 at participating Krispy Kreme branches. Check complete details here.

It's really great to Celebrate with Citibank's Best Deals!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Invite from NASA: Send your name to Mars: Insight!

NASA boarding pass - my ticket to ride!

Mars trip anyone? Ok, I once dreamed of becoming a space explorer. Receiving the email from NASA Mars Outreach is just exciting.

Again, NASA is inviting the world on its Mars: Insight mission.

Our names will be recorded on a silicon microchip and shuttled to Mars onboard the InSight Mars lander. So, it's not really getting up there, which is good enough.

NASA’s InSight Mars lander is scheduled to blast off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in March 2016. InSight will study the deep interior of Mars to understand how all of the rocky planets are formed – including Earth!
"... be part of that journey and the future of space exploration."

This is the second time that NASA has given the public to feel included in their mission. My son is really amazed about all this.

I was also part of the first test mission of the Orion spacecraft capsule. I'm even a Frequent Flyer with NASA. Cool!

MARS Insight, MARS mission, Frequent-Flyer points, Journey-Mars, Space-travel
I'm a Martian since 10/2014 :)
So, get your boarding pass to Mars from NASA!

To send your name on the Red Planet aboard InSight, go to: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/insight/

Last day to register is on September 8, 2015 (11:59 p.m. ET).

Visit NASA InSight page for additional information about the mission.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ensogo food vouchers: wallet and tummy happy

Ensogo is my most trusted deal site. I always have pleasant experience with Ensogo - from online buying to receiving the products and using the dining coupons.

My best voucher purchases (and my favorites too) are the food vouchers and products with free delivery offerings.

Dairy-Queen, Johnny-Rockets, food promo, Ensogo-voucher, Ensogo-review, Ensogo
enjoying our Dairy Queen blizzards and Johnny Rockets burger, fries, etc.
Since my family is always out during weekends, I have to find ways to save. Buying food vouchers definitely helps.

I check the branches where I can avail the promo - hoping the Shangri-La Mall is on the list. If not, The Portal Greenfield District and SM Megamall branches are good as well.

I recently purchased Dairy Queen Ensogo vouchers. My kids' favorite weekend treat! Since we frequent Dairy Queen The Portal Greenfield District, that's where we would be enjoying our blizzards. Can't wait!

Dairy-Queen, food promo, Ensogo-voucher, Ensogo-review, Dairy queen blizzard

And, here are other Ensogo deals I planned to purchase.

Figaro's P200-worth of Gift Certificate valid on Selected Food and Drinks (for only P130) -

Figaro branch in Shangri-La Plaza is so near my daughter's ballet school. No wonder my daughter asks for Figaro all the time. I'll grab this voucher to avail their frost, sandwich and pizza.

Figaro, food promo, Ensogo-voucher, Ensogo-review, Figaro-coffee, Figaro-voucher, Figaro menu

Pizza Hut's P500-worth of Gift Certificate valid on Food and Drinks (for only P350) -

How can I resist not buying this voucher? Pizza hut pizza is all about happiness - our comfort food!

Pizza-Hut, pizza-hut promo, gift certificate, food promo, Ensogo-voucher, Ensogo-review, Pizza hut menu, Pizza hut deals

Johnny Rockets' P500-worth Gift Certificate valid on Food and Drinks (for only P350) -

Let the good times roll! Time for their juicy burgers, fries and milkshake! Love the classic All-American ambiance of the place.

Johnny-Rockets, food promo, Ensogo-voucher, Ensogo-review, Johnny Rockets menu, Johnny Rockets burger

Good that Ensogo brought these vouchers back. My previous experiences in these restaurants using Ensogo vouchers have all been pleasant.

So if you want the best restaurant deals and product deals, head on over to Ensogo Philippines.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Building robots at FIRST Robotics Learning Center

My kids learned to build and program their first robot - a robot that is really functioning!

FIRST robotics learning center, robotics kids, robotics program, kid activity, robotics Philippines, first robotics fee, Greenhills, robot
with their SumoBots
Glad I signed up for FIRST Robotics Learning Center's Mommy Bloggers trial class. I know it would be a great activity for my son (who dreams of becoming a scientist or a robotics engineer) and my daughter (who also wants to be an engineer like me).

FIRST Robotics Learning Center makes use of the concept learning with fun. It's really fun since they're using Lego - Duplo, Wedo and Mindstorms - to create their robots.

lego, lego build, lego activity, lego bricks
lego bricks!

Robotics for 9+ age kids

The 9+ age group where my kids and my nephew belong uses Lego Mindstorms robotics kit (complete with NXT brick computer, cables, sensors and motors).

Teacher Gelai gave the kids a short intro, plus the basic building instructions. Since the kids are ready, off they start building their first robot - the Castor Bot.

FIRST robotics learning center, robotics kids, robotics program, kid activity, robotics philippines, build robot, lego, lego mindstrom
first robotics, build robot, lego mindstrom
build robot, lego, lego bricks, lego mindstrom, build robot kids
Be patient and make sure to follow the instructions. :)

kid activity, science, technology, robotics greenhills, robotics for kids, robotics philippines
almost done!
FIRST robotics learning center, kid activity, science, technology, robotics greenhills, robotics for kids, robotics philippines
great teamwork!
Testing the robot functions and movements.

robot testing, FIRST robotics learning center, robotics program, kid activity, robotics philippines,
Bring the robots to life!
Since it's best to see how the robot works, Teacher Gelai asked the kids to proceed and make - the Sumo Bot!

Now it's time for the "sumo battle!"

kid activity, science, technology, robotics, create robot, summer activity kids
the grand robot battle

My son wants to explore more and try using the EV3 platform (as it can be controlled by smart-devices). OK, hopefully soon.

What I love about FIRST Robotics?

Being an engineer myself and my husband, a programmer - got us interested in their classes. I'm sure most parents want to give it a try too! :)

FIRST Robotics Learning Center is a place where our kids can showcase their creativity, resourcefulness and make their ideas come to life. Its a way for kids to understand and appreciate what they are learning in school. Kids get to enjoy learning without the pressures in traditional school.

Building robot models engages their hands to work and their minds to think. They'll learn by observing, creating, exploring, doing challenges and troubleshooting. By working with other people, they'll be great team players too.

Plus, they have four IDEA (Invention, Discover, Explore and Aspire) rooms where the robotic courses are held. The entire place is clean, bright and colorful.

invent robot
explore robot
lego, lego build, lego activity, lego bricks
Aspire  (playroom while waiting for the classes)

Such an awesome experience for my kids. Robotics classes is now on their Things-To-Do-For-Summer-List.

Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and FIRST Robotics Learning Center for this experience.

FIRST robotics learning center, robotics kids, robotics program, build robot, robotics philippines
Inspire your kids to be great leaders not just followers... Builders not daydreamers!
+ More about FIRST Robotics Learning Center

Fun Inspirational Road to Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Learning Center is the pioneering robotics center in the Philippines that uses state-of-the-art materials primarily utilized in the field of robotics. FIRST Robotics develop students through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) approach.

They welcome kids ages 4 to 16 years old who want to learn how to design, build and program robots.

They offer interesting Robotics Program for Kids:
  • Our World of Adventures and Inventions (ages 4+)
Kids get their first experience with robots. They explore ways in which people and things move (ex. how animal and human bodies bend and jump, how machines lift or spin). They learn about simple machines in the home and local community, design and build their own models.
  • Our World of Science and Technology (7 - 8 years old)
Kids will learn to use pre-programmed elements to connect to the robot. They will learn about information and control technology (ICT) and math by making their models come to life using basic sensors, mechanical parts and drag-and-drop software commands with a computer.
  • Our World of Robotics (ages 9+)
Kids will learn and start designing more advanced models using different science concepts such as forces, motion and energy. They will also start planning and designing their own program to control robot functions or behavior.

proud and happy kids
Each program has three learning stages - Apprentice, Journeyman and Expert level.
kid activity, science, technology, robotics greenhills, robotics for kids, robotics philippines
the robotics journey

They follow the 4Cs of Learning -
  1. Connect: engaging minds in problem solving
  2. Construct: putting ideas into physical building team work, innovation and sharing.
  3. Contemplate: analyzing and reflecting on the results to deepen understanding
  4. Continue: finding ways to make it better
FIRST Robotics Learning Center build and inspire kids to become innovators, problem solvers, great thinkers, and even leaders.

Visit their website http://www.firstrobotics.ph for more information.

kid activity, science, technology, robotics greenhills, robotics for kids, robotics philippines

For FREE TRIAL CLASS, contact 696-3333 / 0917-5528898 / 0999-8849256

First Robotics Learning Center
G/F Goldhill Tower, 5 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Email: info@FIRSTRobotics.ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FirstRoboticsLearningCenter
Instagram: http://instagram.com/firstroboticslearningcenter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FirstRobotics