Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chic and Stylish Bathroom

My newly-married sister is now spending time decorating their new condo unit, buying bathroom fixtures and living room accessories, and beautifying their place. They are making sure that each item reflects their personal styles and in return will increase the value of their home.

Nowadays, some people are going for the trendy and innovative home designs and improvements. Some are also staying away from the traditionally bland bathroom interiors. Thus, getting a decorative basin tap, a designer bathtub, an elegant shower enclosure or a designer radiator are being considered as desirable options.

Installing designer radiators into one's bathroom seems interesting as it brings one's bathroom to life! Not only can it enhance and make your bathroom elegant, its also a good place to put your wet, damp towels on.

I wonder if there are already designer radiators available in the Philippines. Anyway, for everyone who needs a bathroom upgrade or considering remodelling ideas, you can opt for designer radiators. Better check a shop that specializes in designer radiators. These are different styles to suit your interior design and fit any bathroom sizes. These will surely make your bathroom stand out and be different.

Inside Our Medicine Kit

Aside from our vitamins and my oral contraceptive pills, we regularly have paracetamol for pain and fever relief in our medicine kit. This is because a month won't pass without me or my husband getting a headache. Lack of sleep, too much PC use or that pre-menstrual-stage would give me that throbbing pain.

Whenever we get sick or have that cough-and-cold-thing, which is the most common illness, I make sure that we drink plenty of fluids and take ample rest. My mom believes in the health benefits and immunity-boosting power of sodium ascorbate vitamin C. thus, we double our vitamin C intake in times of colds and flu.

I am grateful that my family is not suffering from major health ailments and we don't need to take medications regularly. We only buy over-the-counter medicines when needed and consult the doctor for serious illnesses or for regular checkup.

There are some people who are sensitive to their medical conditions. For those who need to buy a medication just like Levitra, it would be better to buy it online, where they can be sure that their privacy will be kept confidential.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Thoughts, My heart, My Turf's Anniversary Contest

Bambie of My Thoughts, My heart, My Turf is celebrating her birthday and her 1st blog anniversary! Join her month long contest to get a chance to win cash, EC credits, ad spaces and more! Contest runs until April 15.

Her blog sponsors made the contest possible and my blog, A Woman Remembers, is one of the major contest sponsor. 

A Woman Remembers - 1,000 EC credits, 1 month AD space and $5.00
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Travelin' with Marie - 8"x8", 20-page Photobook ($20.00 value) and two 1 month AD spaces 
Wahmaholic - Wordpress or Blogger template based on the winner's choice of theme and color

And here's the list of her secondary sponsors:

Chris Chronicles - 2,000 EC credits
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Earthquake Unfelt

At 1:29 pm, we were almost done with our late lunch. A few minutes after, I head back in front of my PC and was terrified at what I've read - there had been an earthquake! Facebook and Twitter sites were filled with earthquake posts.

I checked on social media posts and read breaking news snippets. Again, the Filipinos tweets and posts their earthquake experiences and there were even photos of building evacuations. Everyone kept on informing friends to stay calm and be prepared.

US Geological Survey and news reports revealed that a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck parts of Metro Manila and Southern Luzon. Its epicenter was located southwest of Lubang Island in Mindoro province. The shock was also felt at at various intensities in Manila, Batangas, Bataan, Olongapo and neighboring areas. There were no damages or casualties reported.

This earthquake shook for 30 seconds, yet inside our home, we never felt its strong shake. I did not even felt dizzy. Attentively, my daughter just said, "mommy kelan yung lindol? hala, meron ba nasira?" She had never felt an earthquake, but she is aware of the damages that a major one will cause.

After all these, I thank God that no one got hurt from this earthquake. Hopefully, there would be no more deadly earthquake just like the ones that hit Haiti and Chile.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Every Thought Counts Giveaway

In celebrating her100th post, Butteryfly is giving away cute stuffs! This giveaway is open for everyone!

Prizes are:
  • Papemelroti Products such as: Mini planner, Mini Scrapbook, Scrapbook sticker, and a Papemelroti bookmarker.
  • Bag Charm
  • A fab cuff bracelet from Lunatix
Every thought Counts
How to earn points:
  • Blog about the contest - earn 3 points. (You'll just grab a code)
  • Follow her - earn 2 points.
  • Subscribe to her feeds via email - earn 2 points (verify it).
  • Sidebar the giveaway badge - earn 5 points
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Points will be entered into spreadsheet then will use to pick one winner.
This contest is open to all countries and runs through Wednesday, March, 31, 2010.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Organize Your Life

The past week had been busily stressful that it had even left me breathless. Aside from jotting everything in my planner, I kept on putting things to mind, recalling each one so as not to missed anything. Amidst all these, glad that the week left us feeling happy and fulfilled.

In this hectic world, it pays to be well-organized. As most of my hours are spent online, it would be great to have an online organizer. I could even check everything in my laptop while on the go.
True, organizing your life is no easy task.

My Journey to Life's E-Organizer Giveaway came just right in time. Now, I won't pass on this and maybe I would get a chance at winning.
As seen on TV, the new Organize Your Life e-Organizer is a fantastic tool for keeping all your Household information together in one place. Download to your computer and type your information into the templates or print out into your own folder. Never lose an important piece of paperwork again.

This giveaway is open worldwide and would end on March 28.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cruise The World Away

It's summertime! This is the best season to relax and spend time with family and friends. Taking a vacation should always be fun and memorable. Most people spend their vacations taking a trip around the country or abroad. I haven't been on a cruise and it seems that a cruise holiday is really a good idea.

A voyage through the water has its own charm and charisma. Taking a journey on the sea is magical, and this is one reason why cruise vacations are now becoming a vacation choice for families and individuals alike. Taking a cruise is popular to tourists for they get to visit several places in one cruise. Cruise deals and packages are very convenient for you'll get to enjoy the food, the tour and the accommodation that goes with it without any worries. Your cruise vacation is set and all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

A luxury cruise tour is truly the ultimate vacation experience. You'll get to enjoy all the luxuries available on the cruise ship - from the food, activities, services and entertainment - while getting to visit different places.

If you're planning to take a journey via cruise, all you need to do is decide which cruise tours to take and places to go. It's good to look for various available cruise deals and choose the best one.

A cruise holiday is definitely a fun and enjoyable getaway for the whole family. It's time to see the best of the world.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Get a Good Night Sleep

Having a good sleep is one of the most important thing to have for it is beneficial to our mind and health. I am sleeping less than what should be and I need more sleeping hours, so I would always wakeup feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

There are many mattresses available in the market, and it is necessary to know if what you and you're family is sleeping at is good for your health. We always have to consider getting a good mattress for that perfect sleeping haven.

Choosing to invest in Organic Mattresses and Eco Friendly Mattresses are now the best decision. Organic Mattresses are purely natural and untreated, and even the smallest components are made up of certified natural products. These organic mattresses are the latest green trend for the benefits that it gives to the users. It is good for those suffering from discomfort while sleeping at night.

Leave bad sleeping nights behind... get to snooze in a bedroom that's safe, healthy and eco-friendly, and nurturing sleeping environment. Going organic might be expensive, but it is worth the investment.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Hands. Busy Mind. Busy Body

The weekend marks the start of my busiest week.

Saturday morning was spent shopping at Makati. I'm glad I've found that red dress I need. I only spent a few hundreds in addition to the Php 1000 gift certificate that I've won last year. Our afternoon was spent at my sister's new condo where the kids enjoyed swimming until dinner time. After dinner, our family drove to check out mama's condo unit.

Sunday is family and relatives get-together day. We spent the day together at the cemetery to remember our dear daddy lolo who passed away two years ago. Dinner was spent at SIS Restaurant, Dampa Macapagal as we celebrate my papa's birthday!

It was a busy weekend indeed, but this week would be the busiest!

+ Monday-Wednesday: My kids examination days, and this means time to review (or maybe a few minutes would do)
+ Thursday: My son's closing program at school
+ Friday: My daughter's graduation day at school
+ Saturday: My sister's big day!
+ Sunday: Maybe I can look forward to this day as we spend time in our hotel room.

All these plus work, start of a new project, and other important tasks I need to do this week. Whew!!!

Still, I can always manage not to feel too stressed out. For me, being busy made me appreciate the value of time even more and I am living a worthwhile life. It's always good to be busy rather than doing nothing.
During a very busy life I have often been asked, "How did you manage to it all?" The answer is very simple: it is because I did everything promptly. ~ Sir Richard Tangye

Monday, March 15, 2010

Paramore Fans Rock To Paramore's Hits

paramore concert manila

I saw and felt Para-Thrilla Live in Manila! American pop-rock band Paramore had their first one-night concert here in the Philippines last Tuesday, March 9, at SM Mall of Asia grounds. I was there, together with my hubby and my younger sister. 

Never mind if I'm not really a Paramore fan, but since we've won tickets from Globe Tattoo, we decided to see the concert. All I knew is that this is the band behind the hit song "Decode," a song from the movie Twilight. This highly-anticipated concert draws approximately 20,000 people. It highlights their third and latest album, "Brand New Eyes".

I was amazed at the huge cheer from the crowd as Paramore took the stage. The fans won't stop singing along with Paramore. Everyone was clapping, screaming and jumping. It's really great seeing all these people having a blast and enjoying Paramore's music. 

What I love most is Hayley's youthful energy and bubblyness, the fans' vibrant energy and Paramore's group-hug as they took a picture with the screaming Manila fans as their background.

Paramore's lead singer Hayley Williams sang Ignorance, Thats What You Get, Crush Crush Crush, Brick by Boring Brick and several more! Other band members includes lead guitarist Josh Farro, drummer-percussionist Zac Farro, rhythm guitar player Taylor York, and bassist Jeremy Davies.

Indeed, Filipino fans want more of Paramore! Before Hayley bid Manila goodbye, she said, “There’s no way we can wait five years before we’ll come back here.”

Parapa-parapa-para, para-papapara-papa!
Paramore really rocks!

paramore concert tickets manila, paramore songs,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Compromises

With Kotex, there are no compromises.

Last January, several bloggers posted contests sponsored by Kotex Luxe. Good enough, I've joined and won in two blogs! I'm glad to receive two Kotex packages delivered right from our doorsteps.

Thanks to Shen's Addiction and Makeup in Manila!

My Blog Needs a Makeover

Getting a makeover for free is indeed one of the best experience one can have! I remember that feeling when I was given a chance to have a makeover at Working Mom Magazine last year. The experience made me appreciate life and it allows me bring out the best in me. I become more confident and thankful for being ME. 

My blog has been a part of me for a year. This time, I know it really needs a blog makeover. LadyJava, with her blog and blog creations, are really wonderful... it makes me wish to have one too. I've been waiting for someone to host a blog makeover contest. Well, I hope that I can be the lucky person who would win this amazing giveaway.

Friday, March 12, 2010

BDJ Passion Series Yoga Event

BDJ Passion Series,Pulse Yoga,Belle de Jour Planner,Pulse yoga, hatha yoga

It is always enjoyable and enjoyable to attend Belle de Jour planner's event. I got to attend two BDJ events last year - the BDJ Fasionista Recessionista and the BDJ Fair. This year, BDJ's first get-together is all about Passion. It's about discovering new passions and cultivating interests while having fun. 

After weeks of being busy, trying out yoga is exactly what I need. I took my younger sister with me at Pulse Yoga in Makati to attend the BDJ Passion Series. 

BDJ Passion Series,Pulse Yoga,Belle de Jour Planner,Pulse yoga, hatha yoga

Pulse Yoga's instruction, Madeleine, teaches us hatha yoga. It's the most common yoga style that is fit for yoga beginners. The movements and pace are slower and easier. I love that yoga is not strenuous and is totally different from other forms of exercise. At the end of the session, I felt invigorated, calm and relaxed. If there's one fitness and health activity that I'll be committing to, it would definitely be yoga.

Yoga strengthens and tones our body, improves posture, promotes concentration and gives a sense of well-being. It can quiet the mind and refresh the body. Its series of postures and controlled breathing is a means of relaxation and stress management. Everyone, from all ages, can really benefit from doing yoga.

BDJ Passion Series,Pulse Yoga,Belle de Jour Planner,Pulse yoga, hatha yoga

BDJ Passion Series,Pulse Yoga,Belle de Jour Planner,Pulse yoga, hatha yoga, freebies,events
(photo grabbed from BDJ Facebook page)

Thank you BDJ for always coming up with worthwhile activities. I am looking forward to attending more BDJ events.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

See Things Clearly

I don't have 20/20 eye vision. Maybe it's because I spend too much time reading and using the computer even when I was younger. I've been wearing contact lenses for more than a decade. Inadequate sleep makes my eyes dry and sometimes irritation occurs that wearing a contact lens becomes a burden. This is where having a pair of eyeglasses is really a good thing.

Prescription eyeglasses in local optical shops is rather expensive, designer frames cost even higher. I would choose to buy an economically priced one and I know that buying them online can be much cheaper.

I've read an article at Examiner from a satisfied Zenni Optical customer. Indeed, cheap eyeglasses are now a reality.

At Zenni, everyone can get eyeglasses that starts at only $8. Shipping costs only $4.95, and this is still relatively cheaper than buying from optical shops. I've checked their variety of frames and there's a lot to choose from. Zenni Optical's glassesare cheap because they do not pay for or sell expensive brand names glasses. But before placing an order online, you need to know from your licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist your prescription for corrective eyeglass lenses and your pupillary distance.

Now, it is really possible to buy affordable, yet high quality and stylish eyeglasses. See things clearly and save even more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day: Celebrate Womanhood

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform." ~ Diane Mariechild

March 8 is a global celebration of International Women's Day. This year 2010, IWD marks its 99th Anniversary. It's a day that celebrates the achievement of women around the world - from the political, economic, cultural and social areas. This day also serves as a reminder of the equality struggle that women faces.

This year's global theme is "Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all." However, groups and organizations may opt to use a different theme. Various events world wide are also held to continuously inspire and celebrate women's achievement.

In the Philippines, International Women's Day is anchored on the theme "Babae, Tagumpay Ka ng Bayan!". A theme that highlight's women's paving the way for women’s advancement and empowerment amidst major challenges.

For me, the most significant role that a women played in their lives is always felt at home - as a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a grandmothers, a cousin, a friend.

Learn more about International Women’s Day here:

1. the official website
2. activities of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women
3. PIA Run 2010. Pinay In Action’s charity run for women suffering from cancer organized by Senator Pia Cayetano

Let us all officially celebrate the many wonderful ways of being a woman, our achievements and our life. Respect and honor every women all over the world, not just today but everyday!

My heartiest wish to my family members, friends and all the women of this world.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Check Out Derek's Picks

Remember my Moment with Derek Ramsay?

Now, Century Corned Tuna website had updated its page already. Everyone can now see the photos of the 10 lucky winners of the previous "Write Derek and Win Promo." Check out who Derek's Picks are.

Such a great experience, that even if I did not run and took part in the Century Tuna Superbods Runrio, I got this chance to meet Derek... and bring home a month supply of corned tuna.

century corned tuna, write derek promo winners, derek ramsay

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Experiencing The Fourth Kind

Do you believe in aliens and alien abductions?

When a UFO is sighted it is an encounter of the first kind, collected evidence as the second kind, contact with extraterrestrials as the third and lastly, adbuction as the Fourth Kind.

The FOurth Kind, Sighting, Evidence

Contact, Abduction, The FOurth Kind movie review

The Fourth Kind is a documentary-drama that chronicles what claims to be a real-life case of alien abduction. It features a fraction of disappearance in Nome, Alaska where actual footages are integrated in the film. A split-screen is employed on much parts of the movie, side-by-side showing the "real" documentary footage and the reenactment of Jovovich and her co-stars.

The film opens with Milla Jovovich talking about the details of the film, saying
"This film is a dramatization of events that occurred in October 2000. Every scene in this movie is supported by archived footage. Some of what you are about to see is extemely disturbing."

This movie sees things from the perspective of Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich), a psychologist mourning the death of her husband. She discovers that much of Nome town's population is tormented by the same nightmare. Each night these people sees a white owl perch outside their bedroom window. She videotapes sessions with these traumatized patients and discovered some disturbing evidences of alien abduction.

The movie exposes these revelations of multiple witnesses, as all shares disturbingly identical details which happens at 3:33 a.m. Each one is not quite sure what they saw when it was happening. But despite multiple FBI investigations, the truth has never been discovered.

The film relies on its mystery, leaving things to our imaginations. Even if the movie can be disturbing, with a few terrifying and uneasy scenes, but it failed to deliver a lot more.

Accordingly, the film is based on actual case studies, or it could also be a marketing concept? And what else can scare us in our dreams and sometimes playing inside of our mind? I doubt that these are aliens. If you want to experience The Fourth Kind, better watch this movie on a fictional level for a more engaging experience.

What you see is yours to believe...

The Fourth Kind premiere tickets, SM MOA Cinema

Do aliens exist?

I believe they exist but maybe not in a way we perceived them to be. The entire universe is vast, never-ending and infinite, with billions of stars and galaxies... so there is a possibility that alien life exist somewhere, but definitely not here on Earth.

My winning answer that made me watched the Premiere of this movie at SM MOA Cinema last March 1, still, this does not make me believe on The Fourth Kind. I just love to watch a movie for Free!

Pieces of Maitai's Jewelry

Get to wear these lovely pieces of Maitai's jewelry. Join her giveaway for a chance to win. Four prizes are up for grabs! You can join her giveaway until March 15.
What you have to do:
1. Post a blog entry announcing this entry with a backlink and pictures of this giveaway.
2. Post a comment on this post with your:
- name
- email address
- URL of your blog posting of this giveaway
- what your favorite .maitai jewelry piece is
- any suggestions you have on pieces, site layout, anything else!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anti Aging Skin Care

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dermajuv Skin Care Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone wants to stay young-looking and maintain their youthful glow. We always want our outer appearance to reflect our inner beauty and youthfulness. A lot of women are trying out different products that would help maintain or enhance their beauty, and reduce the signs of aging.

Just like everyone, I always wanted to keep my skin healthy and smooth, blemish and wrinkle-free. Aside from avoiding sun exposure, maintaining a healthy diet and good lifestyle, I am taking good care of my skin too.

It is natural that as we age, we would encounter aging skin problems at one time or another. The skin loses its firmness, wrinkles start to appear and collagen fibers wear down. But these aging signs are best handled before it happens. Aging doesn’t happen over night, and neither does removing the signs.

Many anti-aging skin care products are available in the market today. We are surrounded with a myriad of choices on which particular anti-aging strategies products, techniques, or treatments to use. Cosmetic procedures, chemical treatments, and even oral beauty products are also continuously rising; and each one promising a younger, better facial appearance.


With every breakthrough and advancement in the skin care industry, we always have to choose which one is effective and best for us. It is always better to use skin care products that are 100% Paraben free, just like Dermajuv. Dermajuv's product line is designed to reverse the signs of aging with its three main formulas-Matrixyl, Renovage and Sesaflash. Achieve youthful glow and fight the signs of aging with Dermajuv. Its range of products suit every skin types.

Visit my sponsor: Skin Care Products

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where To Go On March 6?

What are your plans for the weekend? To those who wants to go out with their families this Saturday, March 6, but have no plans yet, you can check these out:

Ben10 It's Hero Time Kids Fair 

A kid's fair for Ben10 fanatics! Get a chance to have your photo taken with Ben10 and meet the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida.
Where: SM The Block Activity Center
Time: 2-6 pm

EXPO Kid, The The Ultimate Kids’ Event!

An all day activity for moms and kids. Kids can enjoy the interactive areas from the best activity providers. They've got a lot in store for moms - from the most fun and interesting products, entertainment for kid's parties and more!  
Where: Rockwell Tent, Makati
Time: 10am-8pm
Entrance Fee is P25.00 (free for kids below 12)
Visit for the progamme of activities.

365 Days of Summer

Spend Saturday on Lego building, board games, arts and crafts, story telling, face painting and more. Also get the chance to celebrate your birthday at The Grove Commmunity Center for Free.
Where: The Grove by Rockwell Community Center, along C-5
Time: 2-6 pm

Have fun and enjoy the coming weekend!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunshine Award for My Top Entrecard Droppers for February

THANK YOU to my Top 10 EC droppers for February.

Cooking Japanese Style
The Way I See It
Grampys World
Live for Life
Laane Loves
Photography by KML
Laane on the World
My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf
Jean sQuared

As my way of saying how much I appreciate them, I am giving this Sunshine Award to each one. 

Sunshine Award Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers. (though,  have passed mine to only 10 bloggers)
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

THANK YOU to Ivy, Bambie and Moonchild for giving me this award and including me in their list. I really appreciate that.

THANK YOU also to everyone who keeps on visiting my blog, commenting on my posts and dropping messages. Each one of you really brightens my day!

Come and Get It From Earth!

I've already posted about Earthlinggorgeous 2nd Anniversary Giveaway HERE. For those who have not joined yet and would want to win something this March, the contest is made simpler. Here's what you have to do:

There are also ways to earn more points and the best thing is - Earth is giving away 14 items before March ends! 

For Earthlingorgeous Gorgeous Treat, I want these 2 items - Avon WindScape Perfume For Her and For Him and Neutrogena Fine Fairness Compact. This year, summer and my summer plans has started for me earlier - we've hit the beach weeks ago (hopefully, another one before summer ends) and my daughter started her ballet summer class. 

Deadline of the main and side entries is until March 21. So, don't forget to join and get prizes from Earthlingorgeous

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Ben10 Turned Four!

birthday cake Ben10 heatblast

My son, Brent, turned a year older. He was born on the 10th. I guess it has nothing to do with the reason why he is so passionate about Ben10 and his name has the letters B-E-N. His previous Ben10 collection doubled since last year. Now, it is almost complete. He even knows what characters he doesn't have.

Last year, we've ordered a Ben10 complete character cake. This year, he had chosen a Ben10 Heatblast cake! He initally wanted a Cannonbolt cake, but Red Ribbon does not have that kind. For his birthday gift, we didn't get him a Ben10 character toy; instead, we bought him a Skids and Mudflap character from Transformers.

birthday gift transformers

His simple birthday celebration turned out to be a whole day affair. Family lunch at Dencio's, spaghetti and cake for merienda, ice creams and KFC chicken for dinner (courtesy of his Ninang Liv, Ninong Ayie and Mama's friends)! He truly enjoyed his day as he got everything that he requested for! It's truly a birthday wish come true.

birthday lunch dencios robinsons manila

birthday lunch dencios

The Economics of Vanity

Beautynomics. It's beauty and vanity in a different way. Truth is, we all want to look, stay and feel beautiful all the time. This is one reason why Beautynomics post about skin care, beauty products and tips, makeup ideas and her passion interests me. 

Beautynomics blog is turning 4 and she's giving away 20 prizes. Haircare and fragrance products, skin care loots and cosmetics will be up for grabs! Click HERE to be part of this giveaway. Contest runs which runs until March 9.