Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inside Our Medicine Kit

Aside from our vitamins and my oral contraceptive pills, we regularly have paracetamol for pain and fever relief in our medicine kit. This is because a month won't pass without me or my husband getting a headache. Lack of sleep, too much PC use or that pre-menstrual-stage would give me that throbbing pain.

Whenever we get sick or have that cough-and-cold-thing, which is the most common illness, I make sure that we drink plenty of fluids and take ample rest. My mom believes in the health benefits and immunity-boosting power of sodium ascorbate vitamin C. thus, we double our vitamin C intake in times of colds and flu.

I am grateful that my family is not suffering from major health ailments and we don't need to take medications regularly. We only buy over-the-counter medicines when needed and consult the doctor for serious illnesses or for regular checkup.

There are some people who are sensitive to their medical conditions. For those who need to buy a medication just like Levitra, it would be better to buy it online, where they can be sure that their privacy will be kept confidential.


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