Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prizes from Trinoma Mall

Prizes Trinoma Vibe Correspondent Promo

After more than a month, my husband and I claimed our prizes at Trinoma Mall. My husband, my youngest sister and I won these prizes in the Vibe Correspondent Promo contest last September. We got Trinoma movie passes, L'Oreal Revitalift Aqua Milky Toner & The Body Shop Shower Gel and Crossings GCs worth P500.

It's just a simple contest where I've answered the questions - What would you like featured on Vibe?

We seldom visit Trinoma Mall, in fact, I have not taken my kids at this mall yet (and this phrase is part of my winning answer). It just feel great receiving these treats from Trinoma.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Ranch Thrilling Treats

Fun Ranch Halloween costume party

The kids had a great time at Fun Ranch Halloween Party last Saturday, October 24. It's a thrilling day filled with fun, games and goodies. My kids and my "pamangkins" are dressed up in their costumes as a geisha, little dinosaur, red devil, little monster, red and black ninjas and Thomas the train.

Fun Ranch Halloween costume party

This year's Halloween party is more crowded compared to the event last year. Still, the kids enjoyed the day and they had fun getting all those treats!

halloween costume party

See more photos here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Accor Hotels 3-Day Asia Pacific Sale

There are many great destinations worth visiting in Asia Pacific. Now, you can create your most memorable vacation experience through the expertise of a hotel authority with over 40 years of experience, Accor Hotels.

Get to enjoy some of the world's most exciting cities at bargain rates through the Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific. This definitely came right in time for people planning their holidays. Now is the perfect time to take that trip without breaking a budget.

Take advantage of the savings you will get if you book online from October 27-30, 2009. One million hotel rooms at amazing rates are now on sale. Rates start as low as US$30 per night. Stay period is from December 9, 2009 to April 10, 2010. You can book a trip to any of these imaginable vacation destinations in Asia Pacific: Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, HK, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, and Bali.

The Accor 3 Day Hotel Super Sale has the best rates on well known hotel chains for Accor's various brands - Sofitel, Pullman, Grand Mercure, Novotel, Mercure, All Seasons and Ibis hotels - which all provides a vast range of affordable options.

Book now before you miss this amazing deal. This campaign runs for only 3 days!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Total Eclipse of The Heart in Flowchart

total eclipse of the heart flowchart

The 1980's hit song of Bonnie Tyler "Total Eclipse of The Heart" is made understandable through a flowchart. I really find this interesting and impressive. This somehow explains the lyrical twists and the complexity of the song. I even find myself humming while following the flow.

Being an Industrial Engineer, I am used to creating and analyzing flowcharts. I have been working at flowcharts - from the simplest business process to the highly complicated systems flowchart. However, I had never thought of creating a flowchart for a song.

Good enough that Jeanne, the one who made this flowchart, did not get include other lines in the song or else, it would just create confusion.

Oh well, this simply proves that a flowchart helps you understand something that you once thought is complex, but then, everything is a matter of how you see things in perspective.

I really need you tonight.
Forever's gonna start tonight.
There's nothing I can do.
Total eclipse of the heart.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts on Smart Parenting

Three of my point of views and parenting thoughts are included in Smart Parenting magazine's September 2009 and October 2009 issue. It became part of the parents’ point of view and last thoughts page. These topics includes sharing a perfect recipe for a quiet afternoon nap, kiddie clean-up tactics and letting my kids explore the Internet.

mom kids parent style Smart Parenting September
Smart Parenting September 2009 Issue

mom kids parent style Smart Parenting October
Smart Parenting October 2009 Issue

All parents have different parenting styles and ways of raising their kids. There are times when we learn from other parents’ experiences too. I am no model-mom; instead, I am enjoying, learning and having a great time being a mom to my kids.

Aside from parenting websites, I buy parenting magazines for it supplements and keeps me informed because of the tips and ideas I get to read. I am a subscriber also of the Smart Parenting newsletter. Right now, they have an ongoing raffle tickets promo for the Hi-5 Concert which will happen in Manila on Nov.25, 2009.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never Miss a Show with Charter on Demand


Many are not aware of the feature that if you have Charter digital, you have On Demand. This is free to access. It is often an overlooked gem and is much better that the cable TV subscription you currently have.

The best thing that interests me about this is that with Charter Cable's On Demand, you do not have to watch your favorite shows exactly on their scheduled time. Instead, you can watch your favorite show anytime you want. There's no waiting and missing a TV show or episode..

Charter Cable's On Demand will also satisfy your cinematic cravings. There are over 6,000 movies and shows available at your fingertips. You can choose from the classics to the latest blockbuster movies that are available every day. You won't feel bad if you missed watching a movie in the theater. You also won't need to wait for the DVD in the mail or buy DVDs from the video store.

Everyone in the family will really benefit from On Demand. Even the kids would get to enjoy watching their favorite cartoons like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob Squarepants all the time. They can watch it during the day or with the entire family at night.

This is perfect for everyone's lifestyle as it suits their time in watching their favorite TV programs and movies. Once you subscribe from Charter, you will enjoy all the benefits from their On Demand service. If you are not a Charter cable customer, you can learn more at You can also get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Working Mom magazine's Lifeworks Series

Be part of Working Mom magazine's Lifeworks Series. Unlock your children's leadership potential. Nourish your children with the right nutrients and instill the right values. Join the parenting seminar on October 24, 2009, 2 - 5 pm at the 4th floor, cinema lobby Trinoma mall.

This seminar is for parents with kids ages 4-6 years old. Entrance is free, but you have to pre-register. To register send your details - name, address, company and designation, age, and contact number - to with the subject "Mylac XL Prep."
Registration is until October 23 only.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Down Payment Condo at Diamond Residences

One of my goals in life is to own condo unit/s, and now with Diamond Residences , I am reaching and achieving my goal. Investing in real estate and owning a condo unit would always be wise investment. I have the options of using my property, having it rented or reselling it.

diamond residences location-map mandaluyong

Diamond Residences is a 7-storey residential condominium strategically located at Mandaluyong City - the tiger city of Metro Manila. The residential condo is just a walk away from Shaw Blvd. MRT station and is accessible through major thoroughfares. It is near Rustan's Shangrila Plaza, SM Megamall, Starmall, and Edsa Central; with proximity to workplaces, schools, hospitals, hotels and markets.

People working at Ortigas and Makati would really find living in this place very convenient. I see this place as the answer to their needs. However, if you are an office worker, you do not need to rent because for as low as P10,000+ you can already own a studio unit at Diamond Residences. This condo unit is indeed perfect for office workers, bachelors and even families.

mandaluyong condominium no downpayment studio-unit

Yes, at Diamond Residences, you can own a
Studio Unit with No Down Payment/No Equity thru Pag-ibig Financing. For only P21,000 (monthly payment is approximately 10K), you can already reserve a studio unit. You do not need to wait for years before you can occupy your place, because the units would be ready by the end of this year. A perfect place yet easy on the pocket that makes it the most affordable condo unit in the city.

Living in an urban condo, which is destined to become a prime residential area in Mandaluyong, is elegance and luxury within your reach. Diamond Residences is specifically designed to maximize the functional use of living space, which assures you of natural illumination and ventilation. Security and amenities include:

+ Accessible Fire Exits, Sprinkle Systems, CCTV, Emergency Lights on Hallways

+ Roof deck, Adult & Kiddie Pool, Playground, Cabana, Gym, Conference Room

mandaluyong condominium no downpayment model-unit
A lot of people are already deciding and taking the leap to own a 18.50 sqm Studio Unit at Diamond Residences. There are only a few units left. All one (1) bedroom and two (2) bedroom units are already sold-out. So if you are also interested in buying a studio unit, you should start checking the place and make inquiries now.

For more details and if you want to check out the place, you can email

Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Policeman Strikes Two

What I want to be when I grow up? A year ago, this was the costume party theme in my kids’ preschool, as part of their Halloween activity. My son, who is attending last year's toddler class, came in as a police general - a costume borrowed from my husband's officemate. We spent only on the name patch, that reads Gen. Brent Roman, and police accessories that we brought on a toy store.

working mom momstoday magazine
Coincidentally, two local parenting magazines had the this theme too. I submitted Brent's picture and luckily, the same photo was published twice! First was in Working Mom magazine February 2009 issue Mommy Moments page, and just recently in MomsToday September-October 2009 issue Precious Moments section. He even received a gift pack from Growee from the latter.

policeman costume prizesSeeing these fills me with much joy, because I know that even though my son seldom smiles for the camera, he made it on those two magazines that I buy frequently. Now, I wonder what he would be when he grows up. Would he really be a police officer? Well, no matter what he wants to be, we would always let him know that we have his support.

Mystery Google: This is Someone Else's Search Result

mystery google
I have read about a buzz about Mystery Google and I wonder what the hype is all about. I initially thought that Mystery Google is just making an appearance in time for the Halloween.

The black background makes it a bit spooky and the results are rather strange. I tried entering "pumpkin carvings" and the result is about measles and information about this disease. It is weird. Then I searched about "balloon boy" which gives me results related to "find sexy websites."

It goes with the simple premise that if you enter a search query in the search bar, it will give you a result of whatever the person before you searched for. No matter what you search for, it will not provide you what you are looking for. It will always give you random results.

You can think of it as just a waster of time. However, in a way this is also a fun tool if you are curious to know what others’ are searching and an interesting tool in discovering something that you are not interested in.

You can try Mystery Google and get to see what mysterious search it will bring to you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coffee Origins Brewing this October

life living event coffee
I love the fresh aroma and the sense of feeling energized after sipping a cup of coffee in the morning. Numerous studies and medical research reveals the health benefits of drinking coffee moderately. Coffee is a good source of antioxidants which is an important compound that protects our body from some diseases.

In honor of Coffee Month, the Philippine Coffee Board has scheduled coffee seminars, tours and other events as part of its celebration this October.

Experience, learn about Philippine coffee and get to taste different coffee roast from various for coffee producers and roasters. Drop by at Greenbelt Mall from October 13-26, 2006.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cirque De Soleil Banana Shpeel, A New Twist on Vauderville

Cirque De Soleil Banana Shpeel show
From world-renowned group of professional entertainers, Cirque de Soleil (Circus of the Sun), comes a new vauderville-based show.

If you are wondering if this show is a circus, well it is not a typical circus act. It's not even a Broadway play, a musical, a variety show nor a vauderville. It is Cirque du Soleil’s newest production - it is Banana Shpeel! A roller-coaster mix of different styles that blends comedy with tap, eccentric dance and slapsticks. A succession of wacky adventures told in a very hilarious narrative.

I have not seen a Cirque show yet, except for some online clips, but people who have seen this have said amazing things about this show. Checking the Cirque du Soleil online will make you want to experience watching the show live.
An intensely entertaining, fun show with a unique choreography. The show looks promising and I bet that this would definitely be a hit!

Check out this video:

The show plunges the audience into the world of Schmelky, a cruel and irritable producer who dangles fame and fortune in front of Emmett (Longoria), an innocent and romantic actor who has come to audition for him. Emmett soon finds himself trapped in a flamboyant, anarchic world where Schmelky sows terror and reigns supreme. Emmett falls in love with the beautiful Katie (Ashford) and meets a bunch of absurd characters, including the strange Banana Man.

I have no idea about this mysterious Banana Man. Maybe they would be enemies or maybe they will be friends. Myabe the Banana Man will help Emmett escape the clutches of Shmelky and his henchmen. Well, you will never know what happens, unless you watch the show.

Visit if you are interested to learn more about the Cirque du Soleil Banana Shpeel show and the show schedules! Tickets are available now for all performances. You can buy your tickets now for show premiere on November 19 at Chicago, IL and for the February 4 show at New York, NY.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barbie Movie Premiere and Apparel Sale

My daughter Skylah is fascinated with Barbie, from dolls, movies and dress up games. She keeps on reminding me what she wishes to have for Christmas - a Barbie and the Three Musketeers doll, a Barbie Bedroom Playset, a Barbie Dollhouse, etc. - and her wish list goes on whenever we are at the toy store.

A lot of girls adore Barbie and loves to dress up as Barbie too. This is good news for moms - Barbie is having an Apparel Sale from October 13-19! Take advantage of the Buy1 Take1 promo from Barbie/Think Pink stores at SM Mall of Asia, Festival Mall Alabang, Trinoma and Glorietta 2 Teen Zone; and Ollie&Co. in Eastwood Mall. Just print this coupon to avail of the promo.

Barbie apparel sale coupon

There's also a Barbie & The Three Musketeers special screening on October 17, at Shang Cineplex Cinema 1. A Php 500 worth of VCD/DVD purchase at participating video stores will get you 2 Tickets to the Special Screening.

Barbie and the three musketeers movie

I know my daughter would love to watch this on screen, but since this time I don't have free screening tickets, we'll just wait for the video release.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unlimited Online Storage Offers Free Trial

A crashed hard disk where no files could be recovered is hard to bear. It is like feeling emptiness and experiencing doom. I remembering losing a great collection of photos and videos, loads of information; which all lived on my hard drive.

My previous work requires me to access loads of previous information; thus, I always make sure that all these backup files can easily be recovered from the server. Having a regular backup is one thing that we should all keep in mind. Not backing up computer files could lead to danger - whether it is a corrupted file, a virus, a human error or loss due to natural disaster.

Now, I have learned that I can use Livedrive as my personal storage space on the Internet. Livedrive Online Storage works on a PC just like a normal hard drive or USB drive. This fantastic online storage product hosts all these features:

1. Backup files automatically and securely online in Livedrive's unlimited storage space
2. Sync files across all your computers on the local network. Just install Livedrive on all your computers and you can see the same files.
3. Access all your files anywhere from the web or any mobile device including iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, by going to the Livedrive web portal
4. Share files quickly and easily with your family, friends or with the world with just one click.
5. Lots of cool stuff such as: Drag and drop your files to Facebook, Flickr and SmugMug with just one click. View and edit MS Office documents on the web. Watch your videos online. Retouch photos directly from web browser.
6. Plus, it works with all FTP clients and supports FTP resume.

Livedrive have just started offering new users a Free one-month trial. It is fully functional and you can already get unlimited storage space. You can sign-up up for your free trial and see how you can benefit from Livedrive's online storage.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Do You Have 5 Minutes?

palmolive fashion girl contest contest vote pinoysmile

If you do, my daughter Skylah and my youngest sister Jalysa need your support and your votes! They are joining a contest and one vote from you would mean a lot!

You can vote for Jalysa here. She's joining the Palmolive Fashion Girl. Register and search for her name - Jalysa Miriella Reyes. Click on the stars to vote! This contest will only run until October 18.

You can vote for Skylah here. She's joining the Pinoy Smiles contest. This runs until October 31, 2009. Just click on the button beside her name and the Vote button below.

For those who would be voting for them, thank you so much for your vote, your time and your support!

A Shopping Spree from Talbots

It's time to splurge on a new wardrobe! I'm checking out the items that I'll be purchasing if I have $500 giftcard from Talbots at hand right now.

Talbots is perfect when you want a classic outfit. They are the leading specialty retailer and direct marketer of women’s classic clothing, shoes and accessories. They offer an extensive range of timeless wardrobe options to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Talbots is also known for their collections of modern chic designs.

I love pieces that I can mix-and-match and wear anytime, anywhere. I prefer a style that matches my lifestyle and my personality. I am choosing outfits that are classic yet vibrant at the same time.

First, I'll be getting this night-rose-colored Merino wool sweater dress. Wearing this would really make me look chic and fabulous! This is perfect for the cold season, which is just a few months away.

fashion sweater dress fashion hobo-bag

They have bags that really have caught my eye, but I am only choosing one this time. I'll get the purple Suede Hobo bag. This would be my go-everywhere bag!

Then, I'll grab one of this Refined cowl-neck tee in red - I love its dramatic neckline - and this red Buckle trim flats.

fashion tee fashion red flat shoes

Since I don’t want to be over budget, I’ll be keeping my $14 change for now. I’ll be back to spend it on Talbot’s accessories soon.

All these items can be purchased in Talbot stores, catalog and internet.

Now, I can totally understand why the woman behind the red chair confessions, which is Talbots fun and exciting new blog, is so addicted to Talbots. Wearing Talbot pieces is like wearing luxury all the time.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adgitize: Growing and Raising Rates

Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize to Raise Ad Prices in November. This is an announcement made by Ken Brown on the Adgitize blog as it turns one year on November. Starting next month, they are increasing their advertising rates from $14 to $ 24.

The increase is understandable for the business is growing and moving up, thus the need for more money to handle the demands of their members. In line with this price increase, the expected breakdown of earnings follows:

PointsOld Daily EarningsNew Daily Earnings
Less Than 200 points a dayNo ChangeNo Change
200 points a day15 cents a day24 cents a day
290 points a day22 cents a day35 cents a day
300 points a day44 cents a day72 cents a day
360 points a day53 cents a day86 cents a day
430 Points a day63 cents a day$1.03 a day
500 Points a day74 cents a day$1.20 a day

My advertisement will expire on October 21, so that means I would still be paying the previous amount of $14 for my renewal. Likewise, new Advertisers who will join this month of October will only pay $14.
By November, the ads price will be $24.

I've commented on Grampy and You's blog prior to writing this post and I said that "... I’ll continue being an advertiser… but every month, I will keep on deciding." For me, it would always be a matter of wait and see. If I will keep on earning enough to pay for an ad, (which I presume I would) based on the new earnings breakdown, then my ad will continue.

Being with Adgitize meet my needs of getting blog traffic, knowing great blogs and earning all at the same time. The system works effectively together with their excellent customer service.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this. Will you also continue to advertise on Adgitize at the new rate or drop-out?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adgitize Payment Received, Earnings Doubled

Adgitize payment money advertising online
I received my fourth Adgitize payment. My earnings almost doubled for the month of September. So far, this is the highest payment I received from Adgitize. There are even days when I failed to write a post and clicked ads on the network.

From the forum, Ken Brown writes Adgitize Pays Out over $2,400 for September -
Two publishers/affiliates earned over $50. Two publishers earned more than $40. 10 publishers earned $30 or more. Twenty publishers exceeded $20 for the month of September.

I am proud to say that I am one of the 10 publishers who earned $30 or more! Part of these earnings came from my affiliates who are now Advertisers as well - Tinkerputt's Turf, Sales Promos Events, and Views of Life.

To those who are not Adgitize members yet, I am encouraging you to join Adgitize now!

Adgitize your web site.

The Woman Appreciates You

Simply knowing that my fellow bloggers have given me their support inspires me to keep on blogging. I really appreciate each one of you who have voted for me for the Philippine Blog Awards Blogger's Choice Award. I am also thankful for those who have supported me, sent me their congratulations and their best wishes. For me, this is more important than the recognition. All these truly makes me grateful. All these really makes me smile.

I may not be pro-blogger nor write blog entries everyday, still, I hope that everyone who regularly visits my blog and reads my posts are enjoying their stay here too! It is only this year that I had enjoyed being a blogger. I just wish I had more time – to blog, to visit more blogs and comment on blog posts.

I have already received an invite for the Philippine Blog Awards which will be held this coming Friday October 9, 5 pm at PETA Theater, Quezon City. It is where notable Filipino-owned blogs will be recognized and winners will be announced. This would really be an exciting event that should not be missed. I am sure that all nominees are anticipating this day. However, I have not decided if I will attend this event or not.

Registration is now open for everyone who wants to attend the Philippine Blog Awards. You can fill out this form to register for a seat (but the number of seats are limited). Who knows, you might be the lucky winner who would get to bring home a Nokia E75! Yes, they are giving away one Nokia E75 at the PBA Luzon Awards Night!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Appetite's Blog Raffle Contest

I love joining contest but I seldom join contest sponsored by bloggers, let alone be one of the sponsors. However, this time I am joining Blog Appetite’s Anniversary contest. I am one of her blog sponsor too! This is exciting since her sponsors also have a chance to win prizes!

Here are the list of sponsors for this contest

$10 Sponsors:
Business Sphere –
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$5 Sponsors:
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3-month Ad Spot
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2-month Ad Spot
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1-month Ad Spot
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EC Credits:

3000 EC
A Woman Remembers –

Wonderful things In Life –
My Life’s Adventure –
My Crafts Stores Online –
The Joy Of Life Forever –
The Fountain Of Happiness –
Life’s Journey –

The contest will run from October 1 – November 15 and the winners will be announced on November 18. Visit Blog Appetite for complete contest details.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Vote for A Woman Remembers for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Special Award

Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Special Award nominee
A Woman Remembers is a finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Special Award . I have no idea I was on the list until I checked on my site’s analytics, which I normally do twice a month.

This is exciting and I feel so happy just seeing my blog in the list of nominees. With all those great blog finalists, I know that I have a very slim chance at winning.
My blog is not competitive, still, being recognized could really be remarkable. Just being on the list makes me proud being part of the Philippine blogosphere.

So, I need everyone’s support. Yes, you can vote for me! I hope that my blog followers and regular blog visitors would vote for me. However, only Filipino bloggers can vote. I guess my International bloggers friends can simply wish me luck.

To vote, you must be a Filipino blogger. Create a post expressing that you are voting for my blog. You can make a post similar to this:

My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers' Choice Award (National)

I vote for A Woman Remembers
Bloggers' Choice Award
2009 Philippine Blog Awards

After making your post, fill out and submit the Voter's Form here.

To those who would be voting for me, thank you so much! Let me know if you did. I would really appreciate your vote even if I don’t get that blog award. I would always remember that you’ve made a blog post to support me and my blog.

Voting is only until October 7, 2009.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Credits for my Top Entrecard Droppers for September

Here's my top 10 Entrecard droppers for the month of September. As a small gesture of appreciation, I am transferring 100 EC credits to each one of them. Thank you for continuously visiting my blog.

I also appreciate those who visits my blog regularly, especially those who left comments on my posts and notes on my message box. Thank you everyone and I hope to see more of you around.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

oDesk Email's for Filipino Providers

In this virtual world, oDesk, the On Demand Global Workforce, shows that they are humane. Aside from the regular tasks from my current buyers, a new Odesk assignment and an interview request, I received an email from
oDesk sending their best wishes to its providers in the Philippines.

oDesk took the initiative of informing oDesk buyers about the dilemma that might hinder some providers from doing their assignments. Through this simple gesture, buyers become aware of the situation of some Filipino providers.

I am pleased that
oDesk gives importance to the welfare of Filipino freelancers. I have no idea how many oDesk providers were not able to be spared from the typhoon that hit the country last September 26. I feel for all the typhoon victims and those oDesk providers who worry about their assignments and without any means of advising their buyers; or worst, lost their computers and their income.

I am also an
oDesk provider working both on hourly and fixed-priced jobs for more than 8 months. Both my mom and my sister are oDesk providers too. I might have missed working for a day and a couple of hours when the electricity was cut-off, but I can now work despite the intermittent Internet connection.

Indeed, oDesk is changing how the world works and I am thankful being part of this community.