Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joining The Ad Master's I Can’t Come Up With A Blog Post Day!

One lucky reader will win $100 from Sheila of the Ad Master. Joining is every easy. All you have to do is subscribe to her blog RSS, share the links of her giveaway and blog about it.

If today you can't come up with a blog post, don't waste your time and better join her giveaway. It runs until the 4th of July.

Crossing fingers and wishing everyone who joined her contest goodluck!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delivered Parcels from the Postal Office

Whenever I receive registered mails, I usually ask my husband to claim my parcels at the post office. Most of these are the items I have ordered from Artscow.

I've been creating and ordering personalized items from Artscow for more than 2 years and I always receive notices from the Philippine Postal Corporation that my parcel can be claimed already. Last month, my husband picked up these photo tote bags.

This time around, the post office actually delivered! It's surprising to receive two packages directly on our doorstep. Hooray! 

Inside are my Artscow 8x8 and 6x6 photobooks. Time and money saved as they usually charge around Php 50 storage fee per packet.

Hopefully my next order would be as breezy as this!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

As The Falcon Strikes

Whew! Typhoon Falcon!
News. Twitter trends. Facebook updates.
Flooded areas, canceled flights, suspended classes, traffic, evacuations.
It's bringing back the unpleasantness of last year's Typhoon Ondoy.

Thinking about knee-deep and waist-high waters makes me shiver.
The overflowing Marikina River gives me goose bumps.
Felt devastated for those who experienced damages under Falcon's wings.
Yet, thankful my family is safe and sound. 

Typhoons are always mean. We can't contend with it.
But we can be prepared and pray for safety.

We might have asked for rainfall last summer, but not like this.
Yes, the rain always helps me think, but not this much.

Yes, I love the cool weather it inevitably brings.
A "bed-weather" making me wish to simply stay in bed.
But then I can't.
I need to work. I need to write.

I find listening to rain drops enjoyable
The way it washes away tears and how it brings hope.
Yet, storms are different thing.

Whew! I just miss writing in free verse.
Here. The Woman misses her blog and countless other things.
Just taking a few minutes away from those hundred projects.
Thinking. Finding solutions.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
Typhoon Falcon, as you leave, please bring with you the bad vibes and memories.

Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. golden sun.
Please shine down on me.

Keep safe everyone!
Sending prayers all over!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting an Online Degree

Education is the biggest investment we can make for the future. In today’s globalized world, the role of eduction is simply indisputable in everyone's personal and professional life.

For most people, getting a university degree online is becoming a reality . Like if your life is already occupied with full-time job or family obligations, traveling to a traditional college or university can be very hard.

It's good that online degree programs for both the undergraduate and graduate level are widely available on the Internet. Many people find online taking courses convenient, flexible and effective. If you're a working professional who wants to earn a masteral degree, taking a course in an online school can be suitable for you. You don't even have to quit your job or travel because you can study at your own pace.

You can take online degree programs in information technology, healthcare, business management, marketing, among others, at the comfort of your own home. You can even take courses that are available in other countries.

Getting an online degree means a higher level of commitment also. It gives you the power to fit your education into your daily schedule.

Online education is already changing the way people can earn a degree. It is an enriching experience as it facilitates an independent, self-sufficient learning process and helps develop essential time management skills.

Students who are not capable of paying for their education usually applies for the government's program, Free Application For Federal Student Aid, to receive financial assistance. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

In Her Eyeglasses

My 7-year-old is already wearing eyeglasses.

Months before the last school year ended, her teacher had seen that her eyesight is becoming poorer already. She needs to sit in front so she can clearly see the blackboard.

She told me that she's having a hard time reading what is in the blackboard and complained that her teacher's handwriting is too small.

At home, she squints frequently and needs to sit very close to the television. Seeing objects that are far away is also becoming harder for her already. Sometimes, she also felt dizzy. Good thing, her poor eyesight didn't lead to poor school performance.

We had her eyes checked up by an ophthalmologist. She had comprehensive eye exams, including the cycloplegic refraction – an eye test that determines her true prescription/refraction. After which, both her final eye grades gave a -200.

We didn't realize that her eye vision was really that high! Just like my case, she is also nearsighted. That's the reason why she had trouble seeing things in the distance.

The school year has already started and she's already adjusted herself with wearing her eyeglasses. Hopefully, she won't have vision problems anymore.

Kid's vision is very important to their development. It is crucial to do well in school, learn about the world and do their daily activities. Treating kid's vision early is the best thing we can provide them with.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Life Had Been

For weeks, my Facebook and my blog had taken a backseat. I miss visiting blogs, joining online contests and getting updated with Facebook friends. The only thing I did online is to work on my online projects.

My time was well-engaged on family activities, summer classes, school preparations, and a lot more!

My sister had also given birth to an angelic little baby boy. I spend time assisting her in taking care of her new baby.

Congratulations to my sister and my bro-in-law! I wish baby JABE a life full of love, health, happiness and more!

Welcome to the world, baby!
Amidst all these "busyness", I thank God for the wonderful blessings!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Go Green M&Ms: The Search is On!

What's your favorite M&M color?

I put the light on Ms.Green!

There is an M&M’s Election going on where you can Vote for your favorite M&M Candydate. Will you vote for Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, or Green? Each M&M'S character embodies their own remarkable and fun-loving personality.

Take part in this exciting and fun campaign! You can vote at and win great prizes from M&M's.

Prizes at stake:
3 Grand Prize winners of $1,000 M&M’s World e-shopping voucher
225 winners of M&M’s Dispenser
225 winners of M&M’S Key-rings 

Contest runs from 1 June 2011 to 15 July 2011.

Vote for your favorite M&M!

Take note that you can only get the chance to win the grand prize if you voted for the winning Candydate. 

I go for Green

About Ms. Green: She's into fashion. She loves shopping, but she is also protecting the planet. She's a feisty lady! She was once described to be strong, smart and sexy! Miss Green is not afraid to use her female charms to get what she wants. 

So if Green will be the people's choice, we'll get the chance to bring home M&Ms prizes! (hopefully)

You can get to know all the 5 Candydates here

Let me know who you are going for!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chocolate Cake from Purple Oven


My sister and bro-in-law is fond of buying chocolate cakes from Purple Oven. We've already tried their Chocolate Dome Cake, Classic Chocolate Cake and Grandma's Chocolate Cake.

Purple Oven supplies cakes and pastries for different coffee shops in the country, like Starbucks. They've got one of the best chocolate cake I've ever tasted!

A Grandma's Chocolate Cake for my sister's birthday.

Happy 11th birthday :)

This moist chocolate cake has a sticky-rich chocolate fudge icing. It's perfectly dense with just the right amount of sweetness. The caramel filling and chocolate bits make it more delectable.


Chocolate cake is my favorite feel-good food. Purple Oven has become my instant favorite the first time got to taste its Chocolate Dome Cake.

Keeps me craving  for more!

Purple Oven
63 St. Peter St., Oranbo, Pasig

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nido Fortified “Say It Big!” Billboard

As part of Mother's Day celebration, Nido Fortified gave everyone an opportunity to showcase their love for their mothers.

Photos of moms with their kids were shown at massive digital billboards right at the heart of EDSA.

I received an email from Nestle Nido informing me that our photos, together with other mommies, were shown between May 1-7 and May 12-14 along SM North EDSA and Boni Avenue.

May 5 Boni Avenue
nido_sm north may5
May 12 SM North Edsa
nido-billboard_boni may12
May 12 Boni Avenue
nido-billboard_sm north
May 12 SM North Edsa
My kids greeting card says, "Mommy Czaroma, Thank you for taking care of us and loving us!" These are the words that my daughter usually writes whenever she would give me letters and handmade greeting cards.

We didn't get to see these billboards, but we're happy to be part of Nido Fortified “Say It Big!” Promo! 

Thank you Nido Fortified for this larger than life platform and for making mommies # 1!