Monday, February 28, 2011

Jergens Skin Moisturizers

Jergens lotion and Jergens liquid soap

Jergens skin lotion is one lotion brand that I trusted. I started using Jergens since I was a teen. It's one reason why my skin remains soft, smooth and young-looking.

Jergens have a variety of lotion variants that's perfect for everyone's skin. I love the Original Scent lotion because of its subtle cherry-almond scent and the Skin Smoothing lotion because of the exfoliating micro-beads that keeps my skin silkier.

I received a gift pack from Jergens Skin Moisturizers Philippines (Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation) just by sharing this 2011 beauty resolution:

The gift pack contains Jergens Skin Care Moisturizers variants - Age Defying, ultra Healing, Skin Smoothing, Soothing Aloe Relief and Jergens Extra Moisturizing Liquid Soap.

I'll be sharing these with my sisters and my mom. The Age Defying lotion would be perfect for my mom since it has antioxidant vitamins A, C and E that helps minimize the effects of aging.

I haven't tried using the Aloe Relief (so I'll be keeping this for myself). This lotion has aloe, cucumber and eucalyptus. I'll be using this bottle in time for summer; the time when my skin usually gets dry after taking a swim.

Thanks again Jergens!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Scholastic Warehouse: A Book Affair to Remember

Enjoy up to 80% off on books, references, teacher materials, and more at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale from February 22 to 28, 8AM to 8PM. (Update: extended until March 4!) The place is stocked with lots of great books for all ages. 

This is the second time that I've bought books from their warehouse sale.

Avail of books as low as Php 30.00.

books at 30 Pesos

star-wars-books, book-sale
books at 30 Pesos

Board books, picture books, teacher reference materials, big books and some best-sellers as low as Php 90.00!

educational-materials, reference-books
books at 90 Pesos

barney-books, children-books
Barney books  at 90 Pesos

Thousands of books are also marked down at 50%.

You can buy two books for the price of one! Select from these titles- Twilight, Narnia, Bionicle, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Magic School Bus and more!

magic-school-bus, scholastic-warehouse
books at buy-one-take-one

There are promos that everyone can take advantage of, especially for schools and libraries. 

For a minimum purchase of 90 books at Suggested Retail Price (in pink tags), you will receive 50% more or extra 45 books on pre-selected titles.

get 45 more books

Get Free Bible books for kids for every purchase of Grolier set.

Free Bible books for kids

Thousands of newer books and educational materials marked down at 10% off retail price.

books-new, scholastic-books
books at 10% discount

bestsellers at 10% discount

classic-fiction-books, fiction-books, children-books
classic fiction books at 10% discount

Payment can be made using cash, check or credit card.

I love books and I really enjoy buying books for my kids. I bought 26 books at the sale, but I think I want more! These are the books I bought for my kids, my youngest sister, and my sisters' soon-to-be-baby at the sale:

book-sale, scholastic-books
Php 30 books

board-books, scholastic-warehouse-sale, wubbzy, thank-you-prayer book
Php 90 books

magic-school-bus, scholastic-warehouse-sale, scholastic-pasig
Php 120-150 buy-one-take-one books

I'm an Ambassador of Reading!

If you'll be dropping by at Scholastic Warehouse Sale, I would be glad if you can print and present this flyer when registering. Or, write my name - Czaroma Roman - at the 'Referred By' portion at the registration. :)

scholastic warehouse, book-sale

Scholastic Warehouse
70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Rosario, Pasig City
Contact # 900-1537 or 640-7696

Update: Sale is extended until March 4!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celebrating Occasion of Joy's 1st Blogversary

It's an early Sunday of fun and joy!


Mommy bloggers and friends celebrated Occasions of Joy's first blogversary at Baby Nathan, located at the rooftop of One San Miguel Avenue. Joy invited some of her closest friends, mommy bloggers and the 'nicest people' she knows in this intimate and private affair.

She is well-loved and is indeed a joy to everyone. Even my daughter Skylah likes her too! Skylah woke up early so she could attend the party with me. :)

For breakfast, we had soft pandesal from Walter Bread, freshly brewed coffee from Love Blends and yummy breakfast food (ham, chicken nuggets and hotdogs) from Mom’s Breaktime.

Couples, Honey and Arnold and Jeff and Melody, participated in the Eat my 'P' (Pandesal) game. Mommy bloggers also had a great time playing the 'pass the pandesal' game.


Bloggers Pehpot and Jonel Uy shared light and inspiring talks. Mommy Pehpot talks about the diaries of a mommy, and Joney Uy shares blogging etiquette.


Her generouos sponsors made it all possible. Some of even came to celebrate this event with her too!

Ms. Shirley of Walter bread and Ms. Ruth of Svelte-


Cel of ELRO Corporation and Timmy of A-Z Direct Marketing (Reader's Digest) -


Julius of Clarity-


Ryan of Love Blends and from MOD Magazine-


Other sponsors: Nesvita, Ainon Baby Products, Lactacyd Pink, Dona Maria Brown Rice, Johnson & Johnson, The Body Shop, Funlipix photobooth, Graphixcel, Funranch, Baby Company, and a lot more!

A lovely violin number Lariza's daughter, Jem (she's my hubby's second-degree 'pamangkin')


Everyone took home goodies from the sponsors, plus an Intense Diamond Peel gift certificate from Clarity.

photo from Honey

It had truly been an enjoyable event! Thank you Joy for inviting me to celebrate with you! I wish you and your blog more power, more blessings and more happiness!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Healthy and Yummy Candies

Kids love eating sweets, candies and lollipops. I love sweets and candies too, and it's really hard to say no to my kids when they ask for some. But still, I make sure that they take in sweets in small quantities.

During parties, loot bags, piñatas and 'pabitins' usually contain different kinds of candies. Kids really can't get enough of these treats. Though sometimes, parents won't allow their kids to eat certain candies - some might be too hard and some might not be that safe. It's good that Milkita and Unican candies had been part of my son's 5th Birthday Celebration. I've got over 360+ candies and lollipops which I placed in loot bags and shared with my kids classmates, teachers, friends, and family members. 

But can candies be healthy and yummy?

With Milkita candies and lollipops, it can partly be. Milkita lollipop claims that it contains real milk and calcium. It is low in fat; it has less sugar compared to other candies. 

Three pieces of Milkita lollipops is equivalent to drinking a glass of milk. It is available in 3 delicious flavors - milk with melon, milk with strawberry and milk with chocolate.While, seven pieces of Milkita candies is equivalent to one glass of milk. The candies are available in 4 delicious flavors, namely, milk, milk with melon, milk with strawberry and milk with chocolate.

Milkita candies and lollipops
 I love these candies since its soft, chewy, creamy and doesn't stick to the teeth. These lollipops and candies are already available at some supermarkets and groceries. 

To those who don’t want to give their kids candies, you can at least try this healthy and yummy treat. If you'll be preparing loot bags for your kids’ party, it would be good to place Milkita goodies inside the party loot bags too. 

If you want Milkita to be part of kids' birthday party, you can join their current promo until June 2011. This is for kids ages 1-12.

How to join:
1. Like Milkita Lollipops on Facebook.
2. Post the following details of your kids party at Milkita's Facebook wall -
Celebrant's Name
Party Venue
Date of Celebration
No. of kids and adults invited

Thanks again Milkita for being part of my son's birthday celebration.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Time Is It?

Every once in a while, we glance at the clock to check the time. By looking at the time, we get to accomplish our daily activities and schedules. Is it time to sleep, to eat, to go to school or work, or take a coffee break?

When inside the car, my daughter would frequently ask "Are we late for school?" during weekdays or "Am I late for ballet class?" during weekends. At home, she would ask me, "Mommy, how many hours are you going to work?" She's that conscious about time and can't stop herself from looking at the clock.

Most people rely on their watches, on their cellphones clock or on the computer's clock when checking the time. Though, a wall clock still plays a very important role in reminding everyone what time it is. Clocks are still displayed in public places, schools, offices and all establishments.

A clock doesn't just function as a timepiece. It is also used as an interior decoration as it can be a wonderful centerpiece in the living room, especially the pendulum wall clocks. Nowadays, pendulum wall clocks are not limited to the traditional design, as there are a variety of designs choices available in the market.

Pendulum clocks are timeless and classic. We even gave our sister and our brother-in-law a small pendulum wall clock that features a contemporary rustic design, when they tied the knot last year. It's a simple way of reminding them how valuable family time is.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ballet Philippines' Don Quixote

source: ballet philippines
Ballet Philippines closes its 41st season with the well-loved classical ballet, Don Quixote, at the CCP Main Theater (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo). This production runs for one weekend only, from February 17 to February 20, 2011.

Derived from Miguel de Cervantes’ novel, the ballet show follows the adventures of an aging gentleman, Don Quixote, into Barcelona and the story of the young lovers Kitri and Basilio. Don Quixote meets Kitri, the innkeeper’s daughter, whom he thinks is his love Dulcinea. The story caps off as the pair performed one of the most popular dance duet, the Grand Pas de Deux.

It's a grand production that brings together the impressive cast of local and international ballet artists. Candice Adea, Ballet Philippines' principal dancer, plays the role of Kitri. Houston Ballet's principal dancer, Connor Walsh performs as Basilio on a limited engagement.  The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Olivier Ochanine, performs Leon Minkus’ music live on its evening shows. The entire production is indeed amazing! 

Since I have 6 Upper Box tickets from Ballet Philippines, my mom, my sisters and my daughter, were able to watch the February 17 8 pm gala performance.

Thanks again for the tickets Ballet Philippines!

I can't believe that ticket prices for February 17 and 18 8 pm show with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra cost this much:

Orchestra Center - 5000 with dinner
Orchestra Side - 4000 with cocktails
Orchestra Premium Sides - 3000 with cocktails
Parterre Box Seat - 100,000 for 6 seats
Lower Box - 18000
Upper Box - 6000
Balcony 1 - 1000
Balcony 2 - 500

To those who want to watch you can check ticket prices for Feb 19-20 here.

Here are schedule of performances at the CCP Main Theater:
February 17, 8:00 p.m.
February 18, 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
February 19, 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
February 20, 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

For more information you can visit

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Birthday Celebration



After my son's simple birthday celebration at school, we had a post-celebration over the weekend. It's a family affair. The kids had a great time playing Wii games. They also enjoyed playtime at the playground.

Weeks before his birthday, he requested for spaghetti, shanghai, siomai and coke! That's what our family prepared and we just bought ice cream and ordered pizza and mojos from Shakey's. And these are all enough to make his birthday complete.


at the playground

thank you for the gifts

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School Birthday Party


My son just turned 5!

We had a simple celebration at school on his exact birth date and a post-birthday family celebration at home during the weekend.

We haven't planned for a school party, but since he keeps on announcing to everyone his upcoming birthday, we realize that he really wanted to celebrate with his classmates and teachers. That left us with less than 2 weeks to plan the details - from the food, cakes, and loot bags.

School party details -

Food:ordered food from Jollibee for the entire class, the school bus drivers, the school guard, and my daughter's teachers

Drinks: Mango and Orange juice in cups

Cake and Cupcakes: a 10" chocolate moist cake and mini cupcakes from Iko's bakeshop

Ikos-bakeshop, birthday-cake, ben10-cupcakes
cakes and mini cupcakes

I prefer the mini cakes since kids can easily eat this than the regular size ones. I ordered a general XBOX design since Iko's bakeshop doesn't create character-themed cakes. I just created Ben10 toppers that I placed on top of the mini cupcakes.

Loot Bag: candies, toys and school supplies 

birthday-loot-bag-contents, birthday-party-bag
loot bag contents

Luckily, Brent won 360+ lollipops and candies from Milkita!

We just added more candies and treats which we bought before I got the treats from Milkita. We packed all the treats in colored plastic, added a tag and tied it with a ribbon. The candy bags are placed inside the brown kraft bag and I've added a small thank you sticker at the fold.

loot-bag-treats, party-loot-bag
loot bag treats

The boys' loot bag contains Ben 10 school supplies, a small Ben 10 character toys, a spring toy and candies! The girls' loot bag contains Hello kitty school supplies, a mini plush charm, a spring toy and candies!

Others: mini cupcakes for the school office staffs; candy packs for other school teachers, and school friends; cashew brownies for the some "yaya's" and moms waiting

Yes, it's just a simple celebration, just like what my son want. But we're all happy seeing him with his classmates having fun. 

with classmates and teacher
Everyone enjoyed eating Jollibee food, eating their Milkita lollipops, and choosing their mini cupcake with their favorite Ben 10 characters (even the girls choose their cupcakes too!). Of course, everyone get excited with the loot bags (they're wondering what's inside the brown bag)! They started opening the paper bag as soon as my son gave them one. 

enjoying the mini cupcakes
lollipops from Milkita
loot-bag, kraft-paper-bag, bread-bag
loot bag excitement!

I'll be sharing pictures of his post-birthday celebration at home after this post.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

She hurriedly gave me the card as she walked inside the room. She asked me to open it and read what's inside. I said, "Thank You Skylah, you're so sweet!" She then read the letter out loud and gave me a kiss and a tight embrace.

She even reminded my husband "don't forget to buy flowers for mommy because it's Valentine's Day!"

My daughter never fails to make me smile with her sweet words. She loves to create her own card and write me a letter whenever it's my birthday or when Mother's day would come. She enjoys drawing sweet nothings and writing notes even without occassions.

I don't need anything else. I am beyond happy. 
My family's love and their presence makes Valentine's day and each day a wonderful one. They keep my day brighter and happier.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone! Hope you all had a sweet one!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Candlelight Dinner, Anyone?

It's Valentine's Day!

Many people celebrate this day by spending on flowers, chocolates, or having a dinner date. It's the typical way of showing their love ones just how special their Valentine is.

It is during this occasion wherein most dining restaurants are packed with couples celebrating this special day. But to those of you who haven't made reservations at any restaurant, you can make a romantic dinner at home with your special someone, family or friends, without spending a lot of money.

Preparing a candle lit dinner for your family is one of the most romantic thing to do. You can enjoy a romantic evening even without going out. You can get dressed and enjoy the ambiance of a chic restaurant. You can set the mood by playing soft music in the background. A candlelight can create the perfect setting for a romantic and warm family dinner.

It is always better to be comfortable having candlelight dinner wіtһ уουr Ɩονеԁ one using rechargeable candles. You won't worry of candles burning out halfway through уουr dinner. You can also be assured that your will be safe if you forget to blow your candles out after dinner.

These LED candles are flameless and can be used even if there are children or furnishings around. It won't get hot even if it is left burning for hours. It's flickering light, just like flame, makes it look realistic as possible. You can even use candle all year round!

Keep the love burning!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range

Neutrogena is one of my favorite brand. I've been using Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion whenever I go out.

As soon as year 2011 started, I've been wanting to use the entire Neutrogena Fine Fairness products, but I still have a bunch of beauty products to consume. I want to experience the ways on how Neutrogena will give me fair and radiant skin with results that I can see and feel.

I got this complete Neutrogena Fine Fairness range from the "Start The Year Light" promo at Facebook last December. The task is simply to be first 50 women to post photo replies on Neutrogena's Facebook Fanpage based on their weekly task. Easy right? Many of my friends, and even my mom and sister also won in this promo.

It consists of 7 revolutionary products that will prepare the skin for a brand new look. The products work to bring out the skin’s natural fairness and radiance. It is specially formulated to protect and shield skin from UVB/UVA rays, restore healthy skin, prevent skin darkening, block melanin, renew skin, calm and lighten the skin.

The set includes a Cleanser (Php299.75), Toner (Php459.75), Cream (Php774.75), Serum (Php999), Lotion SPF 30/PA++ (Php719.75), Deep Whitening Mask (Php990), and Brightening UV Moisture (Php660).

Thanks again to Neutrogena!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrate With Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway

It's Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary and she's celebrating it with a giveaway. Cash prizes and a two-column Blogger or WordPress template are at stake. First prize gets $100, second gets $50, third gets $30 and the fourth winner will get a two-column Blogger or WordPress template.

Thanks to her generous sponsors who made the giveaway possible:
Pinay Mommy Online , Proud Mommy of Three , The Domain Angel , Life's Digital Moments , Eat, Drink, Blog , Caffeinated Muse , Reviewer's Haven , Janet Speaks , The Travel Diva , Sketches, Yam's Files , Mum Writes Again , Travels and Musings , Viva Pinay , Small Kids Big Dreams , Azumi ? Kawaii Princess' Story , Fab ? Momma , Kawaii Princess , Samut-Sari , Joys in Life , Paula's Place , WAHM sa Pinas , Pop Ups of My Mind , Nursing Uniforms , Kero's Celebration , blankpixels - The Geek Side , Certified Foodies , jared's little corner of the world... , Travels and Explorations , Designer's Depot , Work at Home Dad, Noobfoodie , The Smart Shopper , Living Life to the Fullest! , Happy Home Working , Life of a Filipina Blogger , Wahmaholic Designs, The Miscellaneous Me, Family and Home Living

Joining this blog contest and crossing my fingers that I'll get lucky to win any one of those four prizes. Who doesn't want get extra cash? Winning a cash prize would mean additional fund for my daughter's grand ballet recital and 7th birthday celebration. While winning the blog template would give my blog a makeover (which my blog really needs!).

Giveaway ends Feb.15, 2011. Join now if you still haven't.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sense of Being Loud

Loud isn't just about being a loud talker. For me, being loud means having a strong personality.

My sense of being loud doesn't scream nor irritate people. I might be soft-spoken, but my positive personality makes me loud. Most of the time, I prefer thinking first then talking later. I shun away from speaking senseless things.

I am loud when situation calls for it as I know how to stand up for myself. I know what my rights should be. I crave only for the best things in life.

I'm proud that my personality creates an impact and even inspires others. I find it flattering when friends and even other people told me how my passion towards life, work and other things makes them want to follow suit.

Most of all, I love to laugh out loud! Laughing with my kids and my family gives me an adrenaline rush. It gives me more energy and makes me feel relaxed at the same time.

My strength and confidence makes me loud just like Tommy Hilfiger's new scent. I want to try how Loud this perfume can be!

It's time to get loud!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Reach Out, Make a Difference

Helping those who are in need would always be a benevolent act. You can help other people even if you don't have an extra cash to spare. Helping isn't limited to monetary donations but also in terms of spiritual and moral help. There are kind-hearted souls who donate to charity and nonprofit organizations.

Organizations and individuals also take part in community outreach program for religious, social, or health oriented purposes. These organizations, such as - social service agencies, nonprofit groups, and religious groups - spread love and show concern for the welfare of the less fortunate. Some organizations also conduct free medical and dental missions in depressed areas. Joining these kind of programs is a personally rewarding experience.

As a good example, there's a charitable organization known as Sign for Hope, which put arts activism in action for better life in the communities. It was established by opera singers with the hope to help society by lifting their voices. This organization consists of professional artists – from classical musicians to photographers to Broadway performers. They believe that music and art can deliver humanity message effectively, and their volunteer programs benefit schools, hospitals and communities.

See what you can do to help. Oftentimes, it is necessary to go out of your way to help the less fortunate.  It's time to reach out and make a difference!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Express Your Love This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day of love and is very significant especially for couples and lovers. It's a day where lovers propose to their loved ones and everyone express their love towards anyone like their parents, brother, sister, grandparents, relatives, and friends.

This is an occasion when most people search for valentine gifts, greeting cards and Valentine’s Day messages to give to their beloved. The day is usually the most awaited day for couples wanting to show their affection for one another. Buying and receiving classic gifts - from chocolates and roses - can really melt anyone's heart.

Have you thought of writing a love letter to your special Valentine?

In this fast changing world of emails and text messaging, handwritten love letters are becoming rare. I remember how I used to write love letters, composing love poems, and reading love notes during my teen years. As the famous saying goes, "the pen is mightier than the sword."

Using a lovely pen can give you an exquisite writing experience. The sophisticated and stylish appeal of the waterman carene pen is like holding an eternal beauty in your hands. This pen can also make a great gift for the special people in your life.

Let love letters bring more passion and romance into your lives. This Valentine's day, take time to write a love letter to your Valentine.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I'm sending everyone good good vibes and prosperity in this Year of the Rabbit! Hoping that this Year of the Rabbit would be a more welcomed and peaceful year. 

Chinese New Year is an important festival celebrated by the Chinese community. Here in the Philippines, most people would use the popular greeting "Kung Hei Fat Choi!" It's a Cantonese greeting that means "Congratulations and wishing you prosperity!"

If you want to greet someone “Happy New Year” in Mandarin, you can say “Xin Nian Kuai Le!”

Aside from the Dragon and Lion dances, the Chinese also give away red envelopes as a symbol of luck and wealth. They wear red clothes to bring fortune and new clothes to bring enough things throughout the year. Firecrackers are lit to ward of bad spirits. And of course,one of the most principal dishes cooked during this time is the ‘Tikoy,’ a food that symbolizes unity.

Oh, I just saw this morning that we already have 6 boxes of Tikoy (sticky rice cake) at home. Can't wait to eat some.

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NBI Clearance and NBI Clearance Renewal Card

The NBI Clearance is an important document issued by the government certifying that you don't have any criminal records. You can find the  main NBI Clearance Center at the 5th Floor of Victory Central Mall in Caloocan City.

I renewed my NBI Clearance and applied for NBI clearance renewal card weeks ago. The lines at SM Megamall's NBI kiosk was too long so I decided to transfer at Park Square I in Makati.

If you need yo renew your NBI Clearance, bring your personal copy (the original one) at their satellite office nearest your area.  These NBI Kiosks accept NBI Clearance renewal from 1998 to present. Make sure that the barcode is still clear and readable by the computer. Kiosks also accepts change in address. Please note that these kiosks don't process new applications.

List of NBI Kiosk for renewal applications:
1.  Park Square I, Makati City
2.  SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
3.  Tutuban Center Mall, Divisoria Manila
4.  Baguio City Hall Porta Vaga, Baguio City
5.  Robinsons Mall, Cagayan de Oro City
6.  Robinsons Mall, Cebu City
7.  Victoria Mall, Davao City
8.  Gaisano Mall,  Iloilo City
9.  South Central Market, Lawaan, Talisay City, Cebu

For first time or New Applicant, you may proceed at any NBI Offices. There are NBI offices at all city halls in Metro Manila. Don't forget to bring a valid ID. Those with a 'hit' or namesakes are advised to proceed here directly.

NBI Renewal Card

This NBI Renewal Card is an an electronic card that stores a person's fingerprints and photo. You can use this card every time you need to renew your NBI Clearance. This will help make your next renewal easier.

You can avail of this NBI Renewal Card once you have your NBI clearance certificate. NBI Clearance must be two months old or lesser prior to renewal card application. All you need to do is present the clearance certificate a the Renewal Card booth at the NBI kiosks or offices and pay Php 120.00.

Payment Fee

1. Naturalization, Cancelation on ACR or Repatriation (Php. 415.00)
2. Change of Name, Business License, NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA Requirement, Permit to Carry Firearm (Php. 165.00)
3. Travel Abroad, Immigration Requirement, Visa Seaman, Seaman’s Book, TBC for RTO, Marriage Requirement (Php 115.00)
4. Local Employment, Customs Pass ID,Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Requirement, ID Purposes and Other Requirement (Php. 115.00)