Friday, July 24, 2015

Love your Liver partner

We all want to live happy forever with a healthy liver, right? This is why we need a healthy lifestyle, take anti-oxidant rich and detoxifying foods, and protect our liver with the right supplement.

Take care of your liver and treat it right. It is very important.

Livermarin, liver supplement, liver health, liver cure, natural supplement
LiverMarin, Liver Mo, Sagot mo! :)
#ATChealthcare #‎LiverPartner

Our body is our personal temple, and the health of it is our greatest possession. We must do everything in our power to strengthen and protect every part of it.
ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally strongly believes in this philosophy. That’s why they provided an innovative and high quality product that would help keep our livers healthy – LiverMarin.
+ About LiverMarin
LiverMarin is a dietary supplement that contains 250 mg of Silymarin or Milk Thistle that protects the liver by acting as an anti-oxidant; it promotes the growth of liver cells and prevents liver damage. 
LiverMarin also contains 100 mg of Sodium Ascorbate that helps in boosting the immune system and enhances the absorption of Silymarin in the body. With a healthy diet, active lifestyle and regular intake of LiverMarin, you can keep your liver healthy. 
One capsule cost only P9.00 and is is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.
Recommended usage: take one capsule with warm water before every meal. 
Be responsible with the things that help you function right. Live healthy by keeping your liver healthy with ATC Healthcare and LiverMarin. 
Know more about liver health, like LiverMarin on Facebook.

Note: Take care of your health. Be sure to inform your doctor about the vitamins, minerals, herbals or supplements you are taking.

Stay healthy and happy!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Healthy school snacks and Nutri10Plus vitamins

Mondays can be a drag sometimes, but we can make it great especially for our kids!

School lessons, group works and home works, PE activities like swimming, and a lot more can take a toll on my kids' energy. The solution - I make sure they start their day right with breakfast and morning vitamins.

Nutri10Plus, school vitamins, healthy school snacks, baon ideas, nutrition, kids health
school baon and Nutri10Plus
Giving our kids a balance diet and good nutrition is very important. For today, they'll be having grapes, banana and "mamon" for snacks. Plus, a healthy and delicious lunch prepared by my mama. And of course, their Nutri10Plus vitamins.

This is like being blessed with healthy goodness for the whole day.

I don't have to worry. I know that my kids will remain active, attentive and focused throughout the day. For sure, there'll be no tired faces when they arrive home.

Aside from that, Ms. Class President can do her duties and lead the class responsibly.

school class president, school activities, Nutri10Plus, vitamin benefits
always school ready :)
It's Monday... be awesome today and everyday!

Nutri10Plus, school vitamins, nutrition, kids health, happy monday
Happy Monday!
Nutri10Plus multivitamins promote overall immunity, enhance brain development and maximize physical growth. This sports active food supplement is packed with all the active ingredients that our growing school kids need.

+ Want to win an iPad Mini?

Just upload the best photo of your kid showing their Aktibo't Malakas Best Shot with Nutri10Plus. Check out the complete mechanics here.

Download Ensogo Android app + Get Php 300 OFF

Great news for online shoppers! We can now enjoy a whole new shopping experience at Ensogo using our mobile phones!

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download Ensogo Android app
Online flash sales leader, Ensogo, announces the release of their newly developed mobile app for Android. Users can have quick access to the best offers in the market through their mobile devices for a more convenient mobile shopping experience. An iOS app is also set release in the next few weeks, so watch out for it.

The Android app is available for download on Google Play. Don't worry 'cause it's FREE!

Simple search for "Ensogo", select the Ensogo app from the search results and install. Once installed, choose from the country you are located.

+ Get Php 300 OFF

As part of this launch, Ensogo gives its users Php 300 discounts for purchases Php 1,200 and above. Just use the promo code- APP300. It can be used for all brands and for nationwide delivery.

Ensogo, Ensogo Android app, free mobile app, Ensogo promo code, online sale, Ensogo iOS app
How to use the Promo Code APP300
Remember: This promo code is available only on Ensogo Android App. Valid for 7 days and for one time use only.

+ Free Nationwide Delivery and Flash Sales Everyday

Ensogo Philippines now offers free nationwide delivery and is set to launch its biggest campaigns. Mobile app users will surely enjoy those extra treats. This is really exciting!

Download the Free Ensogo Android app so you won’t miss a thing on great deals!

[More about Ensogo's new Android app + iOS app release]
Ensogo understands how important mobile is for today’s consumers’ lifestyle. 
Ensogo Philippines Managing Director Quentin Bouche said, “Our flash sales events offer exciting discounts for branded products in fashion, beauty and daily essentials. Best products usually sell out within hours. Now our customers will have the convenience of shopping wherever they are without the fear of missing out! In the next few weeks, the new iOS app will be released as well.”

For updates, follow Ensogo Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Get ready for Books For Less Warehouse 2015

Looking forward to another Books for Less Warehouse sale this coming August.

Books for Less Warehouse sale, book sale, Pasig book sale, La Consolacion College, warehouse sale

Definitely a must do! I enjoy the bookay-ukay-style at this warehouse. Books scattered and stacked all over the place is a haven! Best thing - it's so near our place! I'm sure that book worms, book lovers and bargain hunters are also excited for this month-long warehouse sale - that's from August 1 to 31, 2015.

Last year, books were only 10 pesos each. This time, it's already 20 pesos - still, irresistible to miss, right?

Some tips if you're going to the warehouse:
  • Best to go early and on a weekday.
  • The spaces are narrow so leave your big, heavy bags at home.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, remember - it's a warehouse.
  • Wear mask if you're sensitive to dust.
  • Bring water as the heat can make you thirsty and spoil your book hunting.
  • Bring your sturdy ecobag to put your purchases in. If not, either they'll straw-tie your books or place it in a box.
  • Tag someone along to enjoy the book hunting experience.
  • Check the shelves and dig under the piles of books on the table.
  • When you got home, wipe the books with wash cloth (or wipes)
  • Don't worry if you can't come on the first day or first week, there's something new to find every day!
  • Expect lots of book hoarders.
And of course, face the mountain of books and clouds of dust with fun!

You can read about my first trip to the Books for Less Warehouse Sale. And my second haul last year looks like this -

Books For Less Warehouse 2015, book sale, book lovers, book sale pasig city, warehouse sale
my book lovers :)
So, see you at the warehouse. Books for Less warehouse is just directly across La Consolacion College, Pasig.

Happy book hunting!

Books for Less Warehouse Sale
August 1 - 31, 2015 (except Aug. 3, 10, 17 and 24) 9 AM to 6PM
643 Mercedes Ave. Brgy. San Miguel Pasig City

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nutrition Month Celebration

Every month of July, schools celebrate Nutrition Month. Some do it with Nutrition month costumes, poster and slogan making contests, essay writing contests, parades, declamation pieces and other activities.

In my kids' school, they celebrated last year's Nutrition Month this way (ok, I should have posted this last year). Anyway, here it is.

Each grade level were assigned with a food booth - rice, chicken, fish, pork, fruits, vegetables, beef, fruit juice, healthy snacks, etc.

Hawaiian rice, nutrition month, nutrition month activity, rice benefits
our Hawaiian rice for my daughter's Rice booth
The booths were decorated and filled with food according to their "assigned food." I just like this idea!

nutrition month, nutrition month activity, food decorations
get your fresh fruit juices here

nutrition month, nutrition month activity, costumes, headdress, fruit dessert
want some fruits for dessert?
nutrition month, nutrition month activity, costumes, healthy snacks, decorations
brighten your day with a healthy snack
The students got to visit each booth and taste what they want.

bagoong rice, Hawaiian rice recipe, garlic rice, nutrition month school
bagoong rice, Hawaiian rice or garlic rice
nutrition month, nutrition month activity, fresh fruit juice
fresh mango juice for me please
The middle and higher grade levels had a cooking demo. While the little ones wore headdresses and stick fruits or veggies in their shirts.

nutrition month, nutrition month activity, pork benefits
remember - pork is a source of iron and protein
nutrition month, nutrition month activity, cook fish, fish recipe
we're ready to cook the fish!
Through this, the students become aware with the importance of having good nutrition like - eating the right amount of food, adding fruits and veggies in their diet, and a lot more.
nutrition month, nutrition month activity, healthy snacks, bread
enjoying our healthy snacks
This 2015, Nutrition Month's theme is "Timbang iwasto sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo!" No idea yet what their school activities would be.

Still, we should always make it a point to give our kids the right nutrition every day, right?

Need a costume for your kids or other activities for Nutrition month? Check out my son's cabbage headdress and my niece's fruit hat to give you some ideas.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Nutri10Plus supports my young ballerina

When my kids started taking Nutri10Plus vitamins, I knew I've found the right supplement that they need. Nutri10Plus is complete with Vitamins (A, D, E, C and B Complex), Lysine, Zinc and CGF. It supports them on their daily activities - from school works to playtime moments. More importantly, it keeps them healthy and strong.

Nutri10Plus, Nutri10Plus vitamins, ballet dancer vitamins
"love this vitamins!" 
One of my daughter's passions is dancing ballet.

She's still taking weekend ballet classes under teacher Effie Nañas at JNA Dance Shangrila Mall.

I always remind her that a ballet dancer needs to have a healthy diet to stay strong and have sufficient energy. It's essential that you'll be able to meet the demands of training and performing. Well, it's good that my daughter eats healthy. She loves milk, seafood, fruits and veggies.

Nutri10Plus, Nutri10Plus vitamins, kids vitamins

I'm sure that with Nutri10Plus, she's getting all the vitamins and minerals she needs.

She enjoys the ponkan flavor for its one of the fruits she loves to eat. What I love about Nutri10Plus is that it has Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

Vitamin D is essential to keep the muscles strong. It strengthens the bones, improves immune system and lessens the risk of injuries - which are all very important for my daughter.

According to Pointe Magazine online, "Vitamin C is a master healer, aiding everything from the rebuilding of ankle ligaments after a sprain to the repairing of skin wounds, like blisters."

Because of this, I know that my daughter will always get to dance healthy and stay strong.
Nutri10Plus, Nutri10Plus vitamins, ballet dancer vitamins, ballet school Philippines, Effie Nañas ballet
happy ballet dancer :)
I definitely recommend Nutri10Plus!

It's what our little ones and growing kids need - perfect enough for good health and development.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chilling out with Dairy Queen Blizzard

Weekends with my kids will always be the best! I love treating them to something cool and sweet, for they deserve to have it.

Well, a Dairy Queen ice cream treat is what my kids always want to grab.

It's always a delight seeing my son get excited whenever he receive his Blizzard upside down. He enjoys seeing that "defying-gravity-moment."

Dairy Queen, DQ, Blizzard, Dairy Queen Greenfield Portal, DQ menu, DQ Speculoos Blizzard
chilling out at DQ Greenfield - Portal
They ordered their fave Oreo blizzard (regular size for my daughter) and Chocolate Kitkat (medium size for my son).

Dairy Queen always satisfy our dessert cravings. I have a sweet tooth. No wonder my kids do too.

Dairy Queen, DQ, Blizzard, Dairy Queen Greenfield Portal, Dairy Queen menu
happiness in a sweet cup
Dairy Queen blizzard, DQ, Dairy Queen Greenfield Portal, ice cream
bonding over blizzard

#‎DairyQueenPH‬ Fun EveryDairy

We'll surely have fun "every dairy" at DQ.

Hopefully, we won't get to miss their latest Lotus Speculoos Blizzard.