Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Image Awareness

I am thankful for realizing and learning more about how I look, what colors suits me most and the right clothes that would look perfect on me and on my lifestyle. True, sometimes I got so stuck-up on my problem areas which should not be. I've learned that it is better to complement these than to focus myself on these areas. I was thankful for the opportunity of meeting and consulting a great magazine stylist. She had given me amazing tips on how to dress based on my workplace culture and lifestyle but still look stylishly. Here are the 10 things I've learned from her:

1. High contrast: a combination of dark and light looks great on me
Cool skin tone: bright hues are great are for me and I should stay away from grey shades which could make me look old.
I look better in gold shades than in silver.
4. Black looks perfect on me too!
5. I am triangular shape, meaning, my hips are bigger than my shoulders.
To maintain proportion, I should wear tops that would compliment these hips... such as tops with ruffles, broad necklines, etc. I should stay away from close-necks and v-shape tops.
For work clothes, I should try to experiment on layering and wearing a soft-casual jacket.
8. Since I wear jeans most of the time, flare and boot-cut jeans are perfect for my body shape.
9. My untreated "virgin" hair is great and there's no need to do hair treatments at all.
10. I have good fair skin as well. Yes, I am not pale.

I am now excited and I am looking forward to my next session, this time with a salon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Millions of people from more than 74 countries have pledged their support for Earth Hour. Today, March 28, 2009, marks Earth Hour 2009. Only a few hours left and we will witness Earth Hour in the Philippines. This is a vote between earth and global warming.

Lights Off For 60 Minutes. For just one hour, 8:30 pm-9:30 pm, lights will be switched off to give support for Earth Hour. Every single vote counts. This is a good start to create awareness on climate change. It's time that people support and give importance to energy saving.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kids Moving Up Ceremonies 2009

I am proud of my kids accomplishments. This time, we share with them one greatest moments in their lives - their moving up ceremony! I've seen improvements on my kids after a year of being at school. They've learned how to socialize as well. Brent even received an award for being included in the Honor List. In fact, he's the only one to who received a medal in the Toddler class! We didn't expect that he'll do well in class, thinking that he's just 2 years old at the start of the school year. Of course, Skylah deserves praises from us as well. She did well in school and her teacher informed me that she's really good at Math!

This is just the start of another year for them. They have more years of learning ahead.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Passion for Summit Media Magazines

I love reading. I love magazines. My kids and everyone in my family are magazine lovers too.
Work perks: I got to buy magazines every month at a lesser price!

What's my Top 10 Summit Media magazines?

1. Kzone
2. Disney Princess
3. Total Girl
4. Marie Claire
5. FHM
6. Real Living
7. Entrepreneur
8. Good Housekeeping
9. Yummy
10. Cosmopolitan

Actually, it's not just 10, because I also buy Top Gear, Preview and High School Musical... that makes it Top 13! Realizing that for more than a year, I've been buying more than 1 copy of these magazines every month! It's also known that Summit Media is about to launch a new magazine for women this month, and that magazine is Women's Health. A magazine that features articles on food and nutrition, fitness, health and well-being, sex and relationships, fashion, and beauty. Isn't this very interesting? I've already seen a primer copy and sneak preview of Women's Health from the current issue of Good Housekeeping magazine that I have with me. Now, I am looking forward to getting my copy of Women's Health. Perhaps this time I won't wait for the back issues.

women's health magazine

Sunday, March 15, 2009

2nd Avenue Starter Wife’s Start and Refresh Event and Promo

It’s a day to Start & Refresh!

I’ve witnessed how ladies have been treated to pampering activities, free make-up sessions, beauty sessions, free food, great music of Ms. Kate Torralba (the designer) and a lot more during the Starter Wife's Start and Refresh Event. Yes, I dropped by their event at Glorietta 3, because I’m one of the lucky winners for the Starter Tips promo!

If only I knew that it’s a great event, I should have been there at 4pm so I’ll be able to take part in the activities. Still, I’ve managed to enjoy food from Sugarhouse’s and coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee. Ladies who've attended the event got to have loot bags. I loved everything that was there. Here it is:

- Skin Food: Vitamin eye Shadow, product samples, Rice Mask, coupons, Skinfood Treat (either Free Nail Art or Free Make Over), Skin Food planner
- Paul & Joe: Dual Powder Foundation UV, Creamy Powder Foundation, Moisturizing Foundation Primer
- Animal Scene and Sense & Style magazines
- Green Leaf eco-bag
- Nesvita and Sugarhouse sweets

But of course, the prize I’ve got to have from the Starter Tips promo is really worth mentioning! I didn’t realize it was so great until I take a look at each gift certificate. The “Starter Wife Kit” consists of these amazing items:

- Gift Certificates: P1000 from Blow-Up Babies, P1000 from Seattle’s Best Coffee, P1000 from Tips ‘n Toes; P1000 Lay&Bare waxing salon; Makeup Makeover (Eyebrow Trimming) from Paul & Joe worth P1,950;
- Skin Food products (same as above)
- Paul & Joe products (same as above) + Face Color Powder
- Nesvita and Sugarhouse sweets
- Starter Wife t-shirt

So happy I’ve got to take home 2 loot bags. I really love it!

Note: Starter Wife stars the Emmy award winner Debra Messing. This is shown on 2nd Avenue every Mondays at 9:oo p.m

Afterwards, me and my hubby went to my Papa’s birthday celebration at SIS Macapagal.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moms and Kids Magazine: My Published Blog

My opinion on the topic on spanking got published in Moms and Kids Magazine (Volume 10, Issue No.6). I had posted a copy of my article in my previous blog site. It felt good knowing that I had contributed and shared my experience on being a mom and my point of views.

Baby Mag March 2009 Reader's Feedback

I've shared my experience on being a mother and sections on Baby Mag magazine that I liked most... and my letter was named Letter of the Month! It brings good feeling realizing the greatness that comes with being a mom and embracing everything on motherhood.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goodbye to the Master Rapper Francis M

Time might have stopped for a few seconds and people I knew was shocked when we’ve learned of the demise of Francis Magalona this afternoon. It is so sad knowing that he’s only 44 and yes, people believe that he still have so much to give. But then, time had come when he had to say goodbye. God heard his plea and took away his pain. Like everyone else, I share in remembering him. He is indeed a great man, leaving behind a legacy … his talent, his music, his contribution to the entertainment industry, his patriotism and his love for his family.

From his blog entries, he had shared his battle with leukemia and his upcoming album “The Sickos Project”. He was supposed to guest in Eraserheads' Final Set concert, which will take place tomorrow March 7, at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. But now, they will be dedicating the concert for him. This is really sad.

May your soul rest in peace.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rockwell Powerplant Scavenger Hunt

We participated in Rockwell Powerplant Mall Scavenger Hunt. So great that we even got the chance to be included in the First 10 teams who pre-registered which had entitled us to receive a gift certificate from CIBO and exemption from 3 challenges!

Each team were given a Scavenger Hunt Kits containing the map of the R3 store. Our team is composed of me & Skylah, Omar & Brent, Ayie/Tela & Ekay, and Rose & Colai. We went to each store randomly and complete the challenges.

1. Q Power Station – look for a tag scattered around the place. Lucky if you get a bonus prize that contains a free power station card load… and we did! 2. Kidz Station – pick and answer the question related to toys and famous characters. We love this! Brent get to answer "Ben 10", his favorite character; and Colai get to answer "Optimus Prime", his favorite character as well!
3. Fun Rides – the challenge is similar to Q power station where you have look for a tag scattered around the place.

4. Build City – use the legos to build and spell your name

5. Powermac – find the location of the 6 Powermac logos

6. Tutoring Club – the kids get to answer the question given to them. The attendant had a hard time finding a question suitable for Brent who’s only 3 years old

7. Picture & Co. – the kids get to enter in the mini-tunnel-like entrance, squeeze the frog and find the cow inside the store
8. Cibo – burst a balloon and answer a question related to Cibo’s. We get to answer the size of Cibo's bread, the number of tables at Cibo and the number of chairs (this is hard!)9. Orange Juice – get to balance an orange in your head

10. Spin – get to balance a ball in your head
11. Lulubelle – our last stop: color the lulubelle mascot and claim your free yogurt!

We only need to complete 8 challenges, but since the kids are having fun we all decided to do all the 11 challenges! It was such a fun and exciting event. The kids get to claim their prize afterwards. Indeed, we all had a blast!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February is Brent's Month

Perfect and in-time with Brent's birthday are his pictures that got published in Working Mom Magazine's "What I Want To Be" theme and in Manila Bulletin's Birthday Corner (February 14, 2009). February is indeed my baby Brent's month. He's not really fond of having his pictures taken, let alone smile in front of the camera; still, he felt so proud whenever he get to see himself in the magazine. And these simple moments of seeing him happy brings much joy to my life.
@ Working Mom magazine

@ Manila Bulletin