Monday, June 28, 2010

Philippine Ballet Theater's Swan Lake

A year ago, I've got to watch a ballet performance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines together with my daughter, sisters, sister-in-law and niece.

It was that time when my little girl realized that she really wanted to learn ballet. She can still remember these words that the ladies told her while waiting for our turn in the washroom - "Do you love ballet?... you look like a ballerina!"

ballet lessons effie nanas

My daughter knew what she wanted. This summer, she started pre-ballet and moved on to children's ballet afterwards. Every ballet classes, she becomes even more passionate to pursue her ballet lessons.

Watching a ballet performance from Ballet Philippines would keep her inspired even more. The most my family could give her is our time, our encouragement and our support.

Since Kumiko Mae of Chase Beautiful Things is giving away 3 tickets to Philippine Ballet Theater's Swan Lake, I am hoping to win. I hope to be able to see the joys in my daughter's and my "mommy-lola's" eyes once again as they get to watch this classic ballet performance.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Max's Biggest Chicken-All-You-Can Promo

Our family enjoys dining at Max's Restaurant and eating their sarap-to-the-bones chicken. We've had countless celebrations and created fondest memories at Max's - from baptism, birthdays, graduation day and anyday moments. This had always been my late "daddy lolo's" and my "mommy-lola's" favorite place.

This year, Max's celebrates it's 65th year with the Biggest Chicken-All-You-Can Promo! Diners nationwide can enjoy unlimited quarter-sliced chicken for only PhP 165. You can avail it from June 17 to July 17, 2010 at 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm daily. Add Php39 to avail of bottomless Pepsi products.

Ready to catch the chicken fever? Go to Max's Restaurant now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Payday Loan: Reliable Cash Advance Option

It is always best to handle your finances well. No one wishes to be in a situation where he or she is faced with cash shortage or needs to access cash immediately. But this is a reality which can come up anytime.

Situations like payment for emergency medical bills, physician treatment, critical home repairs or sudden car breakdown, often calls for immediate funding help. Even if you have a regular source of income, it doesn't always guarantee financial stability.

People are looking for safe and convenient ways to help them out of their financial holes until payday. They rely upon other financial assistance. Some ask friends or family members to lend them money, take cash advance of their credit cards, sell things they need for extra cash, dip into their emergency fund, or do more extra work. This is also the reason why payday loans makes it as one of the best resource and fastest way to get cash advance.

Payday loans are quick, easily available financing system, designed for emergencies and other contingencies, which allows the borrower to take a short-term loan of small amounts. Your collateral is your job and your next paycheck. You'll get approved instantly and you'll can get cash in a short span of time. There are no credit checks, bank account verification or complying with needed documents.

There are many online payday lenders, but you must consider the reputation of the company carefully. You can opt for a safe and convenient loan from ACE Cash Express! You can apply online or in person at their cash express location.

Keep in mind that payday loans offers both pros and cons. It is a cost-effective financial emergency cash option, just make sure that you are disciplined, and you understand what you're getting into before you apply for one. Remember that "it's not free money" and you have to pay it back.

Friday, June 25, 2010

For the Love of Dresses and Shoes

Chase Beautiful Things -: Super Mid-Year na pala Contest!

I love dresses and I love shoes! Even these things can make me smile :)

Because of this, I am joining Kumiko Mae's Super Mid-Year na pala Contest! She's giving away Plains and Prints and VNC Gift Certificates and Hushpuppies Discount voucher. This is the first time that I join her giveway, and maybe (hopefully), I'll be lucky enough to win those prizes.

Summit Book: Table for Two

I've read the excerpt from the latest chick lit of Summit Book, Table for Two! It's a colorful tale about breaking up and making up. It brings readers to a table in a humble coffee shop, a place where people rediscover love in the most unlikely of places.

It sparks my interest to read this light and romantic novel. I want to be treated to a tale filled with breakups, hookups, and more from the author of the Every Girl's Guide series - Marla Miniano. 

It's good to know that Female Network is giving away 10 copies of this brilliant novel.Crossing my fingers for luck!

Check out this article about Table For Two! Where love will find you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-On

My eyes are often tired and stressed out. I am an insomiac and I can manage to stay awake until 3 a.m. Lesser sleep and too much PC use contributes to my dark eye circles and eye bags. I really need to use a powerful product that would help get rid of these eye problems.

I've shared this comment at Makeup by Marj Sia's facebook page.

Working for clients in different timezones and taking care of my family is stressfully-challenging yet fulfilling. I can't limit the time spent teaching my kids and using the PC for more than 12 hours.
I want to avoid that sleepless look. I need to lighten and get rid of my dark eye circles and eye bags. I hope that Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On will help me this time so I won't look like a zombie to my kids! I want to wake up feeling refreshed and see myself in the mirror with that bright and vibrant eyes!

Good thing, Marj Sia thinks that my stress-level or eye bag problems are in need of Garnier's eye roll-on's powers. And because of that, I'm one of the lucky 10 winners who will get to receive a Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-On and a Light Complete Multi-action Whitening Cream. 

She'll be having more contest on her Facebook page as soon as she reached more page likes. Watch out for her next contest! GCs from Maybelline Philippines, Red Mango Philippines and Lay Bare Waxing Salon will soon be up for grab!

Click to LIKE Makeup by Marj Sia on Facebook.  

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hopefully Soon

Life had made me too pre-occupied with my work, my family and other important matters.
I miss blogging and updating my blog.  
I haven't got much time to update my blog regularly.
I wonder if my blog and my regular readers miss my posts too.

My blog had been my outlet... my way of sharing my life to the world.
But my time had been limited that I wished of having more.

I even miss reading everyone's blog posts too. 

When will I return to blogging normally just like before?
Hopefully soon...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Auto Repair Needs and Unbiased Estimates at RepairPal

Do you need a repair job for your vehicle? This is good news for those looking for an independent and unbiased repair estimate, and those looking for repair shops and specific vechicle information. RepairPal is a good site that you can check out. It saves you time searching for a good repair shop that your car needs.

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Like, if you live in the vicinity of Los Angeles area, it is easy to locate a Los Angeles auto repair and mechanic using RepairPal. Or if you are interested in Ford Explorer, you can check out this site to know about the common problems, recalls, ratings, and reviews.

Giveaway: Gems by Jerri

This lovely sterling silver bangle bracelet with swarovski crystals is from Gems by Jerri. Join the giveaway so you can get a chance to win this lovely piece valued at $45. Two runners up will also win a pair of earrings!
Join now! Entries are accepted until June 26.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mobility Solutions With NMEDA

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Elders and people with disability are often deprived of their capacity to move and freedom to travel to places and enjoy life. Their mobility is limited even if they are with their loved ones. If you have a family member or a friend that has a disability or a loved one who needs help to regain their mobility, then you know how hard it is for them to move around.

I found out that there's an organization called NMEDA that exists to provide them mobility and peace of mind. It is a non-profit trade association which exists to educate consumers on how to buy products from qualified NMEDA dealers. It provides safe, reliable vehicles and modifications to enhance their accessibility and mobility.

NMEDA do not sell anything, but there are NMEDA dealers (members) who educate consumers on buying handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people.

NMEDA has two different kinds of dealers - the regular Dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. Both provides products and services, and QAP is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry that adheres to a systematic and documented approach to quality.

Take the time to consult and discuss their mobility needs with a NMEDA dealer to ensure a a personalized “in-person” evaluation, in order to get the the right driving solution suited to their needs. NMEDA can makes their life a whole lot easier.

It could be difficult to be take care of and be a caregiver to the disabled or elderly. Let NMEDA help them to get back onto the road of independence safely.

To get assistance from a qualified NMEDA dealer just visit Hit the dealer’s locator, type in your Zip code and see qualified dealers near you.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Monday, June 7, 2010

What To Do With My $100?

Use it. Share it. Spent it.

These are the 3 things I usually do whenever I get lucky to have something for free! Now, I'm thinking what to do if I have an additional $100 in my pocket.

In a few weeks, it would be school time once again. This means new daily schedules and adjustments since they'll be spending more hours at their new big school. So, we need to make the most of our time during weekends.

Every weekend, my daughter would always say, "I love ballet!" This means that she still wants to continue attending her ballet classes.

And everytime we would wait for her ballet class to finish, my son would always say, " toys!"

Then afterwards, both of them would say either say, "play... go to the bookstore!"

There it is! From my kids mouth, I already knew what my answers would be.

So if I'll be lucky to have an additional $100, I would simply SHARE my happiness with my kids!I will USE half of this to pay for my daughter's monthly ballet class. The rest would be SPENT to buy toys and books, and playing either at Timezone or at their favorite indoor playground. 
Doing this would mean more enjoyable moments for them and seeing the countless smiles on their faces would make it seem like I've won not just a hundred, but a million!


Yes, whenever I get to receive something for free, I make sure to share it with my family members. It's a different feeling when I share with them the kind of happiness that comes from winning. I am always grateful for all the life's blessings me and my family continuously receive, and I am happier when I know that my family is at their best too.

What about you? What would you do if you get to have $100 for FREE?

This blog post is my official entry to Noel & Levy's Thanksgiving contest.

Thanksgiving Contest

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Noel and Levy are really generous for sharing their blessings. This blog contest is also made possible by their contest sponsors (and I'm glad to be one of the sponsor):
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fitflop, Esprit Watch and The Last Song book

A footwear, a watch and a book.

These are just some of the best hauls I've got and received for the past weeks.

Fitflop Classic Walkstar

I'm one of the 4 lucky winners who got a Fitflop Classic Walkstar I from FitFlop Philippines. I'm supposed to get the red one, but its not available at Res|Toe|Run Glorietta, so I chose the gold color instead. Here's my winning answer for the best color that symbolizes my personality:

I love RED for it mirrors my uncomplicated nature, optimistic attitude and zest for life. I love how the color continuously incites energy and inspires visions of passion. Red symbolizes my enthusiasm in pursuing my dreams and goals; as I accept every challenges and embrace every changes. It gives me power, determination, happiness, confidence and vitality. Red resembles my deepest need to explore life... to find fulfillment and experience the best of what it has to offer!

Then this Esprit watch is the one I've won from's Wishlist Promo last December 2009. I've only received their notification a month ago. I've forgotten about joining this promo, but I'm really happy I've won this.

Esprit watch

I've got this copy of Nicholas Sparks' latest best-selling novel "The Last Song" from Walt Disney Philippines Facebook promo - In ONE word, describe what you think about the novels written by Nicholas Sparks. My answer: heartening
The Last Song book

I am grateful for all these and everything else. I hope that my winning streaks will continue to pour.