Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fitflop, Esprit Watch and The Last Song book

A footwear, a watch and a book.

These are just some of the best hauls I've got and received for the past weeks.

Fitflop Classic Walkstar

I'm one of the 4 lucky winners who got a Fitflop Classic Walkstar I from FitFlop Philippines. I'm supposed to get the red one, but its not available at Res|Toe|Run Glorietta, so I chose the gold color instead. Here's my winning answer for the best color that symbolizes my personality:

I love RED for it mirrors my uncomplicated nature, optimistic attitude and zest for life. I love how the color continuously incites energy and inspires visions of passion. Red symbolizes my enthusiasm in pursuing my dreams and goals; as I accept every challenges and embrace every changes. It gives me power, determination, happiness, confidence and vitality. Red resembles my deepest need to explore life... to find fulfillment and experience the best of what it has to offer!

Then this Esprit watch is the one I've won from's Wishlist Promo last December 2009. I've only received their notification a month ago. I've forgotten about joining this promo, but I'm really happy I've won this.

Esprit watch

I've got this copy of Nicholas Sparks' latest best-selling novel "The Last Song" from Walt Disney Philippines Facebook promo - In ONE word, describe what you think about the novels written by Nicholas Sparks. My answer: heartening
The Last Song book

I am grateful for all these and everything else. I hope that my winning streaks will continue to pour.


Karen Chayne said...

wow congratulations sis! you are really lucky and blessed because you always win!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Oh W0w! It is great news that you have won it, Congratulation for it. I thought that you have bought one or two from the three and then you got one or two free with them. Anyway it is good that you got chance.

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