Friday, September 19, 2014

Emergency hotlines and hashtags

#MarioPH #FloodPH

Tropical Storm Mario hits our country!

Several areas in Metro Manila were flooded,  classes and work in government offices were suspended, and some domestic flights got cancelled. Places like Cainta and Marikina were placed under state of calamity.

It is pays to save these emergency hotline numbers and hashtags.

Source: Department of Health Philippines 
Source: Department of Health Philippines 
Stay alert and be prepared for anything. Make sure that you're ready with your emergency kits.

Keep safe everyone!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Buwan ng Wika 2014 activities, costumes and dances

The last week of August is also a celebration of Linggo ng Wika (National Language Month) in my kid's school. It's a week-long event filled with activities such as "Palarong Pinoy," "Kainang Bayan," "Pagbigkas ng Tula, Pagbasa at Sabayang Bigkas," and a lot more. The week culminated with the "Katutubong Sayaw" presentation featuring cultural and folk dances in the Philippines.

My daughter representing the Grade 5 class para sa "Masining na Pagbasa ng Tula".


My son joining the Grade 3 students for their "Awiting Filipino" number, performing the song "Pusong Bato."


The theme for this year's Buwan ng Wika is - Wikang Pambansa: Susi sa Tagumpay, Pagkakailanlan at Pagkakaisa. It's about unity depicted by the spirit of "bayanihan."

The best day is the presentation of different regional dances from our country wearing their Filipino costumes.

My daughter joining the Grade 5 class in their Subli dance performance.



My son joining the Grade 3 class in performing a dance from Capiz city.


There's my niece in the same dance performance.


My godson joining the Grade 1 class, looking cute in their costumes while performing an Igorot dance.


There's my sister with the Grade 8 class in their Maglalatik dance.


Here are the other dances from different Grade levels.

The Grade 2 students in their Karatong Subli dance.


Grade 4 students presenting a dance from the Ilocos region.


Grade 6 students in their Muslim dance.


Grade 7 students presenting a rice harvest dance.


Grade 8 students in their regional dance (just forgot where the dance is from)


Grade 10 students presenting their Pandanggo sa Ilaw dance.


The celebration ended with students singing the song "Isang Lahi, Isang Dugo, Isang Musika"

Isang-Lahi-Isang Dugo-Isang Musika,OPM,buwan-wika-costume,linggo-wika-activity

The Philippines has rich culture and history. This school event makes the students proud of the Filipino language and appreciate our country's culture.

As what the theme said, "Filipino as the language of national unity."

My 2011 post on Linggo ng Wika Costumes and Activities is one of my most popular blog post since parents are looking for Filipino costumes that their children can wear. Thanks for those who visited. Hope you got something from checking out my post. :)

Anyway, by October, it would be the United Nations Celebration. Let's look forward to another eventful school activity!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Total Girl mom to the rescue

I was asked to share my input for the August 2014 issue of Total Girl magazine. I'm a TG Mom to the Rescue!

August 2014 cover Janella Salvador

The tween's problem about home-school:
I've been home-schooled my whole life.I tell my parents that I still want to be home-schooled to make them happy, but the truth is that I'm actually not. I want to tell my parents that I want to go to a regular school for a change and enroll in the school of my choice, but I'm afraid that they'll get mad at me. How do I deal?
Dear troubled teen, hope my advice helped you :)

My short advise:
I encourage you to be honest and talk with them. Discuss but never argue. Tell them that you're grateful for being home-schooled. Let them know how you feel, what your concerns are or what you want to experience.
Communication usually leads to better discovery. You'll never know unless you voice it out. Still, whatever decision your family makes, keep an open mind. If they say “No”, accept it. Stay positive with hopes that they'll think about it and reconsider soon. Keep the faith! - TG Mom Czaroma
Here's the TG to the Rescue page:

Teens (and mommies with teens), if you are facing a tough situation at home, in school or with your friends, you can tell Total Girl magazine about it. Just send an email at

You can get real advice from TG expert, TG ate, TG pal, TG mom and TG dad. They'll hear your problems and share some advice too.

Isn't that cool?

Monday, August 18, 2014

First artisan chocolate experience with Villa Del Conte

I am a chocoholic! My sweet tooth can't live without it.

Every time I see luxurious chocolate brands, I know I'll get to taste it real soon. It turned to be true. With luck, I won from Villa Del Conte's Facebook page. I got a Villa Del Conte Grande box filled with assortment of praline sticks and praline balls with different fillings.
Why I Love Chocolates?
My life is chocolate-enriched!
Chocolates awaken my senses, boost my spirit and ignite my mind.
Giving magical bliss and delight to my heart.
Chocolates are my healthiest indulgence!
The vitamins that my soul and my body needs. 
Making my day delicious, my night heavenly and my life perfectly sweet.
- Czaroma Roman, winning answer :)
Wow! These Villa Del Conte's cioccolato are authentic artisan chocolates from Padova, Italy. Now, I'll get to taste these without even going to Italy.

Claimed my box at Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Villa-Del-Conte-Italy-chocolate-Shangrila-Mall,chocolate, Italy chocolate, Villa del Conte, chocolate gift
Thank you Villa Del Conte!
My box of sweet treats in its elegant packaging. So beautiful and classy, making it perfect for gift-giving.

Villa-Del-Conte-artisan-chocolate-Italy,chocolate, Italy chocolate, Villa del Conte, chocolate gift
Grande box 500 g Php 1680
I didn't wait to get home to open my treasure.

Villa-Del-Conte_chocolate,chocolate, Italy chocolate, Villa del Conte, chocolate gift

I opened my box and saw these wrapped goodies that looked like jewels. They handed me a catalogue to know more about Villa Del Conte and see what's inside each wrapper, but I choose the excitement of not knowing what I'll get.

Villa-Del-Conte-grande-box, chocolate, Italy chocolate, Villa del Conte, chocolate gift
Praline balls and Praline sticks
I love my Villa Conte chocolate treat!

I find the Pralines Balls truly amazing for its luscious chocolate taste. The Praline balls come in dark and milk chocolate with hazelnut, macadamia cream, caramel cream, cacao cream and coffee cream fillings.

I enjoyed the refreshing uniqueness of the Praline Sticks. It makes me love fruity-filled chocolates, which I'm not usually fond of. The Praline sticks comes with orange cream, strawberry cream, watermelon cream, banana cream, mint cream and blueberry cream fillings.

VillaDelConte_chocolate-balls-praline-sticks, chocolate, Italy chocolate, Villa del Conte, chocolate gift

Each bite is filled with sumptuous flavors with a melt-in-your-mouth goodness. They are indeed chocolatey and have an exceptionally rich and decadent texture. It truly gives me that happiness-in-a-bite-feeling!

Even my family take pleasure in tasting these authentic Italian chocolates. That's my best way of eating chocolates - sharing it with everyone.

Thank you Villa Del Conte for that first truly exquisite and authentic Cioccolato experience.

"May your life be dipped in chocolate." - Villa Del Conte blessing
Grab a Villa Del Conte ciocollato and get a taste of Italy - and heaven in every bite!

Villa Del Conte
Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Books For Less Warehouse Sale

I always have a blast going to warehouse book sales!

This time, my sister and I decided to check out Books For Less Warehouse Sale.

booksforless-warehouse-sale-location-map, booksforless, warehouse-sale-pasig, book-sale, booksforless-pasig-warehouse

Whooaa we can't believe that almost all books are 10 pesos each!

Books of all kinds - novels, papebacks, reference books, atlas, fiction, non-fiction, etc. are all over the place. I don't mind the dusty place since it's a treasure trove.

This is like the best kind of ukay-ukay for books. Hunting for bargains is such a thrill. I know that bookworms, book hunters, bibliophiles and bibliogeeks would agree with me, right?

booksforless, booksforless, warehouse-sale-pasig, book-sale, booksforless-pasig-warehouse
book haven! where will you start?
booksforless, warehouse-sale-pasig, book-sale, booksforless-pasig-warehouse
checking out the fiction titles (credits to my sister for all the pics) 
books-warehouse-sale, booksforless, warehouse-sale-pasig, book-sale, booksforless-pasig-warehouse
look at those piles of children's books 
My sister and I spent more than an hour picking out books for our kids. The place is happiness!

filling our boxes with books
Here's our book haul. I got all these books for only 340 pesos!

book-sale-children-title, booksforless, warehouse-sale-pasig, book-sale, booksforless-pasig-warehouse
love all these :)
My sister got 40 books and spent only 400 pesos! Such a good deal.

childrens-books-sale, booksforless, warehouse-sale-pasig, book-sale, booksforless-pasig-warehouse
my nephew will enjoy all these :)

It's a 1-month long warehouse sale that runs until August 31, so I'm definitely going back for more. I know my sisters and kids would tag along. Buti na lang, the warehouse is less than 15 minutes away (without traffic) from where we live.

So, see you at the warehouse! This book bargain is something you don't want to miss!

We were told that they replenish books daily, so you can always get to have great finds everyday.


The warehouse is located in Mercedes Avenue, Pasig City. It is just right after Robinsons Supermarket and East Raya Condominium. The warehouse is in front of La Consolacion College.

Tip: Weekdays are the best. Be there early.

see, it is a warehouse!
check the map

Books for Less Warehouse Sale
August 1 to 31, 2014 (except Sundays and holidays)
643 Mercedez Ave. Bgy. San Miguel Pasig City
For inquiries call 633-8554 or (0917) 630-9999

Monday, July 28, 2014

My giant Toblerone 4.5 kg bar

For a chocoholic like me, owning a giant Toblerone bar is a wish come true! I really love the creamy goodness of this Swiss chocolate.

I first saw a 4.5kg Toblerone bar during their Say it Sweeter with Toblerone promo at Toblerone gift hubs at the malls. Joined that previous promo, but I didn't have luck that time.

This time, I won in their #MakeSomeonesDay Facebook promo!

My winning entry:

#makesomeonesday_toblerone, toblerone chocolate bar, 4.5 kg giant bar
"Good Job my pretty froglet on your musical theater showcase! so proud of you!"

I gave my daughter a Toblerone bar after her performance. The "Good Job" words are perfect enough to show that I'm proud of her.

toblerone-giant-bar,toblerone chocolate bar, 4.5 kg giant bar
excitement over our giant bar!
Of course, I got to share triangles with my family, and saved some for my cousins too.

A 4.5 kg bar is real!

ready for the first triangle :)
one triangle slice is so huge!

Thank you Toblerone Pilipinas for the super-sized enjoyment with this giant Toblerone bar!

Do you also want a 4.5 kg Toblerone bar?

You can still join their weekly contest. There's even a grand prize where you can get to win a trip to Switzerland! Join the contest HERE!



I always loved Toblerone bars!
It gave me sweet memories, happy moments and unforgettable times.
Somehow, snippets of my life stories are written in those unique triangle bars.
Something significant and memorable.
Toblerone bar, you will always be part of my lifetime happiness!