Monday, October 27, 2014

Kidzooona Robinsons Galleria PISO play soft opening promo

My sisters took our kids to Kidzooona - the newly opened kids play haven at Robinsons Galleria.

Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
first Kidzooona branch in the Philippines
We got to enjoy Kidzooona's "1 PESO for 1 HOUR play" on its soft opening.

Kidzooona-1-peso-promo-Manila,opening-promo,kids,entertainment, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
Play for 1 peso! Piso lang talaga :)
paid 3 pesos for 3 kids

The place looks so cute and inviting... perfect for the kids and kids at heart.

There are several role play areas for little ones to try and enjoy. They can try different careers like sushi maker, fireman, doctor, postman, florist, ice cream maker, etc.

Kidzooona-Robinsons-Galleria-burger-shop, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
at the burger shop
Kidzooona-role-play-postmaster,Kidzooona-Robinsons-Galleria,educational-center, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
ready to mail the letters
Kidzooona-Manila-role-play-career, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
checking out the wooden cake toys
Kidzooona-kids-role-play-career, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
sushi master... because my son love food :) 
Kidzooona-Robinsons-galleria-role-play,educational-play, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
cute play areas- Ice Cream shop and Flower shop
Every play area comes complete with costumes!

our little fireman in action :)

My nephew enjoying the hand print spindles, burger shop cash register and mails.

Kidzooona-Robinsons-Galleria-kids-play, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines, role play
still wearing the fireman costume :)

My son enjoyed rolling in this inflatable giant ball zorb!

keep rolling!

Kids can enjoy the activity areas with all these educational toys - trains, doll houses, puzzles, etc. I love that the toys are of high-quality and educational.

Kidzooona-Robinsons-Galleria-play-area-kids, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
lots of toys

There's a cubby hole for shoes, a locker for your belongings, and a stroller parking space. Plus a water station in the lounge area.

locker comes with keys

Outside is an amusement area for little and big kids. I got a reloadable prepaid card for Php 50 so the kids can play some arcade games. Looks like everything comes from Japan.

Kidzoona-Robinsons-Galleria-card-play,amusement-center, Kidszooona, Robinsons-Galleria, role play, fee, card-game,amusement-kids,Kidzoona-Manila, Kidszooona-AEON-Fantasy-Japan, Kidszooona Philippines
more time to play!
#KidzoonaManila #KidzoonaPhilippines

Kidzoona entrance fee, Kidzoona-information-fee-rules
Kidzooona Rules and Regulations

Visit Kidzooona to enjoy their soft opening 1 peso promo until November 7. Guardian is free of charge (additional fee per succeeding guardian). Just bring your socks so you won't need to buy anymore.

It would be Php 200/hour once the whole place (including their  inflatable play area) formally opens on November 8.

This is a wonderful amusement play area where kids can learn while having fun!

4/L Robinsons Galleria (Cinema level)
Near City Buffet and Pizza Hut

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sangobion Go Love Life! Shopping Event

I'm a Sangobion mom brand believer. With Sangobion, I can go ahead and love life!

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura, Shine Bakery & Cafe
Photo from Sangobion FB page

Sangobion has been taking care of my iron needs for years. I joined their #SangobionGoLoveLife 15-day challenge, and luckily I was part of the 40 winners. Yey!

My winning entry:

As a Sangobion woman, I promise to be a Woman of Value. I will embrace my Purpose, empower my Strength, keep a winning attitude and Nurture myself the best way I could. I will continuously fill my life with Love, Health and Happiness so my beautiful heart and grateful soul will shine through. I promise to appreciate my needs and take Sangobion everyday so I can go ahead and love life!

Sangobion Go Love Life! is a campaign that empowers women to take care of themselves inside and out. It reminds us that we should take care of ourselves in order for us to take care of others. So True! (... but most of the time this is something that I keep on neglecting.)

#GoLoveLife Shopping Event

Wow! It had been a fab and enjoyable afternoon! #GoLoveLife winners were treated to an afternoon of yummy food at Shine Bakery & Cafe and a Php 4,000 shopping spree. Love the sweet and savory dishes, plus the dainty interior of the cafe.

I love to shop, especially for my kids. Well, this time around, I have to shop for myself. :)

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura
outfit #1
Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura
outfit #2

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura
checking my shoe size (Photo from Sangobion FB page)

Thanks to Sugar for helping me pick the best outfit, and to SM staffs for assisting me and helping me pick my shoes.

My complete outfit - top and skirt from GTW :) and shoes from Parisian. Love it! I spent 1,700 for my outfit and kept the rest for my family.

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura
love it!

We all got to showcase our new outfit after. See, Sangobion really helped women to empower and love themselves.

Another best thing is meeting online friends face to face and making new friends as well.

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event
thanks to sis Josephine for this photo with Sugar :)

Ms. Debbie of Merck Consumer Healthcare and Mr. Jio of Sangobion also shared how we can be at our best despite our busy life and responsibilities. I really appreciate those important reminders.

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura, Shine Bakery & Cafe
lovely Ms. Ginger hosting the event
Thanks Sangobion for this campaign and for making me love my life even more!

Sangobion, Go Love Life Shopping Event, SM Aura, Shine Bakery & Cafe
Photo from Sangobion FB page

About Sangobion

Sangobion is an organic iron that helps fight the different signs of iron deficiency. Ferrous gloconate, its main component, is the most easily absorbed of all ferrous salts. Sangobion is also less irritating to the gastrointestinal system. Plus, it contains Folic Acid, Vitamin-B complex, Vitamin C and minerals.

Check out to know more about it.
Follow Sangobion Go Love Life on Facebook

October 18, 2014
Shine Bakery & Cafe
3rd Floor SM Aura Premier, Taguig City

Thursday, October 9, 2014

FREE flight ticket to Mars from NASA

flight ticket, NASA, Journey to Mars, free, Orion spacecraft
My boarding pass to Mars :)

Here's your chance to take part in NASA's Journey to Mars. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is giving away FREE tickets to Mars via the Orion spacecraft.

You can now send your name to Mars!

Sign up HERE to get your free space tickets. Just enter your name, country, postal code, and email address.

You'll get a personalized "flight ticket" just like the one I have. Cool spacey idea!

#Orion #JourneyToMars

Get your "boarding pass" now! Deadline for submitting your name for the Orion mission is on October 31. The first flight of Orion spacecraft (which will eventually transport humans to the Red Planet) will launch on December 4.

Well, this is NASA's effort to create more public interest in its space exploration program. If we can't step foot on the Red Planet, at least our names can fly on future NASA exploration flights and missions to Mars.

Space fans, astronaut-wannabees and kids would surely love this!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Golden moments at Lisa Macuja's birthday concert

Ms. Lisa Macuja's A Truly Classical Concert special birthday concert is truly golden!

The show marks two important milestones in her life - her 50th birthday and her 30th anniversary as a professional ballerina. I'm grateful, and my daughter was more than grateful for seeing this one-night only special concert.

Lisa Macuja, ballet, aliw theater, gold concert

Lisa Macuja, classical concert, aliw theater, ballet
busy reading about the prima ballerina's journey

Such a great performance!

We saw her perform Juliet in Romeo and Juliet with Ballet Manila principal Rudy de Dios. Wow! She's still in her best form... and that's perfection at its finest!

Everything - from the guest artists from Ballet Manila, Philippine Madrigal Singers and ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Gerard Salonga - complements the classical theme beautifully.

Lisa Macuja then performed the role of Princess Aurora in Marius Petipa’s Sleeping Beauty Divertissement. Her partner, guest dancer Mikhail Martynyuk (as Prince Desire) of the Kremlim Ballet Theater was exceptional as well.

At the curtain call, the prima ballerina came out on stage in her glittery golden long gown. There, everyone joined in singing the Happy Birthday song.

Happy Birthday!
My daughter and I were in awe and admiration... a woman at her age can still dance with so much grace, passion and brilliance! She's a really treasure with a golden heart!

People who bought Lisa Macuja's pointe shoes get to meet and greet the prima ballerina after the show.So lucky!

my daughter wishes to have one of Lisa Macuja's signed pointe shoes
But then, we're grateful for this chance :)

And our brief yet golden moments with the prima ballerina!

Lisa Macuja, ballet, aliw theater, gold concert
happy to meet you Ms. Lisa... may you continue to dance, inspire and touch lives :)

Thank you so much Papa John's Pizza Philippines for the VIP tickets! We wouldn't be there without you. :)

Papa John's Pizza Philippines, ballet ticket, aliw theater, Lisa Macuja

GOLD: Lisa Macuja - A Truly Classical Concert
Aliw Theater, CCP Complex, Pasay City
October 4, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

FREE Internet for SmartPrepaid, Talk 'N Text, and Sun Prepaid Users!

Wow FREE Internet! I was browsing Twitter when I read this announcement from @SMARTCares -

Because I remain to be a loyal Smart prepaid subscriber, I got excited.

It means we can browse, post and share updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for free! We can shop online, read news, search for information, check emails, update our blogs, etc. all for Free!

Text FREE to 9999

That's Free Internet up to 30Mb per day until November 30!

Checking out Smart's website:

What is the FREE INTERNET offer?
As a special promo/offer, ALL PREPAID subscribers of Smart will enjoy FREE MOBILE INTERNET access. 
What does FREE INTERNET mean?
FREE INTERNET is a promotion available to all ACTIVE prepaid subscribers to enjoy access to mobile Internet with no extra cost, initially up to 30MB, and subject to the promo terms and fair use policy. 
How can I avail of this special offer?
All ACTIVE Smart subscribers can avail of the free Internet promo anytime within the promo period.
To avail of the service, the subscriber must register daily, by sending FREE to 9999.
Registration is FREE. The subscriber will then receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration.

Read the complete details here

#SmartFREEInternet #MVPAnnouncement #LiveMore

Thank you for this great news! Good job @SMARTCares!
Got to try it now :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zoomanity Group: It's Cool to Visit a Zoo

Do you also love visiting a zoo?

I do. As a child, I enjoyed every zoo visit. It formed part of my treasured memories. I can still remember the zoos I've visited with my family here in the country and even outside the country. Plus, all those educational field trips. Thankful for having experienced it all.

As a mom, I'm glad that my kids got to experience zoo visits too. The first farm-zoo that they got to visit wayback 2009 was Paradizoo! I love how they face lit up (or got scared), how they interact and how curious they became as they saw different animals.

It's good to know that Zoomanity Group gives you ways to experience that coolest zoo adventure with the whole family. They have animal theme parks in the country that brings happiness, educational experiences and amusement with preservation and animal welfare. They provide an environment that lets everyone enjoy as they explore, stay and rediscover the happiness of visiting a zoo. That's really cool!

For your next family adventure, here are 5 Zoomanity Group theme parks worth visiting:

Paradizoo Farm

#throwback Paradizoo 2009
 If you want to enjoy nature while spending leisure time with family and friends, then you must visit Paradizoo Farm in Mendez, Cavite.

They have gardens full of vegetables and floral designs. You can also interact with different animals like llama, camels, miniature horses, ostriches, greyhounds, or labrador retrievers. If you want, you can also ride on a cart drawn by an albino carabao.

It's a place that will give you that "Plant Me Home” experience. You can pick vegetables and flowers from garden plots and bring it home.  You'll really love the beauty of this serene "Paradise."

Hope to visit this place again.

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari is located at the Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure. It is where you can diverse exotic animals roaming in their natural habitat. You'll be glad to see those different habitats in the forest such as streams, grasslands, and terrains.

Source:  Zoomanity Group website

As you visit Zoobic Safari you can look forward to all these -
Zoobic Park for that mini-trekking experience and a chance to feed animals like parakeets, bearcats, camels, etc.
+ Savannah: a sanctuary of the wild animals such as ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls.
+ Serpentarium: an old ammunition bunker that showcases of various species of reptiles like snakes, lizards and turtles
+ Rodent World: to see that collection of rodents and their Mice Surprise area
+ Animal MuZOOeum for their rare collection of real stuffed animals
+ Close Encounter with their Siberian-Bengal tigers
+ Tiger Safari: where you can experience the thrill of being chased by full-grown tigers aboard their customized Safari Jeep
+ Bird Walk Experience where you can feed parakeets or love birds on the palm of your hand
+ Aetas' Trail where you can watch our Native Aeta Brothers' perform a traditional dance presentation
+ Croco loco where you can have the chance to feed the crocodiles

Residence Inn

Residence-Inn, Tagaytay, Tagaytay-zoo
Source:  Zoomanity Group website
Residence Inn is located at the heart of Tagaytay City. It is famous for its Mini Zoo appreciating love for animals At the center of a round green field is a large stable where you can see the horses.

Residence Inn is the perfect place to unwind especially if you're on a budget. Just seeing the beautiful view of Taal Lake and feeling the cool breeze of Tagaytay are more than enough.

They have a Gazebo restaurant where you can give their famous "Bulalo", "Tawilis" (a fresh water sardine), and "Dynamite" or Chili cheese rolls a try.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

If you're looking for complete educational and fun experience, then you got to visit Zoocobia Fun Zoo. It is located in the foothills of the extended Clark Freeport Zone.

Source:  Zoomanity Group website
One of its main attractions is the Zooc. It is a gravity car patterned after the luge in Sentosa Resort in Singapore. It runs on a 400 meter track with three hairpin curves. Wow! This is something my kids would love!

You can explore all these areas to complete your ecological experience:
+ Birds of Paradise to have a close encounter with colorful birds.
+ Philippine's Pride to see animals and plants that are endemic in the country.
+ Garden Maze that features various animals’ topiaries.
+ Barn to experience bottle feeding baby farm animals.
+ Menagerie to see their unique collection of stuffed real animals.

Zoocolate Thrills

Zoocolate Thrills is an adventure theme park in Loboc, Bohol. It's where you can take a river cruise to explore Loboc River. They offer animal encounters with ostriches, tigers, and bearcats. You can also enjoy their tram ride, horse/buffalo ride and zip/zing ride. Worth visiting, right?

Zoocolate-Thrills,Zoocolate Thrills,Bohol
Source:  Zoomanity Group website

See, it's really cool to zoo and it's something that I can say all over again!

It's always cool to see animals in their natural settings and even interact with them. Somehow, we can experience a stronger connection to nature, explore our environment and even make new discoveries. We'll get to know the welfare of these animals and see what is being done to protect animals that face extinction.

Be cool and visit a zoo!

Zoomanity Group
Twitter @zoomanitygroup