Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sadness, Hope and Joy in my Son's Eyes

Ben 10 characters toy collection
Where is Canonbolt?!

My 3-year old son, Brent, is already learning how to pick up his toys, keep it away and organize his things. Thus, we do not have much stress finding his stuffs, for he knows where he left it.

I come to witness his sadness when his favorite Canonbolt toy, a Ben10 character, got lost. He is so fond of Ben 10 Figure Toys. For three days, everyone kept looking for Canonbolt. We all thought that it was left in his Ninong's van or got lost when he took it outside.

He would bring and take Canonbolt anywhere- from taking a bath and from going to school but he keeps it in his bag when school is about to start. He would carry it when we go out in the mall, in the grocery and even in our in-laws and grandma's house. I did not realize that there is so much attachment and security that he was deeply saddened by the lost.

Last night, he still kept on searching for his toy, removing all the toys in their toy drawer and looking in his bags. Yet, there was no sign of Canonbolt. He eases this sadness by asking to watch Ben10 videos on YouTube. He felt better but still, I can feel the longing in his eyes.

He is full of hope that he would find Canonbolt. I am thankful this morning when his yaya found it just beneath the PC table in the living room! No one bothered to look here since that table was just recently moved, but it was there!

Upon waking up, my son was filled with joy when he saw his favorite toy! His eyes lit up, his smile is all-over and he kept on holding on to Canonbolt! He might have believed that Canonbolt is just here and he knows that we are going to find it again. For him, it was just a mere game of hide-and-seek.


gesmunds said...

aaawww... ang cute naman.. filled with joy ang eyes niya! :)

czaroma said...

@ gesmunds, oo love nya talaga si Canonbolt :)

iceah said...

so cute c: katuwa naman yang anak mo c: buti nlang nakita nyo ulit c: anak ko hay nako! buti nalang di masyado attached pero sa scooter nya kahit saan dinadala kahit kakain lang sasakay pa dun :P

Grampy said...

What an adorable young man. Glad his toy was found. You can sure see the joy in his eyes.

czaroma said...

@ iceah, hay ewan ko ba bakit sobrang na-attach sya dyan sa toy na yan... pero soon naman he'll outgrow it rin :) cute talaga ng mga kids, iba-iba ang "trip" nila... hehehe yung anak mo naman into scooter!

@ grampy, yes there's so much happiness :)

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