Monday, August 31, 2009

Happiness with SpongeBob

spongebob squarepants
SpongeBob Squarepants has a way of making my kids be at their happiest!

These are the prizes I have claimed from Philippine Star Kids Only in celebration of SpongeBob’s 10th Anniversary. It's the year of the Sponge and both my kids won in Philippine Star's Think Happy contest. They received a SpongeBob Think Happy T-shirt and a notebook. The T-shirts are for the kids Mom and Dad, but of course, my kids want to try this out for themselves. They were filled with glee when they were wearing these big T-shirts! Looking at the mirror and seeing themselves makes them laugh out so loud!

spongebob squarepants
Here are their simple winning answers:
"I am at my happiest everytime I got stars at school for it makes my family happy!"
"I am happy everytime my brother and I share and do things together."

What's in it with SpongeBob that makes kids really happy?


iceah said...

wow! congrats to the both of them c: Lucky family talaga kayo a c: Cute ng kids mo lalo na yung bunso c:

Unknown said...

You have a cute kids. Ang dami mo talagang panalo. COngratz!

Unknown said...

@ iceah, thanks so much!... my bunso doesn't like looking at the camera, kaya karamihan ng shots nya puro stolen :)

@ hopeful, thanks! just have some luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. CZ, thanks for leaving a comment on my page, I really appreciate your visit :) btw, I am super excited to browse your site, so much woman empowerment that I really love!

About Spongebob naman, ako din di ko ma gets why kids love it, pero cute naman siya- anyway, my nephew of 6 months old is sooo in love with spongebob! he always smile when he see spongebob! :)

Unknown said...

@ goodmorningclass, you are welcome and thank you also for browsing my blog.

halos lahat yata ng kids love si Spongebob... talagang the Sponge makes the kids smile :)

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