Friday, August 28, 2009

Learning Outside the Classroom

I always enjoyed joining field trips when I was still studying. Thus, I always made sure that my kids take part in this kind of activities too. My kids are still preschoolers, and last year they had two field trips! Until now, they can still remember the places we have been to. I believe the advantages of educational field trips as the kids explore and learn through a set of new surroundings.

It was my kids’ field trip yesterday and my husband and I shared this great day with them. Compared to last years field trip where we went to places in the nearby provinces of Laguna and Cavite; this school years' field trip is only around Manila. I was thinking of saying that we are not going because these are places in Manila that we can go to anytime. Then I realized that I do not want my kids to miss this adventure.

True enough, the kids enjoyed the field trip and it has been a fun day of learning. I have seen how they interact with their classmates and share this day with them too. It is also a bonding activity for our family. When most of their classmates are just with their "yaya's", my kids are proud that they are both with their mommy and daddy. It had been my commitment to share and be with them in this kind of school activities and I am making sure that I will not break this.

I would be sharing our field trip pictures in a couple of days.


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