Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diaper-Free through Elimination Communication Method

I have not practiced "Elimination Communication" as soon as I gave birth to my babies. I rely on the use of disposable diapers at all times for I find it more convenient. Just like some working and single moms, I find potty training a stressful task that it took me quite sometime to teach the kids to be completely diaper-free. It is only on their toddler years that I have learned how interesting and helpful Elimination Communication is as a child-rearing technique.
"Elimination communication is a practice in which a caregiver uses timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address an infant's need to eliminate waste." - Source: Wikipedia

Through this technique, the parents and caregivers can lessen or completely avoid diaper use. It is important that communication between the adult and the child is established. This is a concept inspired by the traditional practice where mothers rarely use diapers on their babies. This is also powerful way to connect with your baby. Elimination Communication focuses on timing, signals, cueing and intuition.

It is very helpful that parents, most especially soon-to-be-parents learn and consider this technique during their babies early age. This is one of the most natural and wonderful way of responding to your baby’s needs.


iceah said...

this is really good and I've tried it with my little boy before c:

By the way thanx for following my new blog too c:

Golden said...

My Mom has practiced this to us. I remember the time when I couldn't pee nor make poopoo without hearing my Mom's cue. Funny, eh? This isn't unusual though in the Ilocos Region, where my Mom is from.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see more information being shared about Elimination Communication. As you have found, sometimes it is the second or third baby before a family feels ready to include some elimination communication into their days with baby, and it is helpful to encourage them.

May I offer a link to my resources helping families ease into EC part-time? I am really enthusiastic about helping families ease into baby pottying as a way to reduce diaper washing and waste.

I have put together a free introductory series of emails - a guided tour about the best attitudes to adopt when beginning EC. It's very popular!



Unknown said...

@ iceah, that's great to hear that EC worked for you & your little boy:)

@ golden, I also made a sound when my kids are peeing and making a poopoo :) funny, but it helps them

@ charndra, thank you for sharing these links. These would be really of big help for all families and they would be encourage to adopt this technique for their babies.

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