Monday, August 3, 2009

Where Have I Been?

It's been days since my last post. How I wish I had been in a week-long vacation instead.

I thought I was doing fine yet my sickness continues. I spent the rest of the days taking a rest at home, drinking my medications, eating fruits and drinking lots of liquid. I tried using the PC for just a few minutes, when I feel slightly better but I feel so nauseous. The most I had done was checked important emails and sent replies; nothing more nothing less. I could always feel my eyes hurting and my head aching whenever I look at the screen.

The more I wanted to recover, the more I'm getting sicker. Then I allowed myself not to use the computer so I can easily recover. Still, I felt so stressed out. I could still see my work, my emails and a lot of online stuffs whenever I close my eyes. Maybe I am getting too worried of not being able to work and miss out on all those things. Honestly, I am. Then, I learned to forget it all; realizing that it won't do me good. Through this, my mind rested and I felt more relaxed.

I missed the Internet. I missed working. There's countless things that I have missed. It feels like I've been away for too long.

I missed blogging and everything in the blogosphere - from my daily posts, my friends, my visitors, Adgitize ads clicking and EC card dropping. I missed visiting everyone's blog. I am now recovering, but I am still giving myself time to completely recover and regain my energy.

How is everyone doing? I’ll drop by your blogs as soon as I feel better.


onlinewriter said...

Wish you'll feel better soon.

gesmunds said...

ganun din ako kapag hindi nakakacheck... :)
get well soon girl!

nicquee said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. take care!

Lulu said...

get well soon!

Jordasche C. Kingston said...

Hi, I saw your site via Adgitize. I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't/aren't feeling well. No need to apologize, just get yourself better so you can reunite with us bloggers :) Nice site.

Joy said...

get well soon! and looking forward to reading your latest post. take care

Grampy said...

Don't worry about anything but getting well. Sometimes the stress will make it worse.
Get well soon.

Unknown said...

@ Everyone, I appreciate all your words. Thank you for taking time to wish me well. This means a lot to me :)

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