Monday, August 17, 2009

Remembering Grandpa

south cemetery
south cemetery
It has been two years since we last celebrated a birthday with you. We all know that you have smiles in your face as we spent this day remembering you, your life and your love. This time, we remember you without any tears and sadness. We are all at peace knowing that you are without pain and how you followed the light. God have given each one of us His strength and binds your family even more. Still, we know that in our hearts you are truly missed.

We went to the cemetery so we can light a candle, greet you a Happy Birthday and say our prayers. How good it is to spend time with all those people who loves you - your daughters, your in-laws, your grandkids and your great grandkids; because this is what "mommy lola" wants, for she believes that this will make you happy too. Even "tito" who is working abroad called from the cell phone while we are in the cemetery. I know that even if my other "tito's" and "tita's" who are working abroad are not with us, they each share in greeting and remembering you.

We had an early dinner at SIS Macapagal, Roxas Boulevard for it is now "mommy lola's" favorite place. It is wonderful also to be there and remember all the countless celebrations we spent with you on that restaurant.

Everyone is also are taking care of our dear "mommy lola" (grandma) and visit her as much as we can in the home where I spent the years with you.

Happy birthday "Daddy lolo", I will always love you and you will always be in my heart.

SIS macapagal dampa

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thanks....nice post


Hey, just wanted to leave a comment to say how great your blog is - I've really enjoyed my visit today. Thank you !

Grampy said...

It is nice to keep the memories going. So often as families grow older they grow apart. These are wonderful pictures.

gesmunds said...

smile * sigh * smile

nicquee said...

You made me miss my lolo more. :)

Unknown said...

@ Rose, thank you

@ Elise, thank you for appreciating my blog

@ Grampy, yes good memories are always worth keeping

@ gesmunds, *smiles* for you

@ nicquee, there are times when can't help but miss our lolo's :)

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