Friday, August 21, 2009

Reaching a Hundred Posts

a woman remembers blog followers
It took me eight months to reach my 100 post. I feel great even if I had reached my hundredth post quite too long. I started my A Woman Remembers blog this year and it is through this blog that I start to enjoy being part of the blogosphere. Through this, I began to exchange links, visit and read other blogs, drop a few lines and comments; and appreciate everyone who drops by my blog.

I am dedicating this post to my blog followers who have followed me through Google connect. Now I already have 61 followers! It might just be a small number but I am happy with this and I appreciate each one of you. Still, I am hoping that more bloggers would follow my blog.

To those who wants to exchange links with me, just let me know. Of course, I also appreciate all those who regularly visits my blog and comment on my blog posts; and those who have added me in their blog list.

Thanks everyone! I hope you would all continue to visit my blog.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it is quite an achievement.

Golden said...

Congratulations sis!

Life Moto said...

happy 100 post to you its my fist time to visit. hope to see you again in the net! have a nice weekend!

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