Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online Winning Moments: Luck Strikes Again

I got lucky enough to win at these website contests. There's even 2 contests where both my husband and I win!

+ From Honda Cars Philippines - My husband and I both won in the Catch that Purplized Honda Jazz Contest, though I still don't know what the prize giveaway is.

contest winner honda cars

+ From Shopcrazy - I've won a gift certificate worth P1,000 each plus a gift pack, all from The Ramp Crossings. This is from the contest, "What's your Favorite The Ramp Crossings Brand?"

My winning answer:
“Being a working mom who wants to look beautiful and presentable most of time, I find that Abrace at The Ramp Crossings is my favorite as it does wonders for me. This is a brand that makes me look sophisticated yet gives great value for my money at the same time. They have clothes that I can wear almost everyday! I love the pants that can be worn in the office and even during semi-formal events and cocktails. The tops make me look chic and stylish too. Through this clothing line, I’ve come to embrace the fashionista in me without looking “trying-hard”!
contest winner shopcrazy

+ From Inquirer Publications Multiply site- I've won 3 movie tickets at Glorietta 4 and a complete set of Hinge Inquirer magazines. This is from their "Rhythm of the Rain" contest.

My winning answer:
I always wanted to see the colors of the rainbow after the rain for it reminds me how wonderful life is. The song, "Rainbow Connection" brings out the inner child in me, keeps my hopes up, helps me believe in my dreams and strengthens my spirit.contest winner bandera inquirer

+ From Lola Techie Bayan DSL Multiply site - My husband and I both won a Laptop Bag from Bayan DSL from the Scavenger Challenge. I am still waiting for the message on how to claim our prizes.

contest winner lola techie multiply
Is it true that when it rains, it pours?
Well, I just hope that my lucky strikes won't ever fade.


Golden said...

You really are lucky. Congrats!

Nishant said...

you are right your so lucky..

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iceah said...

wow! you are one lucky lady c: pareho pla kayo ng hubby mo c: how come I don't see his pic here c:wla couple pic kayo c:

gesmunds said...

wow naman!
anu kaya ang prize sa Honda Jazz,, sana car!

i like your winning answer sa Inquirer Publications!

i believe that when it rains, it pours... you just have to share the blessings to others para hindi mawala ang mga lucky strikes! :)
god bless you more!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

congrats so happy for you :)

a49erfangirl said...

Congrats on your wins!

Joy said...

congratulations! and may you win more and be blessed more. have a happy week.

nicquee said...

congratz! I know someone who's like you, very lucky in online contests or in any other contest for that matter. :) You know Mommy Rowena?

Unknown said...

@ Golden, @ Nishant, @ Sherry, @ a49erfangirl... thank you so much!

@ iceah, yes minsan nananalo rin si hubby, funny this time sabay kami nanalo :) I've posted one pic with hubby. here it is and it's the same pic that made us won in Honda:

@ gesmunds, I still haven't claimed our prize from Honda Jazz. curious rin ako kung ano yun!... yes, I always share my blessings para hindi mawala :

@ Joy-anne, thanks sis. have a great week too!

@ nicquee, thanks! Is this the same Rowena (animetric) that we know?... yes, she's so lucky!

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