Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mommy Blogger's Cowboy Party

Last December 11, after my daughter's ballet class, I've attended a mommy blogger's party at Legend Villas.

It's so great to see cool moms go wild west in their rugged rodeo-style look - checkered tops, cowboy hats and boots - and partied like cowboys!

Thanks for the generous prizes and giveaways from the sponsors. These items are included in our lootbags, some are raffled off and some are given as prizes: 

Ainon baby products, Johnson and Johnson's baby powder, Unilab shirts and goody bag, Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread, Maya Fluffy n' Tasty, Soyami Soya Chips, Playtex QuickStraw tumbler, bra extender and kiddie shoe bags from Proud Mama, and Massage Package from Leirs. 

Johnson's baby powder and Unilab shirt
Walter bread
Ainon baby product (thanks for the photos mom Tetcha)

I got an active health bag from Unilab from the raffle! 

The first 10 early moms got a Body Shop lotion and a token from mommy Tetcha. Gift certificates from Ipanema, Rider Sandal and Grendha from ELRO were also raffled off. Their so lucky, how I wish I got these items! :)

The top prize is a gift from Ms. TinTin Bersola-Babao of Parentin.TV. Ms. Agnes of Ainon drew the grand winner and picked mommy Bedalyn's name. 

grand prize!
It's such a fun-filled party! Mommies enjoyed the pass the cowboy hat and pinoy henyo games, laughters, karaoke singing and exchange gifts. I got beauty products from Jingkee!

Thanks to the mommies who organized this party and gathered sponsors, especially to Joy and Pehpot for informing me about this party and including me in their list.

I have to grab all these pics from mommy Tetcha as my camera failed me again. I just took these pictures by the time I arrived home. Again, thanks for all these :)

Of course, my kids loved the polvoron given by mommy blogger, Fedhz.

I should have posted this before Christmas, but anyway, have a Happy New Year everyone!

mommy bloggers with lil' cowgirl and cowboy :)
'Till next event! :)


Unknown said...

Ohhh.. very nice party. Enjoyment to the max. See you next time? :D

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