Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise Performance

I had a great 3-day Christmas celebration with my family. I'll be sharing some photos soon. I hope you also had a wonderful and blessed Christmas holiday!

preschool mini recital

I just want to share a great surprise that I received from my 4-year old son, a day before their Christmas program at school. It happened on the school's Speech Competition program for higher level students. Before the program started, the preschoolers performed a mini recital.

I accompanied my son to school and he keeps on telling me to watch the program and wait for him afterwards. When it was the Kinder 1 students turn, 3 girls recited a poem. I was amazed when my son walked towards the microphone, lead the group in reciting this nursery rhyme poem (complete with action):

One, two, Buckle my shoe;
Three, four, Shut the door;
Five, six, Pick up sticks;
Seven, eight, Lay them straight;
Nine, ten, A big fat hen!


nursery rhyme

I did not expect that he'll be having a solo-part. The microphone went off on the last line, but it didn't stop him from delivering his lines. He walked back on his place proudly, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces.

Yes, he did not intend to surprise me, but he did! He did not even practice at home nor inform us what he'll be doing on stage. It might be just a simple nursery rhyme, but he made it to be one great performance!

preschool performance

I'm a proud mom even more!


Unknown said...

Bravo! Hope my daughter will participate actively too when she's already schooling. It makes a mommy feel happy and proud. Cheers!

Unknown said...

@ Jingkee, everyday you'll be proud of her!

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