Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wide Headband From Cover Your Hair

I got this lovely wide-headband (priced at $9.99) from Cover Your Hair's giveaway a month ago. It looks like a turban when worn widely. I can wear it just like a normal headband too. The softness makes wearing this headband very comfortable as it doesn't rub against the skin. 

Check out the variety of hair accessories head-coverings of Cover Your Hair. They have hair clips, baby hats and baby headbands for the little ones. They have a variety of lovely bandanas, headbands, berets, chaponnes, tichels, snoods, turbans, pony holders and hats. Each one would go with most of your outfit and make you look fabulous.

You can even use their tichels or other coverings on a bad hair day or protect your hair from sun damage. It's just amazing how one hair accessory of hair covering can create an amazing pizazz!

My daughter usually wore head bands and hair clips, and wore her hair in pigtails and pulled back in a ponytail. I just love their Flower Beret and Scarf Set. If I'm living in the US, I would definitely order different items from Cover Your Hair.

Thanks again Cover Your Hair!


Unknown said...

I don't wear headbands anymore. Parang di na bagay sakin. Lapad na ng noo ko sis. Wahaha.

moonstar said...

that's really nice. I love wide headbands when I was in college but now i prefer the small one.

Unknown said...

@Mrs. Kolca, hahaha... ako rin bihira lang mag hair accessory, mas magagamit yan ng daughter ko :)

@melandria, small headbands are cute :)

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