Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daughter's Ballet Performance

effie nanas
with teacher Effie Nanas, one of the country's ballet luminaries
My daughter, Skylah, had been taking ballet lessons at Effie Nañas Ballet for 8 months. Last December, she was included in a very special Christmas ballet show "A Bouquet of Dances" held at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It was her first ballet performance and we're all proud seeing her dance on stage.

She was part of the children's ballet class that performed ballet dance movements with the "Minamahal" song.

Christmas ballet performance_Shangrila-mall, ballet school

Christmas ballet performance, ballet school Philippines

Ballet students from the higher levels interpreted popular Filipino music including Philippine Suite performances.

ballet students performance

It's amazing seeing these lovely ballerinas dance the Itik-itik, the Malong dance, the love song Dahil Sa Yo, La Bayadere veil dance, fan dance and more.

a bouquet of dances, ballet show, La Bayadere

It's a world class performance!

effie nanas ballet, ballerina costume, ballet school philippines
The whole family, proud and supportive of Skylah's first ballet performance.



Chubskulit Rose said...

Lovely set of photos!

Unknown said...

Ohhh.. lovely lovely performance. I wish my daughter will join ballet classes someday too.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

congrats to your daughter, love all the photos i hope one day my daughter would love to attend ballet lesson as well ;)

Mia Dela Cruz-Soriano said...

Love the photos! Seeing them made me remember the time when my sister danced ballet. She was at it from the time she was still in 1st grade and up to the time she stopped when she graduated high school. She has trained under Effie Nanas too, was a full scholar of CCP. But in the end, she did not make a career out of it. Too bad for she was REALLY good and was always the lead in all the recitals. Nevertheless, the dancer in her never left. She is still graceful and her posture is beautiful.

I am happy for your daughter! I am sure that she will grow up to be a very graceful lady! I wish to be able to put my daughter to ballet school too in the future :)

Mama Mia

nicquee said...

Congratz, Skylah! I'm sure your whole family is super proud of you.

Super sarap talaga makita ang kids natin take a new horizon anu sis? Ballet enrollment na naman nga eh.

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