Friday, January 14, 2011

Play Kitchen

Toys have become a significant part of a child's life. There are toys, like kitchen play sets, that can instill creativity in a child's mind and allows personal interaction and bonding moments with family and friends.

Kitchen play set is an excellent tool to teach children learning how to even set a table, cooking and serving meals, and entertaining family and friends, It is also great in teaching children in making healthy food choices. It give kids a way to experience adult talks in the safety of their play area which help develop good habits and skills they can use later on.

My daughter is fascinated with play kitchen sets. Cooking props such as pots and pans, utensils, dishes, toasters, stoves, plus a wide selection of play foods make playing kitchen related activities for real. She enjoys playing with my youngest sister and cousins; my son also joins her in playing play-pretend too. It's one playtime moment that everyone in the family can take part in.

Play kitchen provides a wonderful play experience. It can bring joy to a child's life with helping them learn and explore in a fun way. It gives the child essential skills in a safe way as they imitate reality, and play well with other children.

Girls would surely love this Guidecraft Stove.

This Guidecraft Color Bright Kitchen Stove is good for playing make-believe casseroles, unique cupcakes, mud pies and more. It features safe surfaces, round corners, smooth edges, over-sized handles and moveable knobs.

Aside from this oven, there are also more Guidecraft kitchen suite appliances, tools and pantry staples that you can choose from.


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