Friday, November 26, 2010

Kids on Parenting Magazines

Seeing my kids' pictures getting published in parenting magazines is wonderful. I can't count how many times they've got included in different magazines. My kids doesn't dream nor wish of becoming celebrities, but all these are worth treasuring. These magazines make a good remembrance of their childhood years.

My daughter Skylah at Baby Magazine October 2010 - Its My Party corner

Baby Mag October 2010, baby-mag-october-2010, parenting-magazine
Baby Magazine October 2010

My kids, Skylah and Brent, at Baby Magazine November 2010 - My Favorite Pet corner

Baby Mag November 2010, Baby-Mag-November-2010, parenting-magazine
Baby Magazine November 2010

Baby Mag November 2010 issue, Baby-magazine-November-2010, parenting-magazine
Baby Magazine November 2010

Two photos of my kids with Jollibee got published at Moms and Kids magazine Volume 12 Issue 4 at the Jollyme and Jollibee page. The first was the photo my son celebrating his first birthday at Jollibee, and the second was a photo with their aunt and cousins taken at Jollibee, Baguio City.

Moms and Kids magazine, Moms-and-Kids-magazine, parenting-magazine, Jollibee, Jollibee-Baguio-city
Moms and Kids magazine Volume 12 Issue 4


Chris said...

great job mommy!!! :D how do you do it??

David Funk said...

Wow, it is such a thrill for kids at that age to be featured in magazines - especially as often as yours are. Of course, they are SO adorable, too. I know you must be so proud of them at such an early age.

Congrats again, and best wishes for you and your family always my dear friend!

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