Thursday, April 14, 2011

Magnolia Frozen Delights Cool Summer Party

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The recent Magnolia Bloggers Summer Party was held at San Miguel Exceutive Dining Room. Magnolia executives, bloggers and foodies alike got to experience once again the classic, old-time favorite ice cream in the Philippines.

Yes, Magnolia Ice Cream reminds me of childhood days - the happiness that comes with eating my favorite Pinipig Crunch and seeing my siblings enjoy their Orange Popsies. Eating an ice cream is truly the best way to beat the summer heat.

Magnolia's Mr. Mayo Alcon re-introduced Magnolia as an ice cream brand and shared a brief history about Magnolia. Today, Magnolia locally manufacture their ice cream products at their new facility in Laguna.

Here's a good tip from Mr. Mayo - always taste the Vanilla flavor of you want to know if an ice cream brand is good. Vanilla is the base flavor, and if its good, the rest of the flavors should also be good.

That night, Magnolia introduced the Frozen Delights - Fun Bar (Php 10.00), Popsies (Php 11.00), Pinipig Crunch (Php13.00), Sweetie Bites (Php11.00), and the newest flavor - Spinner (Php20.00).

Here are the five Frozen Delights:

Go for crispy cool! It's an ice cream cone with chocolate ripple and topped with nuts. Available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.


I enjoyed eating the newest Frozen Delight - the Spinner! I love its creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream texture. It's not too sweet so you won't have to worry of too much sugar intake. I even got to enjoy eating 2 Spinners, unmindful of my throat pain. I would have tasted all the Frozen Delights varieties (takaw mode), only if I'm feeling better that time.

Pinipig Crunch
Chocolate coated ice cream on stick topped with rice crispies. Available in Vanilla Crisp and Sweetcorn flavor.

pinipig-crunch, magnolia pinipig crunch

Ice Lolly available in Choco Cool and Orange Thrill flavors

popsies, magnolia popsies

Sweetie Bites
Ice Cream on Stick available in Cookie Craze and Cheesy Bliss flavors.

sweetie-bites, magnolia-sweetie-bites

Fun Bar Surprise
Ice Cream on stick dipped in chocolate that comes in different colors. It has a surprise top ups on every flavor! available in Cool Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and Choco Loco flavors.

fun-bar, magnolia fun bar

With Magnolia's recent tie-up with the province of Guimaras, we can now enjoy this newest flavor - Guimaras Mango Festival (Php 230/1.5L). These are limited edition ice cream flavors available in Mangga't Kasuy and Mangoes and Cream. I can use the GC that I've won to buy this!

Ms. Rizza hosted this event and the Pilipinas Got Talent finalist’ “Velasco Brothers” gave an amazing performance.


Winners for the “Best in Summer Get Up!” were also chosen and of course, the three luckiest bloggers won ice cream party packages worth P2000, P3000 and P5000! Several prizes were also given away and gift certificates were raffled off. Luckily, I won one GC! My family also enjoyed the frozen delights I took home.

magnolia-ice-cream, magnolia frozen delights

It's really a cool summer party with Magnolia!

Watch out for the mobile ice cream vending peddlers that would be roaming around town.

Also visit Magnolia Ice Cream website and Magnolia Ice Cream Facebook Page.


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