Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Shoot and Nature Love at La Mesa Ecopark

LaMesa Ecopark__family

Spending a day at LaMesa ecopark is like breaking free from city living and the online world. The park, which lies within the La Mesa Watershed, is a great place to commune with nature without actually going out of town. It is built around the watershed that provides water supply to Metro Manila residents. Indeed, Ecopark is a scenic paradise within Quezon City.

LaMesa Ecopark_picnic area
lunch at the picnic area

Upon paying entrance fees, we opted to write an electric powered jeep for free while enjoying the view. The spacious picnic areas are covered by the canopies of tress providing a much-needed shade under the sun. The picnic groves with grilling facilities make it a great place to have a picnic with the family. You can also bring mats and tents if you want.

As my son Brent won in Kidsandbabies contest, one of the contest highlight is the photoshoot for the 12 winners. I had the chance to meet the winning models and their families. Aside from the sponsored photographer, we bought our own camera so we can enjoy our day at Ecopark to the fullest. We took pictures before and after the photoshoot.

Here are some of Brent's photos wearing his hippie costume. These photos are all taken by my sister's fiancé.

LaMesa Ecopark_hippie costume photoshoot
LaMesa Ecopark__hippie-costume

There are trails for biking, jogging, and hiking. Kids can enjoy playing in the playground, ride the bikes or the horses. You can also take a swim at the swimming pool or enjoy boating in the lagoon. The Orchidarium, the Shell Flower Terraces and the Petron Fitness Trail are other interesting areas in the park. More sports activities, like zip lining, wall climbing, paintball field, are available outside the park.

LaMesa Ecopark_fitness-trail
fitness trails

It is indeed a wonderful place to unwind, relax, bond with the family and take outdoor pictures. There are even lots of couples taking their pre-nuptial shots around the park.

At La Mesa Ecopark, nature lovers can enjoy the smell of fresh air, the sight of the colorful flowers and feel the aura of serenity. It is a paradise where you can get closer to nature.

LaMesa Ecopark__kidsandbabies
LaMesa Ecopark_shell-terraces

Park entrance fee is Php 50, children 3ft below are Free, QC residents Php 40 and QC students with valid ID Php 20 and QC senior citizens with valid ID are Free.


Liz said...

Wow. Happy moments! You blog is being the talk of the town here:


verabear said...

Hey that's Mac isn't it? Then you must know my friend Tin, his wifey :) It was good that the shoot gave you time for family bonding. It's been a long time since I was there at the Eco Park last, we should go back.

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verabear said...

Haha, I just saw Tin in one of the pictures too!

Unknown said...

@ liz, thanks for the great write-up! I really appreciate that :)

@ verabear, haha that's mac&tin. small world indeed :)

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