Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ride With the Kids Hummer

Toykingdom Warehouse Sale Kids Ride-On Hummer H2

My husband and I got our kids a pre-Christmas gift... a remote-controlled battery operated ride-on Hummer H2! It is great to see them experiencing the thrill of riding around in their new vehicle, both inside and outside the house.

We bought this at the recent Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale. We were told that the original price of this Hummer is approximately $250 and we got this at a 50% discount!
Just like a classic Hummer, it has a classic yellow interior, it moves forward and reverses, and it has real engine sounds, functioning headlights, horn and a push button starter.

We take advantage of the savings that we can get from buying toys at discounted prices. Well, this is just the initial part of our Christmas gift shopping for the kids. Next stop...Richwell Kids Kraze Warehouse Sale!


bambie said...

wow. i'm going to tell my brother about this. his kid loves cars and i'm sure he'll love this one although i think he's still young to ride one. he's only 2 kasi. thanks for sharing this!

btw, i have several awards for you right here. hope you find the time to grab them.☺

have a great week!

Liz said...

Wow! Pre christmas treats. Your kids are indeed lucky! Yay.

Btw, yes, I am into magic cards. Know anyone of the same interest? Hehe.

Here's my MTG blog: http://lizspeaks2.blogspot.com/

And my earning blog:

See you around!

onlinewriter said...

Lucky kids.Yes,Toy Kingdom has a lot of toys on sale now so it's really perfect to buy your Christmas gifts for the kids this early while prices of toys are amazingly low. I saw a nice set of puppets (4 animal puppets per set) that's only P200 instead of the usual SRP of P400.There's also a xylophone with a toy clock that's only P50 (marked down item), can you believe that? I'm getting one of those.

Sharkbytes said...

lucky kids!

Chris said...

wow! :D where is this toy kingdom warehouse sale?

Unknown said...

@ bambie, you're welcome and thanks for the awards too!

@ liz, we're not really planning to buy a ride-on... it was only upon seeing that they're enjoying trying out the cars that we decided right then to buy one :)

hehehe... just amazed that your into magic cards!

@ online writer, true... we can really save if we take advantage of those sales! wow those items you mentioned are great deals too!

@ sharkbytes, it felt good to see them at their happiest :)

@ Chris, the sale was last Nov.6-8, I'll check on when is the next one

verabear said...

I have a friend who also got her daughter a Hummer on that sale, seems like it's a big hit :)

Congrats on the PR!


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