Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ballet Philippines and Belle De Jour Fair in Just One Day

Attending two different events in just one day could be tiring, but the time spent had been really worthwhile.

[October 25 morning at CCP]

With 8 tickets that I've won courtesy of Getzmo, my family watched Ballet Philippines Tales of the Manuvu at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater. It's amazing watching a musical journey for free together with my daughter, my mommy-lola (grandma), my sisters, my sister-in-law and my niece.

ballet Philipplines CCP Tales of ManuvuThe show begins with Venezuelan piano music in the international ballet classic "Our Waltzes," which features the choreography of world-renowned Venezuelan dancer Vicente Nebrada.

This famed neo-classical dance has aspects that can be compared to ballroom dancing infused with Latin influences, which shows graceful and lilting movements, and the theme of romantic waltzing of love explored.

ballet Philipplines CCP Tales of Manuvu

The show culminates in a contemporary production of Alice Reyes' groundbreaking pop-rock opera ballet, "Tales of the Manuvu" which features the OPM hit song, "Noong Unang Panahon." This is based on the Manobo myth of creation.

Acclaimed singers (Robert Sena, Guji Lorenzana , Banaue Miclat, etc.), soloists from the UP Concert Chorus and the Makiling rock band performs to tell a tale that touches on our origins, our nationhood, our love of and appreciation for the primal powers of nature, our mortality and the separation of Heaven and Earth.

[October 25 afternoon at BDJ Fair in Eastwood City]

Eastwood event Belle De Jour planner

Belle de Jour launched its 2010 Planner with its first-ever fair entitled “BDJ Fair: Exceeding Boundaries: Give More, Live More!” It's an exciting day filled with fun, treats, lots of activities and interesting talks. The event doubled as a fundraising activity for the rehabilitation of Ondoy victims.

BDJ participants get to participate in the event festivities such as the Hatha yoga class (which we failed to take part in), the BDJ Scavenger Hunt, and a Fashion Show.

The event kept everyone informed through the talks with experts on beauty and fashion as well as accomplished women in their respective fields. Topics which include: Create your Brand in the Workplace, Reach for the Skies, and Break the Fashion Rules, Debunk Beauty Myths.

Eastwood event Belle De Jour planner

There are also brand sales from BDJ's lifestyle partners, a free fortune telling, a photo booth, a free massage, a hair styling booth, free waxing, free cocktails and so much more.

The BDJ Planner is the ultimate planner for women who want to lead the It Girl lifestyle! All BDJ Fair attendees gets to buy the BDJ Plannew for a special price of Php 480 (SRP is Php 598)


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verabear said...

I've been intrigued by the bdj planner since last year. I am hesitating to get one because I'm not sure if I can use the freebie/discount coupons. I don't shop at those brands kasi eh. Is it really usable?

pehpot said...

uy congrats and it seems like you had so much fun!!

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spinninglovelydays said...

Sounds like it was a fun day :) Have an award for you over at my blog, btw.

Unknown said...

@ mrs.kolca, yikes I have no idea that there's a problem with my site. thanks for letting me know

@ verabear, it's a good planner aside from those freebie coupons. but, sayang din yung mga coupons if you don't shop at those brands...

@ pehpot, thanks! wow $200 is at stake... will check this out!

@ spinninglovelydays, yes it's a great day! thanks so much for the award!

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