Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Magazines Surrounds This Woman’s Life

A month won't pass without my kids or family members getting an appearance in different magazines. Initially all these bring much excitement, even if it seems that I had been accustomed to seeing them in magazines. Sometimes, the excitement of joining magazine contest is also slowly fading away. But then, this is part of my life and small minute of joys that this brings is also worth remembering. I am cherishing this for I know that when my kids grow up, I will take a look at each pages once more and reminisce their childhood.

magazine appearancesMy Multiply site have been a haven of compilations of all my kid's appearances in magazines. Compiling every pages and posting it in my site; though sometimes I missed posting one or two magazine appearances.

This is me while working at the Information Systems department of Summit Media, the Philippine's leading magazine publisher; well-known for FHM magazine, Cosmopolitan, Smart Parenting, Top Gear, Real Living, Good Housekeeping, Disney Princess, Kzone and a lot more.

work Summit MediaThese pictures were taken 3 months ago when my hair is still long and black. This is before I receive my makeover in another magazine publication.

Now, my-so-called Impostor knows where.


onlinewriter said...

Wow!Lucky kids. I wish my daughter sees print in magazines too, it would be awesome!

Mary said...

Thank you for the awards. I have them posted now:

Anonymous said...

I know somebody who works there---her name is Karen Galarpe...we used to work together in a P.R. agency.

Unknown said...

@ onlinewriter, it's really great once your see your kids in print for the first time :)

@ mary, you are welcome :)

@ ilovehateamerica, I haven't met her (hindi ko na sya inabutan sa Summit). Though, I've read some of her writings at the Inquirer blog :)

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