Thursday, April 2, 2009

Break Free From The Impostor

I am still being search. My life is still being followed.

My previous blog post entitled “I Am Her Inspiration” in my old blog site had led her to finding more about me and my life. I wonder is she did a Google search or Yahoo search that had led her to reach my blog. Indeed, she keeps on searching information about me, being too interested in my life. Perhaps, she really wanted to be me and live the life that I am living. Too bad, I have a mind of my own that she could not have. She could pattern her life similar to mine and be successful at it. She can continue copying me and be interested in the things that I wanted. Until now, I remained to be her inspiration. Though I wonder if she'll be proud of what she had done... well, maybe because that is what she’s good at.

A text message from her could prove it all. She was cynical. She was very defensive that my blog post is pointing to her. It was an anonymous post, an unnamed person, but as the saying goes, "bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magagalit". Maybe in time I could feature her name if she wants me to.

She can do what she wanted to. She can continue creating and maintaining my so-called Friendster account which is not me. Yes, she had not stopped doing so... she remained to be my "Impostor". I wonder what she is getting from that nonsense stuffs she's been doing. Why use my name, my pictures and make pretend she was me? I am proud that I am living the life that I have now, even knowing that she follows suit.

I am breaking free from all these. Still, the saga lives on. Though I wonder when this never-ending saga will cease. Will this ever end or this would always be part of my life forever?

Yes, I am talking about you.


MommaWannabe said...

Wow that's makes you wonder. But you should be careful with these types coz they can be dangerous.

czaroma said...

thanks for visiting mommawannabe!
yes, I am being careful; but of course my life should not change nor stop because of my "so-called-Impostor"

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