Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Image Awareness

I am thankful for realizing and learning more about how I look, what colors suits me most and the right clothes that would look perfect on me and on my lifestyle. True, sometimes I got so stuck-up on my problem areas which should not be. I've learned that it is better to complement these than to focus myself on these areas. I was thankful for the opportunity of meeting and consulting a great magazine stylist. She had given me amazing tips on how to dress based on my workplace culture and lifestyle but still look stylishly. Here are the 10 things I've learned from her:

1. High contrast: a combination of dark and light looks great on me
Cool skin tone: bright hues are great are for me and I should stay away from grey shades which could make me look old.
I look better in gold shades than in silver.
4. Black looks perfect on me too!
5. I am triangular shape, meaning, my hips are bigger than my shoulders.
To maintain proportion, I should wear tops that would compliment these hips... such as tops with ruffles, broad necklines, etc. I should stay away from close-necks and v-shape tops.
For work clothes, I should try to experiment on layering and wearing a soft-casual jacket.
8. Since I wear jeans most of the time, flare and boot-cut jeans are perfect for my body shape.
9. My untreated "virgin" hair is great and there's no need to do hair treatments at all.
10. I have good fair skin as well. Yes, I am not pale.

I am now excited and I am looking forward to my next session, this time with a salon.


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