Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sporting a New Look

The long shiny black hair perfect for a shampoo commercial (how I wish I had one!) was gone. These days are over. For almost 30 years, I am loving my hair, leaving it untreated and untouched. Until one day, I decided it was time for a change. I was just so lucky I got a free makeover session.

Piandre salon at Quezon City took charge of changing my hair color. The stylists choose a hair color that would look good on me. They used L'Oreal hair color on me. After about 2 hours, the black hair had been changed into a dark mahogany brown color that almost looks natural on me. People at the salon and the stylist loved the color of my hair and complimented me because I really have healthy hair.

The photographer from
Stork Studio captured every detail of the makeover as well as the fashion part. Whew! I am not used to wearing high heels even if it's only 3 inches. They made me wear these shoes since it looks good on me. It was one tiring day; but really worth it. I enjoyed every minute at the salon!

Now, I am sporting a new look, a transformation I will never forget. Still, nothing had changed, just that I become more confident.

There's more to write about; but it's better to leave some things left unsaid. This is just the second part of my
Image Awareness post and the last leg will be posted in less than a month.


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