Friday, July 17, 2009

I Choose to Remember

“May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten” ~ Irish Blessings quotes

A woman remembers only the best things in life.

I choose what I share and what I write. I write and blog moments that I want to cherish. I keep track of experiences that give meaning to my life. I only choose to remember life lessons and situations that make life worth living. My joys and successes are more important than my pains and sorrows.

As much as possible I renounce writing about frustrations, disappointments, hateful words and problems. The world is made up of all these, and I don't want to surround myself with these negativities. When others can easily write about the traffic, complain about the poor service they get; the people they loathe or politicians they hate, find fault in someone else and the countless energy draining circumstances; I choose not to. However, I will never allow a bad experience or a dissatisfaction to pass, instead I'll work on it in a different manner.

Yes, I whine, got angry, feel disappointed; I suffer, I feel bad, etc. etc. I had experienced and will continue to feel all these from time to time. Yet I learned how to view everything in a different angle. Between a painful situation and the lessons gained from that experience, I would always choose to remember and share the later.

Life is not perfect and it is not always fair. This I accept. Everything is just a matter of acceptance, of learning and growing. Maybe by choosing not to dwell on the negative side of life, my perception changes and I become more optimistic... and I can always say that life and living is truly wonderful.


iceah said...

wow! I appreciate what you have written c: I believe in what you have said. Me too I try to be a blessing to my readers but now a days I could not write much about what is happening to me and my family dami gnagwa e tapos kung haharap nako sa computer gnuglo nako ng little boy ko :p

keep it up dear I admire you for this c:

Unknown said...

Very-2 Nice Website

Keep it up

Arun Sharma

Clarisse Teagen said...

But you've got to realize that anger, sadness, pain is also what makes life wonderful.

Speaking from experience, i'm as numb as hell after my break up and can't feel anything at all. I'd want to feel but i can't. So i live life based on my schedule. I'd want to feel again. . . I read my past entries and remember the memories that i have and all. I remember how it felt, and that's the closest to it that I get.

I don't feel the joy or the happiness anymore. I don't feel, but I am grateful for the success that I'm achieving. But don't forget the sad parts are what make you cherish the happy ones. . . .

Grampy said...

As human beings we need to experience all emotions. But in order to be good people we should dwell on the good parts of our lives not the bad.
Very good post. Thank You

Unknown said...

@ iceah, thanks for dropping by and taking time to post kahit na I know naman na busy talaga tayong mga mommies :)

@ Arun, thank you.

@ Clarisse Teagen, I agree. It's only when we start to acknowledge these pain and make it a learning experience, that we can make life more wonderful... and you have to be happy for all the success you are achieving :)

@ Grampy, that's enlightening. Very well said. True, because these emotions strengthens us and helps us grow into a more mature individuals.

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