Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My giant Toblerone 4.5 kg bar

For a chocoholic like me, owning a giant Toblerone bar is a wish come true! I really love the creamy goodness of this Swiss chocolate.

I first saw a 4.5kg Toblerone bar during their Say it Sweeter with Toblerone promo at Toblerone gift hubs at the malls. Joined that previous promo, but I didn't have luck that time.

This time, I won in their #MakeSomeonesDay Facebook promo!

My winning entry:

#makesomeonesday_toblerone, toblerone chocolate bar, 4.5 kg giant bar
"Good Job my pretty froglet on your musical theater showcase! so proud of you!"

I gave my daughter a Toblerone bar after her performance. The "Good Job" words are perfect enough to show that I'm proud of her.

toblerone-giant-bar,toblerone chocolate bar, 4.5 kg giant bar
excitement over our giant bar!
Of course, I got to share triangles with my family, and saved some for my cousins too.

A 4.5 kg bar is real!

ready for the first triangle :)
one triangle slice is so huge!

Thank you Toblerone Pilipinas for the super-sized enjoyment with this giant Toblerone bar!

Do you also want a 4.5 kg Toblerone bar?

You can still join their weekly contest. There's even a grand prize where you can get to win a trip to Switzerland! Join the contest HERE!



I always loved Toblerone bars!
It gave me sweet memories, happy moments and unforgettable times.
Somehow, snippets of my life stories are written in those unique triangle bars.
Something significant and memorable.
Toblerone bar, you will always be part of my lifetime happiness!


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