Sunday, July 20, 2014

Instincts and soulful connection

"Intuition is seeing with the soul." - Dean Koontz
Just writing and sharing my thoughts in free verse.... something that I miss doing.

For today.
My intuition does make sense.
Contemplating between pinkish red or blue violet,
The latter won.

A thought flashes thru while on the way.
Dismissed thinking it was senseless,
Suddenly it became real.

My hunches were true!
Or was it nudges?
Destined to be?
Or the universe heard my subconscious?

How weird the world works.
That fleeting moment.
Not expecting anything or simply avoiding.

Just remained to be cool strangers or perhaps acquaintances.
What's on your mind?
Mine remains but wanting to know.
Oh well, leave it there.

Voices that doesn't' use words but speak.
Or that soulful connection,
Only hearts can understand.

Of that same place somewhere.
What seemed like a last savory remained to linger.

A day to be remembered.
Now, eyes meeting when things had changed.
Smiles of acknowledgement and nothing more.

All these and realizations.
Simply fragments of time.
When intuitive abilities became powerful.

Like a behind-the-scene-thing that gets played out.
Not wanting nor expecting but gets real.
Something hard to describe or explain.
They do not come often, but they do come.

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