Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Kids' Achievements

I'm grateful that my kids value education. I'm proud of their achievements - no matter how small it may seem.

The twinkle in my preschoolers' eyes everytime he shows me the star that the teacher stamped on his hands seems to be the brightest one. Every "very good" words that he heard from his teacher gave him more confidence.

The eagerness in my daughter's voice whenever she learn new Mandarin words or create origami is indeed priceless. All her daily sharings such as, "I got a perfect quiz score...", "I'll be a butterfly for the Christmas program!" or even "sayang, mali yung answer ko..." and much more, are all worth listening to!

Last week, I received their 2nd Quarter Progress Card. The grades and the character evaluation makes me more prouder... not just because of the high marks, but more so, because I know how much they value learning.

My daughter, a grade 2 student, ranked first in class.
My preschooler got high letter grades as well.

They learn differently. They both have strong and weak areas that needs improvement, but there isn't pressure.

They are young and I let them enjoy life to the fullest. There are no strict rules since being responsible counts more than that. They even play toys and computer games, watch TV and even jokes around everyday! Letting them realize what their priorities are, makes way for  better growth.

Learning is enjoyably-fun-and-important! I prayed that they would continuously value it as they continue their journey.

I'm proud of my kids and will always be!


Elvirah said...

Ofcourse thats the only thing every parent would await to see, that their child is making them proud. You feel happy, as your hardwork is recieving its fruits.

Unknown said...

It is really fulfilling every time our little kids do well in all their activities, especially so school activities...and we are more "proud-er" with their achievements and honor they bring to our family....

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