Saturday, April 9, 2011

Proud of Our Bronze Medalists

recognition day

It's been a fruitful year for my kids and my little sister. They learned a great deal along with their countless school activities, programs, and events.

My Kinder son, my Grade 1 daughter and my sister all grabbed the 3rd Honors Award! They all ranked 3rd place over-all in their grade levels. We're so proud that they achieved these awards without putting pressures on their shoulders.

Kinder 1 Third Honor

Grade 1 Third Honor and Best in Conduct

Grade 4 Third Honor

Every year, their school give due recognitions to students who shows exemplary performances in school - both in the academics and extra curricular areas. From each grade level, only the top three students who got the highest rank are recognized as the First, Second and Third Honor Awardees. There are also other awards and certificate of merits including Perfect Attendance Award, Leadership Award, Best in Conduct, Most Improved and Best in Extra-Co curricular.

class advisers

school principal and chairman

Though, their future isn't just measured by their grades and medals, I know they're in a good start. This serves as an inspiration for them to keep in mind the importance of education.

My sister is also a lyre player during the recognition program.

lyre player

Keep up the good work kids!

with the proud sister and bro-in-law


Me-an said...

congrats naman....keep it up

Unknown said...

Congrats to your kids and your sister!

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