Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Daughter's Star-Ballerina Party

My daughter Skylah celebrated her 7th birthday with a Ballerina "Party of the Stars" theme. It's a party theme that she had wanted and wished for.Yes, she's really passionate about ballet that she even performed a ballet number during her party.

Preparations started as early as January this year. A party planner, my sister's friend, handled everything - from the food, party activities, party decors and all the party details. I'm really grateful to my sister and bro-in-law for giving their "inaanak" a wonderful party! We're really appreciative because we got very generous sponsors too!

Here are some preparations we did before the party.

Party invitation

The invitation says, "Join Skylah as she dances into another year of happiness!"
ballerina party,party-invitation

Save the date stickers

savethedate,party theme

Birthday Messages note cards

Adult party guests wrote their birthday wishes and messages for my daughter in these note cards. Then I use these to raffle off 7 prizes for adults!

birthday-message-pad,party registration

Raffle Prizes

Skylah picked the names of the 7 lucky adult guests and they get to receive these items.


Game Prizes

We have bought lots of game prizes for everyone to make sure that all kids get something. Most of these toys are from last year's Toy Kingdom and Toy's R Us sale; a few came from Divisoria.


Balloon Burst prizes
Those who get the letters of Skylah's name and the number 7 won these major prizes, while the rest got the minor prizes.



Party souvenirs

We had personalized mirrors, keychains and fans as party souvenirs.

personalized mirror
personalized-party-souvenir,personalized mirror

personalized keychain

personalized foldable fan
personalized-fan,foldable fan,party giveaways

Lootbag contents

We bought all these items from Divisoria, except for the colorful eggs.



Yes, these eggs made it inside the party lootbags!


 Party name tags


Party Lootbag

I prefer using this non-woven eco-bag than the usual plastic party bags. I made use of the personalized keychain as a Thank You tag.


So there! I already received the official photos from the photographer. I'll be sharing more of my daughter's party celebration pictures in the next couple of days.


Josie said...

wow, I'm sure the kids enjoyed the party with so many toys and give-away.. :D Happy Birthday Skylah!


Anonymous said...

Skylah and her friends must really enjoyed the party---dami daming toys.....

Stef said...

It shows how wonderful and memorable the party was Mare. Sorry we weren't able to enjoy and share the fun but we wish Skylah to continue her passion, reach for her dreams and continue to be a nice Ate and daughter. =)

Crib said...

hi Cza! this gives me an idea of Lauren's 7th birthday party. :-) andaming giveaways!

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