Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Uncompetitive Minds

I have a passion for learning and I'm thankful that my kids are passionate about their studies too. Hearing good feedback on their school behavior is another good thing.

In a few days, the results of their 3rd quarter examinations would be released and their report card would follow suit.

For two consecutive quarters, my daughter ranks first in class, maintaining her 94% average. That time, I thought her grades would become lower as she got sick for a week, she didn't get to review and was not feeling well while taking her exams. But then, we were surprised that her grades even got higher.

My son's progress report card had also improved. I'm proud at how he could ace an exam even he seldom review for his exams. The most number of minutes he spent time studying during quarterly exams is about 10-15 minutes maximum.

My youngest sister, also ranks first in class too.
Here are my kids' 2nd quarter report cards:

report card grade1

preschool progress card

And my husband and I bought them this mini Ice Hockey game as a small reward.

ice hockey, ice hockey game, ice hockey playset

They don't attend special or tutor classes. They even have more play time than study time. They can even watch TV, play on the computer even during school days; but then, they knew how to be responsible. We don't even pressure them to be number one.

Their young minds aren't even competitive about school rankings. They are in school to learn and enjoy learning. I'm wondering if ranking first in class would put pressure on their part. Right now there isn't. But, maybe soon.


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cute young achievers!

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