Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trendy Medical Scrubs

Nothing is more wonderful than celebrating the holidays with family and relatives. Our mommy lola (grandma) had been really happy as two of her kids who's working abroad as a nurse for the kids and an engineer was home for the holidays. In weeks time, relatives from the US would also arriving in the Philippines for a vacation. They are working abroad as nurses for the elderly, a profession that inspired my cousins to follow suit.

Working as a nurse requires patience with the long duty hours and dealing with patients. It's a demanding profession and they have to be committed and dedicated at all times. It's good to see that nowadays, nursing uniforms has come a long way from the traditional white uniform that nurses used to wear. It has become fashionable and in pace with medical advancements.

The medical profession looks more hip and exciting with its innovative and stylish medical scrubs. Medical practitioners, nurses, dentists and even students can now wear scrubs in a wide range of patterns, colors and flattering designs. Fortunately, cheap medical scrubs and scrub uniforms can also be bought online. Nurses working with pediatrics usually wear cherokee scrub tops adorned with cartoon characters or cheerful prints. Aside from the comfort that wearing a scrub brings, it also gives patients something interesting to look at.


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